Art-o-mat FIND!!!!

Hi ya, MJ! Here’s the art I got from the Art-o-mat I found because of your post.


Here’s my friend and me with the man who collects art-o-mats. He has two operational machines plus a mini one for his private collection of the little artworks along with bigger art (like the steer below).



It was so much fun! Who knew? Well, I guess, you! Thanks again for helping me cope with the stuff of life.

Love, Karen
{Karen’s beloved husband is in treatment for cancer.}

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Whoa Karen, how cool is this?? Where are you located in the US? I love the little art works you purchased too. What a fun day you and your friend had tracking down this collector!

    • karen england, farmgirl #89 says:

      Winnie, we are in north San Diego county. It turned out that this collector and his collection is just down the street from me. So much fun!

  2. Alice says:

    How wonderful is that?! Yes, MaryJane does share some wonderful books, places, recipes, people and things with us, doesn’t she? My best wishes to your husband, Karen.

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