Farmgirl gifts

If you’re on the lookout for last-minute farmgirl gifts, try my favorite farmgirl general store, Lehman’s. Lehman’s is located in the heart of Ohio Amish country, and specializes in “simple products for a simpler life.”

You’ll find everything from the original “sock monkey” socks (every kid loves a sock monkey, and each pair comes with instructions for making your own):

to old-fashioned calendar towels:

to these ultra-cute Mason-jar light covers:

to this beautiful Amish-made paper-towel holder:

to Lehman’s exclusive Shortbread:

and an exclusive book of household tips from founder Jay Lehman’s daughter, Glenda.

Visit Lehman’s online hitching post for more great farmgirl gifts and hard-to-find household helpers from yesteryear.


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I never thought of Lehmans for gifts but you have a great idea here. A few years back, I found some of those little mason jar light covers and have them on my permanent “everything tree” which sits on an old cast iron laundry stove and has seasonal decorations ( and well apples all of the year!! wink).

  2. Cindi says:

    My mom saved every single calendar towel she got for years and years. They made the best dishtowels ~ especially for glass. Thanks for reminding me of such a great shopping place.

  3. Linda says:

    What a super idea, MaryJane. And they have such neat “antique-y” things for gifts. I love the store. Those Mason jar light covers are perfect – love your idea, Winnie!

  4. I am so lucky as my local Mennonite ( sect similar to Amish) owned general store has nearly everything Lehman’s has. they cater to the same “Plain People “. Their cast iron cookery is the best, especially the Corn Bread maker, which makes little ears of corn, just like from my childhood. They sell the cast iron ware much cheaper than Lehman’s and they are the same quality brands too.
    I do my shopping there year round and their old fashioned toys are the best of all. (It’s where your dancing bees came from, MaryJane ). I find that grownups love the toys as it reminds them of their Christmas’s past. I was a huge hit the year I gave everyone “potato pistols” ( remember them? you push the end of the “gun” into a potato that cuts off small pieces as pellets/ammo-harmless endless fun ) Kids like all the kits and old fashioned potholder looms and such. All the old board games like ” Candyland” and “Uncle Wiggly” .( with the old graphics not the newer versions) And real china teasets for little girls. You get the idea.

    Speaking of gifts. Yours is on the way MaryJane- supposed to arrive on Thursday. Be on the lookout for it.

  5. Bobbie Holmes says:

    Does the Mennonite store have a web page? If it’s in the vicinity of Nauvoo, Illonios, then I have probably visited it. Lisa is right about the great many unusual and nostalgic merchandise available – including fabric since these wonderful people sew nearly all their clothes and make lovely quilts! Need the name of the store!

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