Project F.A.R.M. Giveaway: Tail Spin Farm

Give a big farmgirl welcome to Renee McCausey, another new Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) business member. Renee lives with her husband and five children on a small farm in the middle of Michigan. She says chickens were her farming “gateway drug,” and they now raise angora rabbits, pygora goats, alpacas, and “a turkey or two … or three.” They also garden, tend fruit trees, and raise their own food.

Renee is also a fiber artist, and uses fibers from her bunnies, goats, and alpacas to make beautiful hand-spun articles like the necklace, crochet cuff bracelet, and earrings shown below. Throw your name into our giveaway hat and win the beautiful set below by leaving a comment. Stay tuned to find out who gets these wonderful accessories.


This next set from Renee is all mine (sorry, all I’m sharing is the photo!); bracelet, earrings, and locket necklace holding a photo of my grand girls. I wore this gorgeous ensemble on Christmas day.


Visit Renee’s Tail Spin Farm at



  1. Faith DuBois says:

    So lovely! So creative! So very Farm Girl!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Lovely wool accessories, Renee! I am fascinated that they are made with the furs from your farm animals too. Both sets shown are just beautiful and so one of a kind!

  3. I especially love Angora Rabbits and the fur from them lends itself to so many crafts. And yours are the most original I have seen. Congrats Renee for making your ” farm dreams” come true.

  4. Cathy R says:

    Welcome Renee and thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with us. Beautiful!

  5. Diane O'Neal says:

    What an inventive use of fiber! I love how creative we “farm girls” are, we can always make something useful, beautiful or delicious with what is at hand.

  6. Cindy H says:

    Very pretty! So very creative and perfect for our Michigan winters.
    Renee is a True Blue Farm girl!

  7. Cindy Young says:

    Oh, dear me! Renee’s art is absolutely beautiful….and wearable….I love wearable art!

  8. Karlyne says:

    Lovely and creative!

  9. Lisa A says:

    Very cute!

  10. Krystle says:

    Welcome! Beautiful craft-woman-ship to be sure!!! Fiber art is so much fun!!! <3

  11. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I’m enchanted by the different things she came up with using those fibers. Truly an artist!

  12. Linda Biewer says:

    Renee does beautiful work! She is truly an artist.

  13. Dalyn says:

    This is a wonderful family and I’m so happy to see her lovely artwork displayed!

  14. Heather S says:

    So gorgeous! I’d la la LOVE to win!

  15. Karen K says:

    Love fiber art and these are fabulous!

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