GIVEAWAY: “Crafting a Colorful Home, Hanky Panky”

In the Oct/Nov issue of my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, “Hanky Panky” (on newsstands Sept. 15), I led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win a copy of Kristin Nicholas’ book, Crafting a Colorful Home.

I featured Kristin’s colorfully craft-abulous creativity with lots of photos that will inspire you to bring color into your life. The book, “a room-by-room guide to personalizing your space with color,” gives you both ideas and easy projects that will help you craft your way to a more colorful home.


For a chance to win Kristin’s book, tell me what your favorite color (or combination of colors) is in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw four lucky winners in mid-November, when the Oct/Nov issue expires on newsstands. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways!

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    With Fall on my brain lately, I am drawn to the oranges, sage, purple, and deep yellow. All of the colors shown in this photo are beautiful and I love how the items have pops of deep pink as well.

  2. Deborah McKissic says:

    The pillow in the photo is so colorful….color can make one happy, or relaxed…depending on the color…there are so many colors to pick from but my favorite is…”purrrr-ple”….it used to be red…and then there’s yellow…hmm…did you say one color or two or three? ha ha…my youngest daughter puts a lot of color in her home decorating.. this book would be perfect gift for her.

  3. shawna matos says:

    green being from the midwest I love the different shades of green

  4. Stephanie Guevara says:

    My favorite color is green, too. And, also the same as shawna, I like all shades as well.

  5. Linda says:

    My favorite colors together are Teal, Purple, Royal Blue and Lime Green.

  6. Teri Schneider says:

    I love greens because they remind me of summertime during our hard winters. Last year, I painted some walls in my living room with green, another wall in my dining room with orange sherbet (think Push Pop ice cream) and another wall in my kitchen mustard yellow. Standing in one particular spot in my living room, you can see all colors. My daughter stated “Hey mom, you’ve got peas, carrots, and mac-n-cheese on the walls. Looks like dinner time!”

  7. Chris Bazzett says:

    Blue blue blue is my favorite color, and when combined with yellow it’s perfect.

  8. Dorothy Nootbaar says:

    Greens and yellows, the colors of daisies and sunflowers with a bit of blues and brown dirt thrown in!

  9. JoAnn Stein says:

    I must say I love deep purple along with a nice orange for accent. If I prefer a calmer combo I would trade the orange for turquoise. I just love colors! The more the better! It’s like opening a new box of crayons!

  10. JACQUIE WEGER says:

    Green, burgundy, purple and gold are my favorite colors. I love decorating in any combination of these colors. Green and/or gold accented with burgundy and purple. Love it!!!

  11. Bethany says:

    I love sage and grape. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  12. Julia says:

    Pink will always be my favorite color… but lately I’ve been loving teal and poppy!

  13. Margie Cunningham says:

    Red has always been my standard answer when asked what’s my favorite color. However, as I have noticed, everytime I purchase something new – it’s green. Green notebooks, green phone cover, green purse – My husband thinks it’s because I am in a ‘Go Green’ state of mind!

  14. I love fushias, hot pink and all shades of purple. But I decorate more serenely, usually in shabby chic rose and sage. But I am also into changing my house by decorating for the seasons. This is my autumn changeover and I have out all my golds ( like my 1850 gold and off white appliqued quilt that I use to cover my couch) umber, yellows and oranges. I collect vintage tablecloths and have several out in fall colors .

  15. Christine Erdman says:

    I have quite a few favorite colors, but I will say I love the different shades of green and orange. I love the Fall time and live in Upstate NY, so those colors remind me of Autumn, which is my favorite time of the year.

  16. Carol Vagher says:

    I love olive green!

  17. jaylyn m says:

    I’m really liking rainbow colors all mixed together right now. Think Lisa Frank, tie dye shirts, crayon boxes.

  18. Nancy Coughlin says:

    My favorite color? Maybe my email address gives you a hint! Love purple and the softer shades of pink. I love trying different color combinations and step out sometimes with what others would probably say is just “a bit too much.” When I think back to the home I grew up in and to my grandparents’ homes, I really don not remember color. Guess there was color there, but it was so basic and plain! Not an issue in my own home.

  19. Leslie Sitton says:

    Was always red and purple, but I’m spreading out into oranges and turquoises. But I like yellow and green too. I can’t decide. It’s how I garden. I just throw seeds and plants in the ground and it’s the survival of the fittest! I call it bushwhack gardening.

  20. Dusty Cannon says:

    When anyone asks me my favorite color I say ‘Fall’!!

  21. Denise Russo says:

    So many favorite colors…really depends on my mood. But I’ve always loved the combination of deep orange and fuchsia.

  22. Pamela Shearer says:

    I am wanting to change my house up. Want more and brighter colors. I love turquoise, red, lime green and a dark yellow. I am starting to repaint some furniture and maybe some walls. I do change seasons with flower arrangements and foliage.

  23. Patricia Matula says:

    Just redid my kitchen in shades of off whites to pale coffees with barn red accents, so restful, with a pop. Latest quilts are shades of brown with shade of pinks and a beauty in shades of blues and yellows. Love sage green too. I just love color period, which is why I quilt.

  24. Sharon Wegmeyer says:

    DIY projects are my new love – that and canning!!! My 1939 home is fun to decorate with color. It “came with” three colorful bathrooms (all tiles original 1939): a bright yellow & black, a pink & gray, a pale yellow, rose, & burgundy! I love to see guests’ reactions :).

  25. Ashley Christensen says:

    I love the look of a light yellow and blue! I do like mint green a lot too!

  26. Robin Lovinggood says:

    Yellow is my favorite its brightness and light just make me feel good. But I also love red and white together in my bedroom. And pops of all colors around me I every room.

  27. Dawn Overholt says:

    I love turquoise and white with 1930’s fabrics. The combination of the turquoise and white gives a nice crisp clean look to the fabrics.

  28. wanda says:

    I love a country red and yellow color combination and am considering decorating my smallish entry in these tones. Thanks for a great magazine full of advice and ideas!!

  29. Teresa De Bruin says:

    I love pastels especially blue and pink

  30. Joan H says:

    Since finding my long awaited red brick bungalow, and painting the exterior doors turquoise, my new favorite combo is red and turquoise! Even used these colors on my chicken coop. 💙❤

  31. Teresa Stiner says:

    I love the Fall with all the trees changing. Golds, reds, greens….. Pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds and too much to list.

  32. karen sanford says:

    I’ve already ordered mine but would love a copy for my creative sister in law who. Is moving back to the lower 48 from.

  33. Nicole Luttmann says:

    Oh, my goodness, there are so many – the blue of my little boy’s eyes who lived to be only seven weeks old, the deep green of the lake in summer, the ripe, juicy red of homegrown tomatoes in August, the corn-gold of my daughter’s flyaway hair as it hits the sun in September, the gray clouds that bring life-giving rain after a long summer of fires and drought. These are my favorite colors now, but there are so many more that mean something to me, and so many more yet to come.

  34. Gail Cameron says:

    I lean towards the greens and blues, the colors of the sky, the water, new leaves in the spring or moss in the forest, it’s where I find my relaxation. But throw in a pop of yellow or orange and it’s a whole different feel!

  35. JAN WESTON says:

    Hi! I love different,yellow and purple…red ,gold&green..light green, yellow & Pink. Have just finished cleaning my 3 season porch and need some fresh ideas. Help please, would love the book. Thanks friend.

  36. Tammy says:

    My favorite color is Red. I have a bit of red in every room of my home. But that said I enjoy most of the fall colors.

  37. Kathleen says:

    I love every shade of blue- the color of the sea, midnight moon on the white snow, but with fall in the air I love those rich burnt oranges, Browns and greens. I loved the seat coushions on her chairs 🙂 inspiration

  38. sandra p henderson says:

    I like bright dark colors such as red,orange, brown, green, and purple.
    I look forward to your magazine. Everything is so happy!!!

  39. Christine says:

    My favorite color is green in almost any shade. My classroom chairs are teal green and purple, my vintage kitchen stove/oven is a turquoise on the green side which blends nicely with my green gingham Habitat Americana “country cupboard” dishes and accessories, my Ameraucana chickens lay pale green eggs and almost every room of my house has at least a touch of green in it. I love it when the grass starts showing that new fresh green growth in the spring.

  40. Heike says:

    Teal & red :)….tourquoise & red… & orange. I seem to stay in the same realm, even though Kristin’s house reminds me of mine :).

  41. Laura Dell says:

    Orange, orange, orange! I absolutely love the color. It comes in so many shades, from the demure blush of peach and apricot to the firey red-orange of the chrysanthemum. Fall is my favorite season here in the Midwest. I can’t get enough of the turning leaves, the pumpkins, even the harvest moon!

  42. Heather (nndairy) says:

    Purple….sometimes with yellow, sometimes orange, sometimes white… purple really goes good with just about everything!!!

  43. Jessica says:

    I like to pair anything and everything with our farm’s color affectionately coined “Good Shepherd’s Green” by my mother – a slightly brighter (spring-y) hue of sage green: with cranberry red, chocolate brown, dusty rose pink. Or a lemony yellow, french blue…All with our signature green which you find gracing the trim around all our windows and doors, on all of our wood-fired artisan bread and certified organic produce labels; a green that says life, vitality, growth, and an underlying tranquil contentment that we have only found by focusing our efforts on raising a family on a farm with our faith as the glue that holds us all together.

  44. Would be so inspiring whilst trying to finish out my 1880’s farmhouse.

  45. Val Meler says:

    I love rose and tangerine…with a touch of violet!

  46. Patricia Nepean says:

    I’m always in search of “colorful” in my life. Sometimes I do feel torn between colorful, and soothing neutrals, but somehow colorful wins out every time. I use a lot of reds, oranges, and yellows throughout my open plan living space, which includes my living room, dining space, sitting area and kitchen, but each of my bedrooms and both the bathrooms have different color schemes of their own inspired by far away places: My Master Bath is bright white with Colbalt Blue Grecian accents; the guest bath is the lovely shade reflecting the inside of a seashell- rather a soothing peachy tone that reminds me of Nantucket… My Tuscany inspired guest bedroom is complete with classic Terra Cotta walls, offset by a shade of a pale bluish green known as Apple Grove (it’s a beautiful combination!) A Mediterranean inspired Master Bedroom with Blue Agave walls (it changes shade throughout the lighting of the day!) complimented with bright white trim… My current “office/library” project is in process. The walls are silvery grey… and who knows what the color scheme will be beyond that- I make things up as I go along, according to the inspirations of the time. ‘Crafting a Colorful Home’ is exactly my cup of tea- or coffee- depending on the day…

  47. Joan Price says:

    I’m a country color girl – all the colors of the country. Mainstay colors are red, blue, green, gunny sack, then I add to and take away as the seasons come n go or as the mood hits me. Love the colorful book ideas, would love to read it totally.

  48. Sandy Koenig says:

    I like to put together minty green and cream with a pop of old barn red. I like a neutral background to let the color accents show off.

  49. Miho Clyde says:

    I love burgundy. My problem is so many burgundy clothes in my closet.

  50. My favorite color is green and my favorite shade has been given many names over the years…..celadon, celery, oriental, soft green, faded avocado…..

    • MaryJane says:

      I walked into your antique booth one day and spied a celadon/celery/oriental/soft green/faded avocado painted wooden chair and I’ve never been the same since. Your color is everywhere in my new kitchen. Hello Nadine! How about the weather today?

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