Big five!

For my b-day party last weekend, my parents got up early (while my sis and I were still sleeping) to decorate the house and cut out crown pieces (princess and king), and make cupcakes that my friends and I would later decorate.

That evening while I was opening my presents, someone handed my sis a present from NannyJane. Mia was surprised to be getting a gift on my b-day. She’d been acting shy and overwhelmed because my friends and I were making so much noise. But she perked right up as she opened her gift.

A snow suit for her baby doll!!! She was suddenly over-the-top happy and launched into the longest stretch of baby talk (as if she isn’t still a baby) I’ve ever heard her say.

Did I tell you how much she loves her baby doll? She takes it everywhere.


 And then it was time to blow out five candles. I concentrated HARD on my secret wish. It’s going to come true, I just know it is.


  1. Eileen Widman says:

    This is precious fun!

  2. CJ says:

    Those little girls are just adorable! How fun that must have been for the entire family!
    It was a pleasure and honor to meet Stella and Mia . . .and their fabulous mom & dad, Meg and Lucas and their totally awesome grandparents MaryJane and Nick.
    Happy Birthday Stella!

    • MaryJane says:

      Dearest CJ,
      Good to hear from you because Nick and I were just commenting on your lovely Christmas card only moments ago! It was so thoughtful and kind. It just made our day. We love you CJ. Merry Christmas. You are such a LIGHT in the world.

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