GIVEAWAY: “Lost Ocean, Magic Happens”

In the Dec/Jan issue of MaryJanesFarm, “Magic Happens” (on newsstands Nov. 10), I led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win the beautiful coloring book, Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure & Coloring Book, that appears on the back cover.

Written and illustrated by Johanna Basford, creator of Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, Lost Ocean invites kids and adults alike to discover an enchanting underwater world hidden in the depths of the sea. Through intricate pen and ink illustrations to complete, color, and embellish, readers will meet shoals of exotic fish, curious octopuses, and delicately penned seahorses; visit coral reefs and barnacle-studded shipwrecks; and discover intricate shells and pirate treasure.

For a chance to win Johanna’s book, tell me what your favorite indoor winter pastime is in the comments below by Dec. 1. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner the second week of December. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways!

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Ohhh, this looks like lots of fun! Immediately, the Beatles song popped into my head: “I want to be, Under the Sea, in an Octopus’s garden…”

  2. Heidi M says:

    Winter is my favorite time of year! I love the colder temps, and enjoy the days when the snowfall helps us all slow down a bit. When the snow is falling, my home feels warmer inside, and my mood is more relaxed. During this time, I love to curl up in a chair, and read MaryJane’s Farm or a book. The kids and I also enjoy a great game of Clue!

  3. Rhonda Bowdy says:

    I read a lot, knit,find new recipes to try. I still garden in the winter because I live in Florida.

  4. Kim Rountree says:

    My favorite indoor winter activity is reading a good book while snuggling under one of my favorite quilts made by my mom.

  5. Lois Lantz says:

    My favorite indoor winter pastime is crocheting and crafting. Although I live in sunny South Florida, I like to pretend I’m back in the cold winters with a fireplace, cozy cup of coffee, and nice, warm comforter. 🙂

  6. Merry Jones says:

    My favorite pastime is cookie baking with mom, a tradition we have done since I was a little girl. I also love to sew toys for my kids and nieces and nephews, winter is the perfect time to cozy up and craft.


  7. Bobbie calgaro says:

    I always love to read but a good jigsaw puzzle is my favorite.

  8. Valerie says:

    My favorite winter activity is to curl up in a cozy spot with a good book or my crochet.

  9. Frances says:

    My favorite indoor winter pastime is curling up like a ball in my red blanket with a cup of hot mocha and watch Christmas movies when it’s raining outside.

  10. Marcy says:

    I have her Enchanted Forest coloring book and I just love it. I never thought I would want to color again but I am loving it! It’s so calming and it helps keep me centered and helps me just breathe and be in the moment. Thank you so much for the chance!

  11. CJ Armstrong says:

    First of all, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway. I’ve just gotten back into coloring, having found a neat adult coloring book at Michaels.

    Favorite past time for me in the winter would be papercrafting with sewing coming in as a close second which would be in contention with playing the piano!

    Thank you again!

  12. Teri Schneider says:

    I love to sew in the winter because it seems so restful to me…just like winter 🙂 And this year I have something special to work on. My daughter is getting married next April and we are making a “guest quilt” for everyone to sign at the reception. Soooo, looking forward to it!

  13. Susan Boysen says:

    Favorite indoor winter pastime…big pot of homemade soup on the stove, fire in wood stove, and knitting in hand! Coziness…

  14. Jenn Thompson says:

    Enjoy time with my family around the fireplace 😀. Keeping cozy and warm playing games, reading books or a good movie.

  15. Melia says:

    My favorite indoor winter activity…there are so many! I like working on crafts and have plans to get a lot of sewing done this winter. Love hanging out with friends and family watching movies too. I do love being outside playing in the snow though too!

  16. Laurie says:

    I live in the south so winter isn’t that big of a deal most of the time. I can still cycle and I still need to mow my lawn (when I bought my house 3 years ago I inherited a yard with grass that grows in the winter!), but I do enjoy baking. I have a wild Alaskan sourdough starter that I bake with and love it! I share my goodies with all my neighbors – they love it too. 🙂

  17. Patti Calandra says:

    In the past few years, I have taken up knitting and I enjoy creating something that will keep someone warm.

  18. Jeri-Lyn Walsh says:

    My favorite winter project is working on a paint by number kit, usually of flowers or landscapes. Come February though, it’s all about picking out seeds to grow in the garden and getting them started!

  19. Kathleen Leader says:

    In the cozy winter months I love to create. I color, make journals of all kinds, knit ,quilt and sew. I share these with friends and family. I also love watching birds I feed.

  20. Marianne Labokey says:

    I love cooking, baking in the winter

  21. Frannie LoGrasso says:

    I love crocheting and scrapbooking with my daughters, then we join the couches together and enjoy popcorn and a movie with my hubby and our two dogs. Makes for a cozy night

  22. Jaylyn M. says:

    I really like to just play games like boggle or read books. We put on our Fireplace for Your Home dvd and pretend we’re sitting around a fire 🙂

  23. Sharon Wells says:

    I enjoying knitting in my rocking chair by the cast iron stove. Oh yeah, and eating homemade, warm out of the oven chocolate chip cookies.

  24. Cathy R says:

    In the winter I look forward to snuggling by a cozy fire and read non-fiction books while something wonderful is baking in the oven. Just got my first adult coloring book and colored pencils and waiting for that first snowy day to get back into something I love as a child! Blessings!!!

  25. Annette Carpenter says:

    Snuggling under a blanket by the fire with a good book and a big pot of soup simmering in my cast iron pot.

  26. Vicki Lee says:

    I love a day inside where I can curl up with a good book and just read. I am a public librarian so can always find that perfect good book.

  27. Emmy kats says:

    Baking and coffee roasting.

  28. Jennifer grabinski says:


  29. Hannah Harrelson says:

    I enjoy finding new sweet potato recipes and cooking the sweet potatoes that I dug up from the fall! On those cold winter days nothing welcomes you home better then the delicious smells of sweet potato delights!

  30. Delene Alexander says:

    For me winter means lots of football, I like to color in my coloring book as I watch. I also read a lot, no matter the season.

  31. Dianne Rider says:

    A good book, a comfy quilt, and my kitty Sophie on my lap. A nice glass of white wine is sometimes in the mix as well. The times I most like to color is when I am flying. So many people on the plane smile and nod, which I interpret to mean they wish they had thought of it! What a great way to pass the time and, because I am a nervous flyer, coloring naturally relaxes me. Love, love, love it !!

  32. Amy Kehoe says:

    I love working with fiber, spinning of knitting in front of my fireplace and a hot cup of coffee by my side.

  33. Idamarie Settlemyer says:

    My son gave me a small adult coloring book to “meditate” with while he was on his motorcycle trip to Utah. I’m addicted! And this one looks especially delightful! But if I don’t have a coloring book, I love winter evenings making rag time quilts. Again, very therapeutic!

  34. Amanda says:

    The wintertime is perfect for snuggling under a warm blanket, sipping a cup of herbal tea and reading a good book.

  35. Shaina M says:

    My favorite indoor pastimes are playing with my 1 year old little girl, baking goodies, and crocheting with a fat hook.

  36. Margie Cunningham says:

    My favorite winter pastime includes cooking, baking and putting together jig saw puzzles near the fire.

  37. Krista says:

    I love adult coloring books and this underwater one sounds so exciting. I would have to say my favorite indoor winter pastime would have to be wood crafting or putting together a good Christmas puzzle. Both of these pastimes are perfect with background Christmas music or a Christmas movie. I just love these pastimes when it’s cold and snowing outside.

  38. Larranie says:

    I love to curl up with a good book, favorite drink, and comfy loungey wear… well anytime not just cooler months. Now, It’s holiday time and I sit down with my planner and detail what I plan to do for others…visit someone I haven’t seen in awhile; write a long letter to a far away pal; put together something handcrafted for a surprise! These are now days I don’t need to be running around in bad weather on messy roadways.. I am encouraged to mediate now more then ever to find peace within myself and enjoy each moment with those in my life.

  39. Jennafer Disbro says:

    Quilting and reading.

  40. Kelly Dewey says:

    Spending time with my family. Holiday crafts with my little one. Making delicious cozy recipes to warm the house and our bellies 🙂

  41. Teresa Moore says:

    I love to sit by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book.

  42. Vanessa Bugge says:

    My favorite indoor winter activity would probably be listening to music and reading with a fire in the fireplace and tea to drink, while cozied up on the sofa with a blankie.

  43. Gaye says:

    Baking! Bread cookies, even better with kids around. Alternatively when I need peace and quiet, I like to curl up with Mary Janes Farm and a cup of tea/cocoa/hotcider/hot toddy…

  44. Carole koon says:

    My favorite indoor past time on the weekend winter’s is to journal and watch public television. I love art and garden, building and farming. Around the farm table this old house antique road show and the many cooking shows. I get to scetching and writing lots of ideas for creating. Your magazine ignites those ideas for me too.

  45. Corine Runnion says:

    Weaving, stained glass, card making.

  46. Ellen Mohler says:

    Looking through seed catalogs!

  47. Cindy Parker says:

    Curling up by the fireplace with a book and a mug of hot cocoa

  48. Troi Hackett says:

    After finishing evening chores,I luv the chance to sit with a cup of hot tea under an Afghan, and either hand quilt, crochet, or my newest crafting punch needle. Winter evenings sure help make up for the busy hay season of late summer/harvest.

  49. Becky Lorge says:

    I enjoy sewing, cross stitch, painting, playing piano, spending extra time with my cats, rabbits, chickens, birds and dog. To totally relax – warm soak, followed by hot tea, a good book or an old movie, next to the fireplace of course. 🙂

  50. Wehaf says:

    I love to curl up and read by the fire!

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