Farm Fun

We invited a few friends out to the farm this past weekend. We had SO much fun showing them around. We enjoyed all the usual attractions, but after eating a large amount of berries (blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries) from Nanny’s berry patches, a good round of creek jumping was a must.

Photo Jul 20, 1 41 22 PM

Even Mom joined in on our fun, since she and her brothers did invent the sport.

Photo Jul 20, 1 34 59 PM

Pretty fun being a farmgirl (and farmboy, in our friend Parker’s case).

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Love those smiles of delight!! Sounds like you all had a bunch of fun together.

  2. Kay (Old Cowgirl) Montoya says:

    When I was little, in Eastern Oregon, we had a creek behind our house. A bit bigger than the one pictured here but we put a couple boards over it and was able to cross it. We also had a lot of fun running across it to get to my friends houses. It seemed at the time that it was a big river but seeing it now I believe it was only about 6 feet across. Of course when you are small lots of things look bigger. At one point I would gather Pollywags, and watched them grow into frogs. Growing up in the “city population about 6,000 people” which included all the ranches and farms around, I was still very much a farm girl. I used to have friends that had ranches so I could enjoy being a cowgirl, riding horses with my friends, learning to barrel race, finding out what real canned dill pickles tasted like, helping the cooks during haying season. At one time helping to birth a colt. I instinctly knew how to gently break a horse. No one taught me I just seemed to know at an early age that you did not jump on them and ride them to the ground.
    Now I am 71 years old and can not get up on a horse any more. I miss it a lot but find I have other things to do with my coming years. One is to enjoy every post, magazine, and sister issue of Mary Janes magazine. I have enjoyed them ever since I first picked one up at a store. I even got my Daughter interested in it as well. I am still waiting to move which keeps getting pushed further away. I know it is just going to take time and am doing what I can to get ready. Love and best wishes, Kay (Old Cowgirl)

    • MaryJane says:

      What sweet memories! Thank you for sharing and for being you. It’s a treasure to know you. You have much wisdom to offer.

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