Winner!!! Project F.A.R.M. Giveaway: Clothespin Queen

The winner of my “Project F.A.R.M.: Clothespin Queen” giveaway is: Brenda Wheeler, who said:

“That bag is as cute as can be! A little trick I learned to keep blue jeans from fading so fast is to hang them wrong side out. Also, I to undo the button and zipper. It doesn’t take so long for the placket around the zipper to dry and it also lets air around the pockets. Another thing I do is to only put the clothespin on socks from the top and through only one layer of fabric. I have found that thick work socks dry faster and it doesn’t seem to stretch the tops. I have been hanging my clothes out for at least 43 years now. Love the smell, and they last so much longer. Thanks for all the previous tips, ladies.”

Read the original post for the GIVEAWAY (thank you to the 69 women who shared their favorite laundry tips).

  1. Brenda Wheeler says:

    Thank You so much!! What a wonderful surprise! So glad I found Mary Jane’s magazine at a Tractor Supply Store in my area. Since I joined the Sisterhood, I have made many new friends and love every thing about Mary Jane’s Farm. Hope it will be able to continue for many years to come. Thank You Again.

  2. Clothespin Queen says:

    Congrats to Brenda! I’d love to see your new bag in action if you get a chance! You can email me through my Etsy shop! Happy Line Drying!

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