GIVEAWAY: Glamping with MaryJane

While autographing a stack of my Glamping with MaryJane books, I found this copy with a little spot on the front cover. Perfect for a giveaway!


To win this copy, tell me one thing you’ll do this summer to make your camp-spot a glamp-spot. We’ll put your name in a basket and pull out one lucky winner sometime in the next week or so. Check back to see if you’re the winner!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Since I already own this book, I will just say, it is the best go-to resource for kicking up camping to a whole new experience. Like all of MaryJane’s books, it is packed with great ideas, beautiful pictures, and new perspectives for getting outdoors and enjoying parks and weekends with your family and friends.

  2. maria lawrence says:

    Candles!! I wish I had a cute trailer but instead we have a huge fifth wheel 🙁

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    I/we will get our little glamper trailer, the “Reiver’s Rest” out in all of her glory, dress up her windows with flower boxes and glamp outside with lacy linens, china and flowers!

    I have this book but would love to win one to use as a gift for a glamper friend!
    Thanks Mary Jane!

    • Carrie Davis says:

      I have had to park&hoping my trailer at our view of the Rogue River. I couldn’t wait to retire and travel with the trailer. But my husband has gotten Alzheimer’s and so were grounded. But now people will have to come to us. And I shall share your book ..hugs

  4. Karlyne says:

    Glass wine glasses. Nothing says glamping like the real stuff!

  5. shawna m says:

    My husband & I are not glampers yet but we are going to a glamper event in September at the Flying Flags RV Park in Buellton, Ca to check out the possibilities!

  6. Cathy R says:

    Just found butterfly solar string lights that would be adorable for glamping. I also have the book but will definitely use it as a gift. Thanks and blessings to all of you!

  7. Dwan Loomis says:

    Beautiful flowers on the table as a perfect center piece!

  8. Colleen Maki says:

    I plan to make some really cute curtains for my 1971 Airstream, from fabric that was designed by you, Mary Jane. . . the “glamping” fabric. I also plan to have a lot of candles, and I’m moving my regular mattress into it for the summer (I teach, so therefore have the whole summer for glamping). Gather a little campfire wood, and let the fun begin.

  9. Rhonda Williamson says:

    plan to take our 1956 Chevy and the vintage restored playmor rv camping

  10. Nikki Hurlbut says:

    This summer, my camp spot will have electricity!! I am in the National Guard so having electricity is a luxury that is not always granted when I am typically out in the wilderness!!

  11. Michelle Beck says:

    I will be taking my “Hilda, The Bumpy Broomstick” on some art workshops this summer. I set up a Belgian waffle making station outside on a long table with all the fresh fruit, real maple syrup,whipped cream and bacon and sausage my friends and family can eat!At night I set up a cozy area with my warm quilt and me and my sister share the blanky and some gossip while we sip martinis out of fishbowl sized glasses with huge olives,lol. good memories are always made!

  12. Sue Neitzel says:

    Mason jar with candles in them, to hang from the trees! I’d love to win this book!!

  13. Kay Stacey says:

    I have a cute little vintage Woodsman I bought for 300.00 and will be turning it into a glamped out trailer this summer. Would love to have your book to help guide me.

  14. Janet B says:

    A fabric tablecloth and real wine glasses !

  15. Debi Olson says:

    i have a camping / RV themed fabric which I made into a tablecloth for the picnic table. I will use that and place fresh flowers on the table as well. This will be surrounded with lights. Do it every year – love it.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I think I’ll start by getting a camper! I know the first thing to do then is make curtains!

  17. Deanna Bancroft says:

    Love this book. Looking to make a camper a Woman’s Getaway!!

  18. Stacy S says:

    Fleece electric blankets and air mattresses in the tent, along with cozy flannel sheets really take our 6 person tent to the next level!

  19. Carol says:

    I am going to set a beautiful table complete with flowers and lace table cloth. Bringinging along the crystal goblets .

  20. Sandy T. says:

    We’re tent campers, but we can still glam it up! First goal-get camping on the calendar! Glamping goal- I think I’ll start with something I can make myself like one of those cute pennant garlands. With kids, I have to have to start simple. 🙂

  21. Julie Wemken says:

    I would love to set up an outdoor bath area with a claw foot tub. I would surround it with pretty curtains, candles and books to read.

  22. jaylyn morehouse says:

    This summer we are renting an RV and touring up the Appalachian trail, stopping at all the local craft beer places, cute boutiques, and hopefully finding lot of bluegrass music along the way! To make our camper a ‘glamper’ I am bringing all of our favorite quilts and pillows to make it feel more like home, and I’m bringing along my fiddle to play some tunes. Maybe I’ll even get to jam with some locals:)

  23. Wendy Curling says:

    I don’t have this one but would love to!!

  24. Diane Adams says:

    I am taking my collection of orange, red, and white vintage Melmac to serve tea on.

  25. Wendy says:

    I will use the enamelware pots & pans I have been collecting to cook over the camp fire.

  26. peggy hiller says:

    I will be sporting my new solar floor lamp to read by! Refurbished floor lamp with its new solar fixings!!

  27. Patrisha Murphy says:

    I don’t glamp as of yet. I just want the book!!!!!!! Thx.

  28. Nancy in Carnation says:

    Camping will involve the annual gathering for our family paintball tournament. I think a ‘Girls Night’ of chocolate and wine with my sisters and daughters are the way to go… wrapping up a wonderful, fun-filled day! 🙂

  29. Laura says:

    flowering curtains with little tea lights, and a good spring cleaning from being closed up all winter!

  30. Sue Nagy says:

    I’m going to make curtains and a table runner from burlap and trim the ends with vintage handmade ivory lace that I found recently at a thrift shop!

  31. Rhonda Bowdy says:

    I’m taking candles, cloth napkins and cloth tablecloth for the picnic table. I’m also taking candles (battery operated ones)to set the mood in our tent.Can’t wait to go camping.

  32. Yolanda Solferino says:

    We love to camp! I like putting up lights around our camp site, and a table cloth on the table with candles.

  33. Tammy says:

    hang some chandelier crystals around to get more sparkle!

  34. Crystal Koelzer says:

    This summer we will be tent camping in the badlands and yellowstone. We will have pretty lights up when I can but the book would greatly help with ideas!

  35. Holly Carver says:

    My sister and I love to camp together, bringing our families together for fun times and memory making…we have so enjoyed glamping!!! We are going to bring doilies for the lanterns, as well as crocheted coasters for our tables!!! She brings beautiful flowers for the tables every year! So much fun to dress up the site and make it our special temporary home!

  36. Toni H says:

    Definitely candles, wine, cheese, gourmet chocolate. Old vintage wool blankets, perfect for chilly evenings out west!

  37. Queenbee says:

    Continue to search resale shops for those unique decorating finds & dream about getting a glamper up & running

  38. Amelia Duluccio says:

    Wind chimes and solar lights add beauty and glam while using nature’s energy.

  39. margaret howk says:

    This summer I will be glamping with my new friends from North Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, NY. I will be making lots great memories with my Daughter who turns 16 this summer. We are having fun with our 1978 Trailer Kit Companion.

  40. Doreen J says:

    We don’t have a camper but my dream is to own a vintage Airstream! In the meantime, I’m going to dress up the firepit my husband made last summer with candles and put some lights on the table umbrella.

  41. Lisa A says:

    We tent-camp, so a little hard to glamp up, maybe the book would give me ideas!

  42. Martha says:

    We are just learning how to camp. We are really greenhorns! But since I’ve got three girls, making it a romantic and feminine adventure seems the way to go. That is why I love Mary Jane’s magazine, too. It makes the country life so appealing to my girls, unlike so many other farm magazines.

  43. Karen(old cowgirl) Montoya says:

    I have always loved camping and now glamping is right up my ally. I plan on doing some of that when I get this place sold and move to my forever home. Right now and for the next few months I will be moving out of my house in to a rental then after the new foundation is built and the house moved on to it, the new roof put on and a couple of problems inside the house is fixed then it is move back into the house and fix some more things. Then selling it when I have some buyers. Hopefully, before winter. I will then be moving to a new town and my forever home. So I guess I could say next year I will be glamping, just not in a trailer as I can not afford one. I will however, be glamping in places that have cabins to rent. I will take my glamping things with me and enjoy the outdoors with my wonderful dog (companion). Would love the book.

  44. Robin "duck mama" DeBaere says:

    Taking my little 1965 vintage camper out to the ocean side, setting out my home made canopy with solar lights, and resting in my reproduction chair while sipping on a piña colada and watching the waves roll in.

  45. Cheryl C says:

    I will be making a new quilt and coordinating curtains for my sweet trailer. Just brought her home from winter storage yesterday and can’t wait to hit the road.

  46. Debra Brodie says:

    I live in the western N.C. mountains. On the knoll behind my house, I am building a platform tent complete with ornate iron bed and claw foot tub. The finishing touch will be the glam chandelier my husband is rewiring to be solar powered for me. This girly refuge next to the “girls” in my hen house is my ultimate “get away from it all” spot to think or plan my next sewing/craft project. I may even get the courage to blog about my project to all my Farmgirl sisters.

  47. I have been collecting vintage linens for glamping and I will also be replacing those cheap plastic dinner ware and cups for vintage glass table ware and tea cups. I can’t wait to go glamping soon!

  48. Caron VanSlyke says:

    i plan to have better flooring in my tent. Maybe wood slats laid over a tarp or better rugs, still deciding. But either will make sleeping on the ground a little more enjoyable!

  49. Maryellen Benton says:

    I will put out pretty rugs and pretty flowers. I am making a pennant to hang. I also want to figure out some new decorative lighting. I want to make it feel very welcoming.

  50. Marianne Regan says:

    I would put down brightly painted throw rugs everywhere!

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