GIVEAWAY: Project F.A.R.M. Country Kitchen Linens

Looking to put a little bit of country into your kitchen? We’d like to welcome Jill Schrader into our lineup of Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) business owners. A native of Idaho, Jill’s inspiration comes from her love of country, mountains, and what she sees out her windows. Jill creates classic, whimsical, country, and lodge-style kitchen linens to show off your personal taste. Stop by her new Etsy shop and give her a hearty country hello!


Oh, and toss your hat into our giveaway ring by giving her a welcome in the comments section below. We’ll put your name in a hat and pull out a winner this time next week. Stay tuned!



  1. Michelle Kirby says:

    How absolutely darling!

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Jill, welcome to the F.A.R.M. project. I like what I see very

  3. Sandy says:

    Very nice giveaway. I went to see what else Jill has to offer,but the link above won’t work. It seems like that happens on Bloglovin often. I’ll keep trying though.

  4. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Congratulations Jill on such a cute Easy shop! I love all of your creations “from your window”. There are colors that match any decor and those feedback totes are the best.

  5. Welcome Jill ! I love all things country! I live in “Amishland “, in Lancaster County, PA and your sweet linens would look swell in my kitchen with the oak cabinets, overlooking my little farmette. Oh, and I collect tea towels so yours would be a welcome addition to my collection for sure. Good Luck with your business !

  6. Jill welcome to Project F.A.R.M! I made your Etsy shop a favorite and love what you are making. I’m looking forward to making some purchases too. Great work there.

    star-schipp Sister #1927

  7. Wanda Sue Aldridge says:

    Welcome Jill!! I am loving the green kitchen linens and the farm print!!

  8. Sharon Taylor says:

    Beautiful. Going to check out more on Etsy

  9. Gail says:

    I absoultely love your designs! What beautiful pieces you’ve created!

  10. Cathy R says:

    Welcome Jill! Love all the prints you have chosen ~ very creative. Thanks for the giveaway and Heavenly blessings for a successful adventure. And thank you Maryjane for your delightful blog, I learn something new everyday!!

  11. Krystle says:

    Cute shop!!!!! I just checked it out on etsy!!! Welcome “home” to Project F.A.R.M.!!!! 🙂

  12. Karen Wilson says:

    i checked out your Etsy shop. Everything is really cute; I especially liked the feedbag totes.

  13. Vanessa says:

    These are absolutely adorable!! Anything from this collection would be right at home in my country/farmhouse/shabby chic décor! 😀

  14. totally cute!!
    <3 heading over to Etsy!!

  15. CJ Armstrong says:

    Welcome, Welcome Jill! Your linens looks FABULOUS! Love that print!!
    Wishing you great success with your business!
    And, those linens would be PURR-FECT in my kitchen! 😀
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Shannon Reddinger says:

    These are lovely.

  17. rhonda brooks says:

    How cute!

  18. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Welcome, Jill. Absolutely darling creations.

  19. sandi Allen says:

    Love these! Welcome Jill!

  20. Jill Morris says:

    Jill, welcome…and what a great name :o)…love the farm/country linens!

  21. Diane Andrews says:

    Love these, will visit Etsy also.

  22. How Beautiful! Love the material that you’ve used for this set! 🙂

  23. NancyDawn says:

    Welcome! I checked out your shop and am in love with the Rooster prints and the Country French designs! I also love the ones pictured here. Great work. 🙂

  24. Tonya says:

    Love these! Welcome.

  25. Kathy S says:

    Welcome, Jill. I checked out your Etsy store. Love the country themes. 🙂 And you have my favourite shade of green!

  26. Debra Swan says:

    Oh! Just love them…go great in my Kitchen…..hope I win!!need new ones as well.

  27. Marion O'Neill says:

    Welcome Jill! Those would look lovely in my kitchen.

  28. Tanya says:

    Love these linens!

  29. Janice Carpenter says:

    would really enjoy these!

  30. Jill Schrader says:

    Thank you all for the kind words! Some were having trouble getting to my shop’s homepage. Here’s a link. Hope that helps! And good luck in the giveaway!!

  31. KimBright says:

    Love these! Welcome!! 🙂

  32. Patricia Arbuckel says:

    Love the farm look I just love love kitchen linens

  33. Molly Welsh says:

    Cute items.
    I, too, make bags from the feed sacks – how could anyone throw them away?? So useful.

  34. victoria says:

    Love them! Will check out the site. Thanks

  35. victoria says:

    Thanks for the info on Etsy. These are cute.

  36. Karen(old cowgirl) Montoya says:

    Welcome Jill, I see from the example that you are very talented and I would love to have the beautiful kitchen towels and potholders. I am going to be moving into my forever home soon and would love to display them in there. They will fit in wonderfully.
    Thank you for this opportunity,

  37. Love , so cute ,love farm animals,love garden veggies

  38. melissa bailes says:

    I own a farmhouse but am missing being there as we come to live in NC while my mom is under hospice care and will have been helping my in laws as well. These would cheer my kitchen up so much.

  39. Peggy says:

    Beautiful. You can’t beat Made In America!

  40. LoriAnn Kruft says:

    Welcome to the family

  41. judy e says:

    Love them, welcome

  42. Penny Perry says:

    Welcome!!! I’ll check out your shop 🙂

  43. Dorothy says:

    Welcome. These would go great in my kitchen!

  44. Cheryl Fiske says:

    jill, I love your fabrics and designs! Welcome to Maryjanes Farms!

  45. Genevieve says:

    I think that the project F.A.R.M. is great idea, I hope you have success

  46. These are darling. Love the red gingham in your Etsy shop!

  47. Melissa Bennett says:

    I love the country scene dish towel. It’s adorable!

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