1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    No too much longer down here before these little busy bees will be happily buzzing from flower to flower. florida can have azaleas in bloom by late February as well as other flowering plants.

  2. Cindi Johnson says:

    There was a comfrey plant next to the front door of my old house. I used to sit on the steps every morning wrapped in a blanket, coffee in hand, while keeping an eye on the kids at the end of the street waiting for the school bus. Everything from tiny cutter bees to huge bumble bees filled that plant, happily crawling down as deep as possible to gather their gold. I especially loved the smaller bumbles because they would “sing” the loudest ~ almost as if they were talking with the flower as they went about their business. Beautiful and amazing creatures ~ I love bees. Ah, now I have the beginnings of spring fever.

  3. NO spring fever here ! Here in Lancaster County PA, are having temps for over a week of 10 degrees or less. We have windchills of – 10+ and that’s during the day, nights are even colder ! Sunny but when you open the door to go outside the cold hits like you an avalanche . I had to venture out to get RX for my sick cat yesterday and was dressed like “Nanook of the North ” ( remember that book? ) I had on my politically incorrect Russian fur hat , the one with flaps that looks like a furry version of Elmer Fudd’s hat? Gotta say it was way warm ( oh and its a vintage hat so slightly less guilt I guess) I can hardly wait for even temps in the 30s now.

    • Cindi Johnson says:

      Haha! We had something similar last weekend. I wish I’d had a hat like yours! Hope your cat gets better. The things we do for our fuzzy loved ones 🙂

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