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For a chance to win a free copy of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint Workbook, tell me what your favorite color of lipstick is and at what age you think you first painted your lips in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.

In the Feb/Mar issue of MaryJanesFarm, you’ll learn all about the girl genius behind Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, and even find Annie’s step-by-step instructions for painting a faux frame on your wall. In her newest book, Annie gives you a creative workbook full of personal decorating hints and tips for all your color and design ideas—a place to paint and sketch, stick and collect, write and reflect.

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  1. Kim Rountree says:

    My favorite color lipstick is a coral pink. I think I first used lipstick at age 17! Always too busy in the barn with my horses to worry about such things!!

  2. Cindi says:

    Oh what a fun memory!! My very, very first lipstick was red. 1950s red – pretty bold stuff. Since I performed in many a dance recital I was allowed to wear it for the performance. I remember being surprised and excited when mom first dabbed some on my lips, which I didn’t move again until the lipstick was removed after the dance. I must have been about 6 years old. I’ve toned the color down a lot since then to a light pinkish plum – and I’ve learned it’s okay to unpurse your lips while wearing it.

  3. Gigi Thompson says:

    At the age of 14, I discovered lipstick. The color was a bluish burgundy which suited my smallish lips. On my first day of High School I wore it proudly to the dismay of my sweet Mother. Today as a grandmother my choice is toned down a bit. If you did it once don’t do it again. Oh, I still have the memories.

  4. Kathleen says:

    My favorite is a true red without any blue tones to it. Not dark but a bright true red. I first used lipstick at age fourteen (a nude color) in high school.

  5. Bobbie calgaro says:

    I love a peachy colored lipstick, sugared grapefruit is the Clinique name. I can remember wearing lipstick for the first time. I was I high school because mom wouldn’t let me wear it in junior high. I was crushed. Probably 10th or 11th grade. Mom believed and still does that kids grow up too soon.

  6. Linda says:

    My favorite color of lipstick is candy apple red. I think I first wore lipstick when I was a Sophomore in high school and went to my first dance. I would have been 14.
    Thanks for offering this book. I have several things I’ve been wanting to paint with chalk paint and this would help me a lot.

  7. Joan H says:

    I can still remember the smell of my first memory of make-up. My Nanny had a drawer for me in her bathroom. Inside was an old handbag, used (practically empty) compact with puff(Coty?), lipstick, comb, brush, hand mirror, bracelets. I was very young, like 5 maybe, and I loved that stuff! Nowadays my favorite lipstick color is a brick shade called Sarah in my favorite brand. It makes me look alive but not over-done!

  8. Bonnie ellis says:

    I think I first tried lipstick when I was 3, 70 years ago. A little friend and I got into mom’s makeup. That red was so hard to get off mom was mad at me a long time. My favorite color now is pink. It looks great with silver hair.

  9. Gaye says:

    My fave colors are in the coral family. I’m actually not a big lipstick fan, I tend to stick to tinted balms and such. I don’t remember my first lipstick experience, we used to wear lip gloss, kissing potion! I guess starting about 13.

  10. victoria says:

    My favorite shade of lipstick is a soft peach. I think partially because I’m a Georgia girl and because of my skin tone that tans well. I first painted my lips at age 13 with a soft pink from Avon for Easter.

  11. Kristen says:

    I started wearing a burgundy-red lipstick when I was 15. I would love to win this book. Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Daizy says:

    A medium tawny tan brownish yet a hint of pink…..that’s usually the lipstick I grab most. I have all colors!!! I can remember running down the hall being chased by my momma after she put some of hers on me. It must have been of the reddish color. I remember it was the house I was born in and we moved before I was too old so I was a very young lip stick user. I like something on my lips all the time but the cows don’t care so I can wear any color I want !!!

    Hugs and prayers,
    Daizy #1093

  13. Cristi says:

    My favorite color lipstick has always been Rose Beige. I think I was 13 the first time I painted my lips. My father promptly sent me to the bathroom to remove said paint ;).

  14. Glenda (Doll58maker) Young. says:

    I was allowed to wear lipstick when I turned 13. The only color I could wear was called Tangee. It was a natural color that turned pinkish on your lips. The color of the day was a beautiful red called Cherries In The Snow, and I finally got to wear that when I turned 16. I loved it for years. BTW, THE perfume of the day (maybe the era) was called Evening In Paris.

  15. Debbie Christin says:

    Berry is my favorite color! I was around five and got caught with lipstick and a self haircut!

  16. Paulette Bray says:

    My favorite color of lipstick is soft mauve.
    My father didn’t think I should date or wear make up until I was sixteen. My best friend shared “bubble gum pink” when I was about 14.

  17. Rachele says:

    My favorite lipstick color is blu-red by LipSence. It’s that true “Taylor Swift” red. It’s beautiful and lipsence doesn’t come off so it last alllll day long! I love it! I believe I got my first lipstick for my 13th birthday. As a birthday gift my step-mom took me Merle Norman to get the whole make up set up. I was matched with a natural, light, maroon color to give my lips some color but not make me look like I had a ton of make up on.

  18. Sharon Scheidt says:

    My favorite lipstick color is a natural tone, I think that I started wearing a little lip color at the age of 15 or 16. I wear it more now that I am older! I was always wearing some kind of Mauve when I was younger.

  19. Joni stein says:

    It had to have been a mix of pink and red. I never could just use anything just as it came, I always had to make it my own. I had to have been about 14 at that time as I wasn’t allowed to use makeup until at least then. Next came mascara, by Mabelline, and
    It came in a little cake in a sliding plastic case with a little brush. I remember that we spit on the brush to use it!

  20. Jona Newcomb says:

    My favorite color lipstick is fuchsia! I love a pop of color. I was about 12 years old when i discovered lip gloss, but once I found lipstick I never looked back. I’d love to win this book, Ive been contemplating redoing my kitchen cabinets and would love to learn more about this fabulous paint.

  21. Barb Klyczek says:

    My favorite color of lipstick is mauve. I remember I was finally able to wear lipstick to my first prom at the age of 16.

  22. Pearl Maxner says:

    My favorite color is coral blaze, saved for special occasions and outings.

  23. Phyllis says:

    As I don’t wear lipstick, ( fear of the lead and other toxins and natural hard to find), I don’t have a favorite color. But I’m sure my next door neighbor, ( 4 years older), first had me pucker up for a trial around the age of twelve.

  24. Linda Dart says:

    At age 73 my favorite color is RED – bright beautiful shiny RED. But my first lipstick was “natural” – purchased at Woolworths in Silver Spring, Md. with babysitting money (which paid 50 cents an hour) in 1954. I was 12, in 7th grade, and allowed to buy and use this – and only this – lipstick. I could apply one coat, which was checked carefully by mother on the way out the door. Somehow by the time I arrived at school my lips were a lot thicker than normal, and prone to sticking together – from the many coatings of “natural” that had been added. But it felt so good – and I felt so beautiful. My, how things have changed since the 50’s.

  25. Cheryl Bull says:

    My favorite lipstick is Ulta’s plum. It goes with everything and layers beautifully. I first painted my lips at about the age of 5. My mother let me “makeup” for a tea party with my stuffed animals and it was a lovely 70s shade of orange.

  26. Dava Vincent says:

    My favorite lipstick color is red. However, my first color that I used was a beige. It had sparkles in it! I was 11 years old and was trying everything my sister was, her being six years old, she was my hero! I l learn so much from her and still do. And she absolutely loves to paint!

  27. My favorite shade of lipstick is nude. I prefer subtle colors and more of a gloss. I didn’t wear lip stick until junior high.I’m more of an outdoorsy type of person, so rarely wear lip stick or make up while gardening.

  28. Beth Carey says:

    Avon’s Cozy Mauve was my first lipstick. In high school I wore a variety of lip glosses, whatever was trending. Today, lipstick is my go-to source for color as I seldom have time for other make-up. I have prefered a burgundy color of lipstick for many years-Neverending Merlot. I must add I was extremely excited to see Annie Sloan in your current issue. Some idolize rock stars, sport teams but for me, I am a Mary Jane and Annie Sloan addict. Your magazines and her books line my shelves and are inspiring to me. I would love to get my hands on her Workbook as it can’t be bought! ~Wishing while painting! Dreaming while farming! Hugs to both!

  29. Sandy Koenig says:

    My favorite color of lipstick is a pink and I would have gotten it from my mothers old tube around the age of 8 when I played dress up with my girlfriends, we would use old sheer curtains as shawls.

  30. I don’t wear lipstick so don’t have a fave. Nor do I remember way back when, when I did use make up What the first color was that went on my lips. I do remember that at one point I used a soft rosy pink to enhance my natural coloring. I pretty much go with my raw natural beauty now, as my husband doesn’t care for kissing my made up face and I pretty much just would rather not bother with it. I’d rather be getting dirt under my nails than painting them!

    Thanks Mary Jane!

    Mary Ann S

  31. Rhonda Bowdy says:

    My favorite color lipstick is just a clear shine. I like the natural look.

  32. Jeri-Lyn Walsh says:

    I loved a plum colored lipstick for a long time. Now I stick to tinted lip balms that are more shear. I don’t remember specifically wearing lip stick in school, but I had my fair share of lip gloss during high school, kissing potion, I think it was called.

  33. Liz says:

    Light shades of pink work best for my complexion. I remember playing dress up around 7 or 8. Back then reds were about the only color around and in fashion. Could not wear any liostick in public till i was 16. My mom was strict when it came to wearing lipstick.

  34. Elizabeth White says:

    My favorite lipstick color is Crimson Red. I was a late bloomer so I did not start wearing lipstick until I was nearly 17. Since then I have made up for lost time. I just discovered your magazine last year and dearly love everything about it. Thanks so much for all you and your staff do to make each new issue even BETTER than the one before.

  35. Karen Utley says:

    My favorite lipstick color is coral. I probably started wearing lipstick at 13

  36. Karen Utley says:

    My favorite lipstick color is coral. I probably started wearing lipstick at age 13.

  37. Fran Barker says:

    I honestly don’t remember what age I was,but I’m sure I was very young playing dress up probably,wearing mom’s dresses and jewelry the whole bit . My favorite color is a nice coral shade or a pretty pink!

  38. Jean Sims says:

    Raisin is my favorite lip gloss color. Guess I started using it when I was about 45 years old!

  39. Alice Pugh says:

    I love any color of lipstick as long as it matches what I’m wearing. I have everything from clear lip gloss to mood changing lipstick. My first time wearing lipstick was around 14. I was with a girlfriend and we were getting ready to meet some boys. I wasn’t allowed to wear any makeup at home so she made up my face for me. It was such a thrill and I’ll never forget it or her. Thanks Tami for everything you ever taught me.

  40. peg horn says:

    Pink, 14 years old.

  41. Penny Dietrich says:

    My favorite color of lipstick is raisin. My skin color is pale and it makes me feel like my face brightens up when I put it on. I probably started at age 13 and I NEVER leave the house without my makeup on to this day.

  42. Leisa Joan says:

    It was probably pink, and when i was 11 or 12. My older sister & I got into makeup about then.

  43. Susan Campbell says:

    It was probably red and I was 13.

  44. Colleen says:

    My first memory of lipstick was when I was about 13. My cousin came to visit and brought along her Yardly makeup to share. It was a pale pink. We had such fun applying it.

  45. Ice Bloom…..this month.. I tend to change around… I think I was 14 before my mother
    said “Let’s go to town and buy some lipsticks one for you and one for me” I love the
    lipsticks that give me a lift… and I never leave the house without lipstick..

  46. Paula says:

    When I was a kid…probably starting at the age of 8…I enjoyed trying on my mom’s Avon lipstick samples. They came in tiny white plastic tubes and she kept them in the medicine cabinet…easily accessible for me to swipe on and experiment with different colors! From there, Bonnie Bell fruit scented clear lip gloss became a favorite. I mostly wear rose tinted lip balm today with the occasional swipe of red lip gloss to spice things up!

  47. Vicki Lee says:

    I started wearing lipstick when I was about 12 or 13 and have worn it ever since. The first was Tangee and I loved it. Now I wear Clinique brand alternating between “Ripe Raisin” or “Sweet Honey”.

  48. Kim Martinrz says:

    If I had a milk cow, I would name her ‘Mary Beth’ because that is the name of an old, dear friend. She lives on the opposite side of the country than I and it would be so comforting to call ‘Mary Beth’ and get a response back. I think cow sounds are so soothing!

  49. Fonda L says:

    First color was peach/coral and it was probably in 7th/8th grade. Growing up on a farm lipstick was not high on my list.

  50. Carol in NC says:

    I’m not too much of a lipstick person, but I do love and use Burt’s Bees Rhubarb. my first lipstick was probably Dr. Pepper lip gloss. I used it all through high school!

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