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For a chance to win a free copy of the book Do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart, tell me about your favorite pet animal (real or imaginary) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.

You’ll find out more about Tracey’s book in the Feb/Mar issue of MaryJanesFarm, along with a step-by-step project. Part practical guide, part memoir, and part testament to the power of giving back, Do Unto Animals includes 300 charming illustrations by artist Lisel Ashlock, tons of facts and advice about both domesticated and wild animals, and lots of homemade projects.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    My current best Fur Friend is my kitty, Mr. Bump. He is just the best cat ever! We have had many kitties over the years, but this one has so much personality and he is so darn smart. I swear he can almost talk with this variety of meows that he uses in all sorts of ways. Not to mention, he is also such a pal and keeps up with what I am doing all day long by checking in, twirling around and bumping my leg and talking.

  2. Daizy says:

    Ohhh, wow….I have had so many amazing animals in my lifetime!! I suppose my most cherished friendship was with a horse. I just could not be with him enough!!! I never wanted to leave the barn and then when we got him and his other horses to our own ranch then that was all I needed. Just let me stay there and I was fine! He was 3 when I got him and we went to the woods and to friends homes and even had a bunch of years in the show ring (and he was really good)!! I miss him terribly and there will never be another one like him……but I keep searching…..and have found several that are almost as amazing. When it thunders I just know its Dell and all the rest up there running with their heads and tails held high.

    Thinks for allowing me to remember the good times.

    Hugs and prayers,
    Daizy #1093

  3. Bobbie calgaro says:

    My favorite pets are our cats Lucy and Bud. They make our lives so much fun.

  4. Cindi says:

    I don’t think I can pick a favorite so I will go with my very first dog ~ that I remember. (They tell me there was a pup before, but he had a liking for TV antenna wires and clothes drying on the line.) On my 8th birthday Dad took Mom and me for a ride, parked outside a building and left us in the car while he went inside. To my shock and delight, he returned with a small English bull/boxer mixed puppy. It was love at first sight. She hid behind my back the entire way home as I giggled. She outgrew that fear of cars quickly ~ any time someone left the car door open, you would find her sitting in the driver’s seat. She held suckers between her paws and licked them like a child and rested her paw on my hand whenever I cried. She stayed by my side until she passed when I was 20 years old, but our bond is forever.

  5. Beth says:

    When my husband and I met we had 5 dogs between us. Over the last 5 years we lost them all. Some to old age, some to cancer. Our hearts were broken. So, after some time,we found that something was missing in our lives. So to pet finder we went. And there she was , my Lucy, a Great Pyranese border collie mix. She is my constant companion, and the sweetest dog … She is my heart

  6. Judy Adair says:

    While growing up I received a duck for Easter. He grew up at our home in town. I used our galvanized tub filled with water for a mini-pond. He bonded to me and followed me everywhere. His name was Dr. Quack. I am 69 years old and people still say to me, “Aren’t you the little girl that walked around town followed by a duck?”. Yes, I am. Eventually Dr. Quack was taken to my Aunt’s farm where there was a real pond with other ducks.

  7. Linda says:

    My favorite pet was my cat Jake, who is no longer with us. He was the best furball friend you could ask for – he loved to ride in the car and would sit on my lap and either look out the window or rest on the console. I would put him on his leash at rest stops when I traveled with him and he’d get some of those strange looks when people realized he was a cat and not a dog. LOL!

  8. Chrissy says:

    Bonnie was my dog of a lifetime, (even though Molly-beagle poodle mix, is nestled beside me as I type this) a blue heeler. She was good at barking only when necessary, very protective of me, had no other vices, Except.. she was not fond of children. She had been slightly tormented by her previous owner’s children and since I live alone, she came to me. As a cattle dog she felt it her responsibility to herd children back to their mothers by nipping at their heels. I had one mother of three ask if she could borrow her.

  9. Denise says:

    I just lost my favorite girl on the 9th of this month. Her name was Shelbyanne and she was a sweet little Boston terrier. I had her for 13 years. Would love to be entered for this. I’m an avid animal lover and would love to learn all I can.

  10. Shannon Hudson says:

    I have had numerous fur babies over the years, but my favorite was Stephie, who is no longer with us. Stephie was a shepherd mix we got from the SPCA shortly after we were married. She was a perfect protector, as my hubby was gone a lot on missions, due to being active duty military. She was also my “big teddy bear pillow” after each miscarriage. My hubby and I have lost numerous babies, which doesn’t stop the military… so he would be gone, and I would have to deal with it alone… but I found that Stephie seemed to sense that loss, and I could curl up and lay my head on her, as I cried. I really miss her!

  11. Jill Yelland)-DeMooy says:

    It would be a toss-up between Jack the dog I got when I was fifteen and a holstein heifer which I had for my 4-H project that year. My dog was such a great farm dog always warning us of any dangers for our livestock and such a loving and loyal companion. My heifer Lindy Lou was extremely bright and always found ways to make sure she was front and center and getting all the attention, she found ways through gates, and would come when she was called. A year or so later when she had been grazing out on a wooded hillside, I could still call her name and this great big cow would come galloping through the woods to me. They are both long gone, but very cherished memories.

  12. Pearl Maxner says:

    My favorite animal is my miniature Nigerian Dwarf goat Rosebud. She is such a trooper leading our little heard! She cares about each of the other doe’s birthing processes, standing by with sniffs and gentle goat words of encouragement to the mom’s-in-labor.
    Always the best Mom herself and our champion milker for such a little gal, she is gentle and loves to be loved.

  13. Phyllis says:

    Sparky was my dearest, sweetest, greet everyone tuxedo cat. Although he had many health issues, he never complained. He left us too soon, and as my vet said, “he was almost human, and held a special place in the hearts of everyone at the practice”.

  14. Marion O says:

    My favorite pet ever was my cat Boots who died two years ago. I have loved all my pets but there was something special about Boots. Even my best friend, who is not a cat person, appreciated Boots’ unique personality. I miss him so much!

  15. Cheryl Bull says:

    My favorite pet was my big, scary looking dog baby. He was such a friendly and obedient boy. It didn’t matter who got up in the house first in the morning, he got up when I got up. It was just like that. He loved people and was a gentle giant but he was my special fur baby. Sadly, he had a brain tumor in his older years and declined very quickly. Which I guess was a blessing. At the end, I was the only person he seemed to recognize and he would only sleep when I was with him or touching him. He taught me good things in the years I got to be his mommy.

  16. Michelle R says:

    Tippy is my most beloved pet. She is an amazing cat, who talks to me when she wants things. She will use different tones and sounds to assure that I pick up on the different things she wants. She has a tone for me to pick her up. I know when she wants food or treats. She also informs me when she wants the electric blanket on the bed to be turned on. We have been communicating for 6 years now, and I hope to continue the communication for many years to come!

  17. deb church says:

    dogs must be my favorite. we have three lively boys. as if that isn’t enough, i volunteer at the animal shelter.

  18. Julie Kram says:

    My favorite furry friend is Louie, my chocolate lab. Louie came into my life with a long story attached to his five-week-old scrawny brown tail. Louie’s parents were neighborhood dogs. Although an older gal claimed to own them, they pair was seldom anywhere but loose, roaming in the woods. Louie’s mom delivered a litter of roughly 12 puppies on Thanksgiving day, alone in the woods. Before she and the newborns were found, a hungry predator had eaten all but 4 of the puppies. Of the remaining 4, 3 were shaken and damaged, one was near death from predator attack, Louie. Louie was torn and scrawny. He was the runt, had shaken baby syndrome and his nose was torn up. Being underweight, neurologically damaged, slightly blind in one eye and prone to repeated seizures didn’t give him much chance, according to the vet. I told the vet we’d do the best we could for him. Six years later, Louie is one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. His crooked nose and sideways glances make him absolutely adorable and beautiful to me. He’s always happy and is fabulous with our grandbabies. Louie is healthy and smart and well-trained. He has defied the odds and shown what love can do.

  19. Pat Prarce says:

    I adopted a darling chihuahua from the local shelter a few months ago. It was frustrating for both of us when I would talk to her and she would just cock her head and look questioning at me. It was later I found out she had lived in a Hispanic household and didn’t understand English! She’s learned English very quickly!

  20. Christine says:

    It is hard to choose a favorite, but I think a jewel among them was named Kelly. I wasn’t planning on getting another cat, but I was at PetSmart watching my mom’s Schnauzer graduate from obedience class and turned around and he was starring right at me from the cat adoption area. When I went to go look at him and say “hello,” he started talking up quite a storm. He was a very sweet flame point Siamese and I ended up filling out the adoption application before I left that night and spent the next three days visiting him several times a day until I got the approval to take him home. I’ve never had a pet who got along so well with all the other animals but also would chat-up any human visitor and my non-cat liking friends. He charmed dog, cats, rabbits and even the doves. He was amazingly gentle and was a great comfort. He got me through some very rough times in my life and it was a very sad day for me when it was time to say good-bye after a terminal illness.

  21. ann brand says:

    My wonderful 16 yr. old black Lab Dukey is going to be put down today because of a “massive abdominal tumor” which has appeared and grown very quickly. We have had him since he was an adorable, quirky puppy acquired from a rescue group. We had an old Subaru wagon which he thought was his exclusively, so he slept on the hood! No one could leave the farm in it without his knowledge or permission. When we drive to the vet’s office today, he can again enjoy his dogmobile.

  22. Alice Pugh says:

    My favorite pet is Sir Pablo Stevenson. He’s a purebred long-haired chihuahua. I found Pablo in an ad and went to visit the farm. He was so small he didn’t even fill up my hand and when he started sucking my thumb I knew I had to have him. Waiting three months is hard but did and I went to pick him up. That was 7 years ago and he never leaves my side. He’s a constant companion and soon to be my therapy dog. I am losing use of my hands from arthritis and mornings are the worst. Just petting him makes everything better. He makes me laugh when he burrows into the warm clothes just out of the dryer (he just can’t resist), has his favorite toy “Lambie” and curls up next to me no matter where I am. He also drives a car by helping turn the wheel. At 5 1/2 lbs he’s my animal love of my heart.

  23. Leisa Joan says:

    Right now we only have 2 pets, a Standard Poodle named Spencer, who’s the most cuddly and friendly dog, who also thinks he’s a lap dog. And we have a chinchilla named Baby, who loves me best since I give him lots of treats & scratch behind his ears & chins, just the way he likes it!

  24. Helen Dunn says:

    I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful companion animals it is almost impossible to name just one. We have raised Golden Retrievers for over 35 years. I would suggest my first one, Shasta, a present for our first anniversary, cemented my love for goldens for life!

  25. Kelly Seymour says:

    I have had many wonderful, four-footed furries in my life. A most recent one went home about a year ago. He was a Siberian Husky named Zeus. He was the biggest clown, the chattiest, sweetest goofball I’ve known, in a while. He left a huge hole in my heart when his time came to go. I loved him dearly and he visits my thoughts often. : j

  26. Vicki says:

    I didn’t want another cat. But exactly a year after I adopted my puppy, a tiny kitten appeared in my back yard with a snotty nose and eyes crusted shut. I vowed to get her healthy and find her a home. She traveled to work with me for two weeks and soon was the picture of health. I had reached out to many people to adopt her but once she was out of quarantine my dog decided to adopt her. They became fast friends with the tiny kitten sleeping on her back and batting her with tiny paws. Now Martha is one of the household and plays fetch better than the dog because she will actually give up the ball!

  27. Susan Campbell says:

    Our dog Prince. He was a mutt that electrocuted himself when he chewed on a plug and burnt his tongue and the roof of his mouth. He lived for another six years before we had to put him down because he had cancer.

  28. Vickie says:

    My favorite animal of my entire lifetime has been the horse. A magical surprise came into my life when I partnered with a man who had two horses. What a beautiful extension of my fantasy to live with these gentle animals at my back door! Every day I was blessed with their love and grace with us and all of our varied visitors. Both horses are no longer with us due to age and illness, yet the memories of their love still lingers here.

  29. Vicki Lee says:

    I moved from town to our ranch 45 years ago. I had the usual pets growing up..dogs, cats, birds & goldfish, but living on the ranch gave me the opportunity to become an animal whisperer. I tamed down a sow, named her Penny, and she was my pet. We raised Angus cattle, but I always looked for a heifer calf that was different.. a spot on her head, different hair coat, etc. and tamed them down so they would eat cow cake from my hand. Fancy, the bantam rooster would come when we called. My house cat was Ming Leah, a beautiful Siamese who lived to be 19 yrs old. And, now my sweet baby is our 12 yr old Australian Shepard (with 3 legs). He is there for me every day and I didn’t think I could love an animal so much. Animals have a special place in my life and I can’t imagine life without them.

  30. Amy szabo says:

    I have a hard time picking between my best friend, wesson who is my 2 yr old Australian shepherd, and my long time companion, winchester, my horse. I am not sure how I would get through life without the constant comfort of my dog. He is always there for me and I truly mean it when I say he is my best friend. Winchester (aka chessy, chester, or cheese) has been with me for about 12 years now. I have worked with her since birth and trained her myself, we have become such amazing partners together sometimes she almost feels like an extension of my own body. Both of these animals are so very important iny life and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  31. Carol in NC says:

    Our first Newfoundland dog, L’Anse. He was an absolute gentleman and perfect nanny for our child with special needs. He was completely devoted to her, and treated her very differently than he did our other children, though he loved them too of course.

  32. Rusty was a golden retriever. We adopted him when he was only a few weeks old. He was well mannered loved our children and was always happy to see us. A great companion.

  33. Kat says:

    My favorite animal has to be my orange tabby Paco. I think he is part dog! He comes to bed with me every night, showing up from unknown parts of the house. If he feels I need to go to bed NOW, he will meow until I show up. He is my best friend in the whole world.

  34. Idamarie Settlemyer says:

    My Scottie Dawg Cutty, a very sweet boy. this scottie likes to talk and sing. no matter how long you have been away he greets you with his special dog talk and makes everything better, sweeter, happier. He naps with me and rests his head on my legs. Not a more precious boy in the world!

  35. Kyla H says:

    My best animal friend is Fancy, a beautiful horse with a wild streak. She was sold to my father because she was considered too difficult to ride. My father granted me a ride on her a year and a half ago. She and I connected, but my father was warned that she wasn’t to be trusted. It took me 6 months to get a another ride with her. My father saw that she enjoyed her time with me and started encouraging us to do more things together. We found our stride and she showed me her favorite petting spot. She loves to graze in a the wildflower section of the field but during the fall and winter the area has lots of burrs. She isn’t a fan of having her mane combed out! But she almost always comes when called and greets me with a kiss. Surprised my father when she started that and letting me halter her with feed or treats. Her bestie Cassie started letting me as well just a month or so ago. I haven’t lived on the farm with my parents since I got married but I take my kids to the farm as often as I can and last summer my daughter overcame her fear of the horses and has enjoyed many rides. My son enjoys helping with the feeding of all the animals and one of his favorite chores is helping to clean the stalls! Fancy has taught my whole family many things; one of which is patience!

  36. Glenda York says:

    My black cat Crowley (named after the King of Hell on Supernatural). He is a little demon, but he’s the first cat to really capture my heart. I always think of myself as more canine oriented, and dogs will always be close to my heart. But he has managed to make deep footprints on my heart nonetheless.

  37. Marcia says:

    We rescued a very young kitten in our hometown. While coming home from the grocery store my husband saw something in the road he opened the door scooped it up with a t shirt he had in the car he didnt know what he had until he arrived home. To his surprise
    a tiny orange kitten eyes were hardly opened he bottle fed it until he could eat on its own. orange fluff ball we named him MAX. He gets along well with our 3 dogs very loving
    stands on his back feet and begs for a snack if you dont respond he streches on your clothes and hangs there until you give him just a taste of what you are eating. Then he goes away. When we go to the bus stop in the am we have a trail of the 3 dogs and the cat. They have an inner clock if it gets time for the bus in the afternoon they all let me know its time and like a trail we all go to the bus stop.



  38. Cindee Pisani says:

    My very favorite pet was a little yellow chick I tried to win at a homecoming when I was about 8 yrs old. The chicks were all together in a box. Where was their food, their water I kept asking my dad. I tried and tried to win one by tossing pennies into a floating paper cup in a barrel but kept missing. My little heart was breaking. The chicks had to be thirsty and hungry. I had to save one. I asked the man if I could buy one. “That will cost a quarter.” he said. Would my dad give me a quarter for a chick? That was a lot of money to an eight year old. I asked and he pressed the quarter into my hand. A chick was placed into a brown paper bag for me and I proudly carried the little bird home. I put him in a box right next to my bed. He had a towel to sleep on and food and water. I went to sleep that night with my hand hanging over the bed. The chick went to sleep in my cupped hand. He was warm and protected. He followed me around peeping and flapping his little wings. His name was Whitey. Whitey grew into a fine white rooster and I gave him to our neighbors. They had a fine chicken coop and a flock of chickens. He was king of the coop and would flap his wings at me when I went to see him. He decided he liked his girls just fine.

  39. Celine Blais says:

    My favorite pet is my Siamese cat Baby.She is sweet,and very doglike.Baby doesn’t stalk squirrels,birds or other live things.She will chase butterflies or grass hoppers.Sweet all the way through.

  40. Fran Rhodes says:

    I have had a number of pet cats and dogs over my years. Everyone of them were my favorite during their time. I’m looking for my next favorite right now. When we find each other, we will know it.

  41. RobinAnn says:

    My German Shepherd, Penny.

  42. Amy Brooks says:

    One of my rescue cats is extra special! She is a bob tailed calico and we taught her to walk on a harness and leash when she was a kitten. Now she goes hiking in the mountains with us and our dogs. She loves it and she especially loves the attention she gets from people wanting to pet her and take her picture!

  43. Diane Wagster says:

    My favorite memories are having cats since early childhood. Grew up on a farm with lots of cats in the barn to catch the mice. However, I names them all and watched having kittens in the hay loft. Early sex education I guess. Now I have Marley, a ragdoll, who is the delight of our lives that now we are older to keep us on our toes. Dogs were also a part of my life as there were my guardians when I would take hikes in the woods. Feel so grateful that I experienced that life which is a tribute to my parents.

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