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And our winner is … Jeri Hart (see winner’s post here).

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For a chance to win a sample of my ChillOver Powder, tell me about the most memorable gelatin dessert you’ve ever eaten (good or bad) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


My innovative ChillOver Powder is for all the people who grew up loving gelatin desserts but gave up on them, knowing their animal origin. It sets up in half the time gelatin does. It seals in flavors more quickly. And it doesn’t melt at room temperature. Once you try it, you’ll never go back.

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  1. ursula hartunian says:

    I make the refreshments for our amateur radio club. A favorite has been “Jugglers” Just the 2 1/2 cup of hot water is added to 2 six ounce packages of Jello. It is allowed to firm in the refrigerator, then cut into approximately 1″ squares or cookie cutters are used. It is ‘finger food’ for the members to eat. I would definitely consider using chill over powder instead of the Jello product.

  2. Barbara says:

    Just a few weeks ago, on Thsnksgiving Eve I had a beautifully molded salmon mousse. It was divine. I had to remove myself from the area! Yum. I have been wanting to try the Chill Over gelatin. Thanks for the possibility.

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    My favorite jello dish was my mother’s fresh cranberry salad. She ground up a package of fresh berries, added chopped celery, apple and walnuts. The ingredients were held together by cherry jello, We had this family favorite at every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

    My favorite was to use ChillOver is with jelly making. It is superior to pectin and allows me to use less sugar so that the fruit flavor can be more pronounced. It is a must for my orange marmalade too!

  4. Deborah McKissic says:

    My favorite dessert made with jello would be my daughters “poke” cake…yummy…white or yellow batter…baked and then holes poked in it and jello (the chillover would be nice) poured into the holes and then put in the frig to set…yummy…not sure but I think the jello is mixed thicker..anyway..probably would be healthier with the chill over but all of us love, love the cake…she frosts it with real whipped cream…oh, my….I want some now, ha ha…It is family favorite….happy holidays to everyone! remember the reason for the season!! Don’t rush around….stay grounded to the real meaning…always a wireless connection!

  5. Bobbie calgaro says:

    I love the black cherry and Coke jello dessert with pecans.

  6. Chrissy says:

    One of our family’s traditional favored gelatin salad is Broken Glass Salad. It consists of three colors of flavored gelatin (red, green, yellow or orange) allowed to set in separate pans with 1/2 cup LESS water than package calls for, cut up in blocks, bound together with whipped topping base made with unflavored gelatin and pineapple juice and molded in crown copper mold. It is festive looking.

  7. Deon Matzen says:

    When I was about six or seven years old, we visited an elderly pair of my father’s “spinster” aunts. They prepared a traditional midday dinner in all its Nebraska glory. I had been taught that you had to take a little of everything and eat it just to be polite. I saw this red ring of jello-like substance filled with lots of celery, onions, chicken and I am sure much more. I had never tried this kind of “jello” before, but how bad could it be? We had jello at home all the time growing up. This, however, must have been someones idea of a joke. I hated it, but had to force it down. As an adult, I can fully enjoy the salad made with tomato aspic, but when you are six or seven, you expect jello to be sweet, not savory. I learned to love it and make if for special occasions filled with our wonderful Northwest Dungeness crab. What a joy!

  8. CJ Armstrong says:

    I’ve eaten a lot of gelatin dishes in my life as my mom made all kinds of dishes and I’ve made all kinds. But I do have to say that my most memorable one was my first use of the ChillOver powder about 5 years or so ago when I first tried it. I used mixed berries in it and made Triple Berry Parfaits and it was wonderful!
    Now that I’ve thought about it I guess I need to make it again!

  9. Shannon Hudson says:

    My favorite jello dessert was one I had as a child, that an elderly lady at the church use to bring to every church social… It was a strawberry pretzel desert. It had a bottom layer of crushed pretzel crust, then a cream cheese mixture middle, and then on top was a jello layer with strawberries in it. Yummy doesn’t do that dessert justice!

    Thinking back on it, I think the individual who made it, made the dessert more special. You know how eating something someone special makes, just makes it that more delicious. This lady was one of those special ladies! More than anything I wanted her as my grandmother 🙂 She always had time to listen to my dreams and encourage me to make them a reality. There were times she brought me the dessert for my birthday, for my graduation rom high school, and again for my college graduation. She knew how much I loved that dessert… I just hope she knew how much i loved her too!

  10. Debbie Bell says:

    My Mom’s Strawberry Jelli dessert includes graham crackers layered with whipped cream, pecans, pineapple, and strawberry jello. It’s quite yummy!

  11. Karlyne says:

    The funniest jello story I remember is the one that starred my mother. We were at a Chinese buffet, and for dessert she scooped up some jello and topped it with whipped cream. As she started to eat it, she got a peculiar look on her face and whispered to us, “This whipped cream tastes odd.” So, of course we tasted it. It was horseradish sauce…

  12. Marion says:

    I made a Thanksgiving jello salad with cranberry, pecans, raisins, celery and carrots in cranberry jello. My husband and I loved it but everyone else said ‘ Jello for Thanksgiving?’. We still like it as a nice light dish with leftovers.

  13. Starletta schipp says:

    My grandmother would always make grape jello for thanksgiving and Christmas- but no other time of yeat

  14. Virginia Meyer says:

    My favorite gelatin dessert is the one with the crushed pretzels on the bottom, some kind of cream cheese mix in the middle with cherry or strawberry gelatin on top! Don’t know the name of this one, but it always appears at family reunions!

  15. Gaye says:

    Really I can’t remember any personally because I can only think of my now 19 year old at just shy of 2. Because of some special needs she was beyond picky, also had a large vocabulary but was very hard for her to string a sentence. Anyway we had not really eaten a lot of boxed jello, because of food additives colors etc and I had yet to venture inyo my own. Well I did and made juice gelatin eggs, for Easter. Well, she loved them and she tried her very best to hang onto them and eat em. All the while exclaiming in her sweet little voice ” I like them, I like this egg!” I can still see it so vividly her pigtails her dress the sun her basket my older daughter so happy for her… 💕

  16. Lisa Allen says:

    Love, love, love a cranberry salad recipe very similar to Winnie’s. We grind fresh/frozen cranberries, add sugar, chopped celery, walnuts and apples, then raspberry or cranberry jelly. I could pass on all the other meal offerings and eat just this salad.

  17. Patty Robison says:

    My Mother always fixed a red jello with pecans and coconut in it and it was great. Not sure what else was in it but it was always molded into a circular shape. It was great. I have a molded pan for jello but never had a recipe to use for the pan. I am interested in the Chill Over Powder and recipes too.

  18. Elizabeth Plewa says:

    Strawberry pretzel jello. Delicious sweet salty and fruit all in one

  19. Jeri Hart says:

    Love your magazine !!!! Anyway my favorite gelatin dessert was a wonderful layered desert that contained cherry or raspberry jello, sour cream, pineapple, gelatin and whipped cream. I was given the recipe in 1990…I hadn’t made it in 10 years and when my kids asked about it I pulled it out of the old 3×5 box and it was too faded to read … Couldn’t read all ingredients or the measure amounts 😟 Would love to try your new chill over powder in your pineapple , pretzel & cream dream recipe in the Feb/March issue of Mary Jane’s Farm!

  20. deb church says:

    lime jello with shredded carrots and celery bits served on a piece of lettuce and then topped with a dollop of mayonnaise.

  21. Christine says:

    My favorite gelatin dessert is Turkish Delight. It seemed like an easy enough task to replicate, so I tried making it myself one time, but it ended up a bit too chewy.

  22. Vicki Lee says:

    I would give anything to have my Mother’s red jello with fruit cocktail and a token banana (my husband was allergic to bananas). She said it needed that little bit of banana taste. And, we always had real whipped cream (no Cool Whip for her) on top… it was so delicious even though it was easy to make. My mother died 13 years ago and this simple dessert reminds me of her.

  23. Julie says:

    As we were growing up my mom would make a yogurt cheesecake that used gelatin. It was and is a family favorite. The flavor is little but creamy, with a little bit of fresh blueberry sauce over it! That is the taste of summer for us!

  24. My MIL makes the best jello salad with lots of fresh fruit from her garden!

  25. Cynthia says:

    Love strawberry and pretzel gelatin salad.

  26. Jane Parks says:

    I have made a dessert called “Strawberry Pretzel Salad” using pretzels, strawberries, strawberry gelatin, cream cheese and whipped topping. It is so yummy, I get requests to bring it to covered dishes and reunions. I would love to try the ChillOver Powder in this recipe.

  27. Dani Cotter says:

    My Mom used to make us a strawberry layer dessert with layers of jello, then a layer of jello and cool whip blended, then more jello and so on! She topped it with a dollop of cool whip and a strawberry. It was always a special dessert!

  28. Jana Blackwood says:

    My most memorable gelatin dessert was lime green Jello with pineapple chunks. This was poured into a Tupperware mold. The mold had a changeable top for different occasions. (I didn’t really like this dessert but it was the 70’s and everyone was making this) My mother still has this mold .

  29. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    As a kid I always liked just plain cherry jello. It was always fun eating the little cubes! Also just very recently my mom starting making at Christmas time her grandmas old Christmas standard. It was one of those jello rings with strawberry jello, crushed Oreos and cool whip. Which is not very healthy at all! But… If I won the chill over powder (which I have been dying to try!) We could make it with homemade jello and cool whip!

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