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For a chance to win 20 FREE beautiful, handmade clothespins from All American Clothespins, tell me your favorite memory about hanging laundry on the line in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-June.


Albert Crooks and his 15-year-old son, Al, craft beautiful, sturdy clothespins from ash (the perfect hardwood for clothespins) and heavy-duty, stainless-steel springs manufactured in the U.S. “No more using four or five cheap clothespins to hang a wet towel to line dry. Our clothespins are tumble sanded and are finished with tung oil, which will not leach out and stain your laundry.” For beautiful clothespins that will last a lifetime, visit

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  1. Judy morris says:

    We hang our laundry almost the whole year

  2. Carrie says:

    I only hang my clothes don’t have a dryer

  3. Tanya M says:

    i didnt have a dryer until i got married, but now 25 years later i still like my clothes line for summer … nothing like fresh line dried sheets !!

  4. Jimmie Williams says:

    Love the crispy clean smells that you have with your clothes.

  5. Teresa Sole says:

    I remember clearly, the smell of the sun -drenched sheets and clothes hanging in the breeze as a child. Reaching high to help hang them with real, American made clothespins and cording, trying to help my Mom. I would love to win these! Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. MaryBeth Schwarz says:

    Mom and I would hang the wash on the line to dry and anticipate the fresh smell of the sheets and clothes. No dryer was needed for so many years and it was a lovely ritual with my dear Mom. It is still so nice to hang things outside.

  7. Billie Jo Moffett says:

    My grandmother lived on a farm. Her clothesline was strung between trees in the pasture. She had a pole that was used to raise the line up out of the way of the animals and after hanging the clothes. When I see clothes blowing in the wind I always think of Granny’s clothesline. I remember her letting us (her grandkiddos) hand her the clothes pins while she hung up the clothes. The wet clothes always smelled so good. Thanks for bringing back a precious memory!

  8. Renee Craig says:

    I loved seeing the sheets billowing in the wind & would play under them. The honeysuckle vines smelled so sweet as their vines climbed the posts s that supported the clothesline… was a great place to be! The best was when my Mom made a blanket tent on the clothesline out of Indian blankets & we pretended we were cowboys on the open range. She gave us our food in round cake pans like tins cowboys had in their packs! It was magical!!

  9. Denise Thompson says:

    My favorite memories are from when my grandson was a tot and he would toddle around and sit in the basket while my daughter and I would hang out clothes.

  10. Cathy harrell says:

    I still use these.

  11. I have always loved to help my mother hang wash. It was a little quality time to spend with her. Saying that, My husband and I hang wash together sometimes wrestling over that last pin. We have five children so again this is are quality time….. Time goes on and now our grandchildren are out watching Grandma and Pap-Pap hanging wash.The fun of it all , my big old maple tree with its low lying branches and leaves are decorated with clothespins.My grandsons are following the tradition of being outdoors with the ones you love. With a
    little love and work.

  12. Cat says:

    I only remember there being clothes on the line, but I don’t actually remember my mom hanging them. I have a little portable clothes line right now that I use on occasion. I keep asking my husband for a big one in the yard but he hasn’t had time since we are fully remodeling our home. Guess I need to wait a while longer.

  13. Ann Marie Holland says:

    When I was kid in South Ozone Park, New York we used to be able to hang the laundry while standing on our back porch right outside the door. When it was freezing out the laundry would dry stiff and I could never understand how we were able to take it inside just a short while later and it would be dry. The few pieces that weren’t 100% would get hung on the radiators.

  14. Cheryl says:

    I used to hang clothes on the line every laundry day…nice to be in the sunshine and seeing them blow in the wind. In the country however, we had so many deer flies that stung hard. I would go out and spray around the clothesline to discourage them while I put out my laundry….

  15. shirlee pilny says:

    It wasn’t so much the hanging of the clothes but rather climbing into bed when I was little and the sheets had come off the line that day and were crisp and the smell was fresh. Great memories!

  16. Trudy Herndon says:

    I love hanging clothes on the line year round. The clothes pins in the stores today are flimsy and fall apart after a few months. A good heavy clothes pin is hard to find and I am happy to see that someone is crafting them

  17. Karen Thatcher says:

    My best memory was arriving at my grandparents cotton farm in North Texas once a month and summers, seeing my grandmother at the clothes line and running out to help her. We had great talks and I loved her so much!

  18. I love hanging my clothes on the line! It guarantees me a few minutes every load to contemplate my backyard, check out the sky and delight in the fact I can get my clothes dry for free 🙂

  19. Judy Cole says:

    I remember hanging my son and daughter’s cloth diapers, I’d sewn, on my clothes line in the fall. A few hours later, I took them down, dry, smelt good, and somewhat stiff. Good memories I can reflect on here!

  20. Jo Ellen Smith says:

    Favorite Memory was because it was with my Mom. My Best Friend!

  21. Beth Schempp says:

    As a young mother, I would hang clothes on the line outside in the winter, and the
    clothes would freeze. I have always hung my clothes on outside lines until I was
    blessed with a clothes dryer. I still love to hang my bed sheets outside when I can.

  22. Chris Davis says:

    Hanging out the baby clothes on the line while my 16 month old played in the grass and my 1 month old slept at my feet. It looked like party decorations, and my babies loved looking up at them. They are 17 and 16 now and significantly taller than I am, but their little faces and big eyes staring up at the glowing, fluttering colors stick with me.

  23. francine scott says:

    Amazing! + i love to listen to the wind and watch as the breeze blows my clothes drying on the line…

  24. Sheila Neal says:

    Using their hands to bring us precious memories when items were made with care and to last for generations.

  25. C. Padilla says:

    My granny and my grandma always hung clothes out and I would hand them the clothespins when I was small. One grandpa had farm dirt all over his bib overalls and the other had machinery grease. My mom never hung clothes out, but as soon as we bought a house out in the country with a clothesline I started to hang them as much as I could. I love being outside and watching the weather and the birds and the plants growing and keeping an eye on the kiddoes as they play. It is a relaxing ritual for me.

  26. Mary Roberts says:

    I hang out my laundry now……when I was a kid I would help my mom do the same. While it was pegged out flapping in the breeze I would lay under it on the grass inhaling the scents from the damp wash and everywhere on the small farm. I love how everything smells like sunshine when it’s dry…’s the perfect scent.

    Mary Roberts
    Sister 921

  27. Liane Glick says:

    My mom always hung laundry on an outside line and I love the smell of the outdoor fresh clean dried laundry! Even the stiff towels, I love it 🙂

  28. Ann Marie Holland says:

    When I was kid in South Ozone Park, New York we used to be able to hang the laundry while standing on our back porch right outside the door. When it was freezing out the laundry would dry stiff and I could never understand how we were able to take it inside just a short while later and it would be dry. The few pieces that weren’t 100% dry would get hung on the radiators.

  29. Maureen Mo Olert Poorman says:

    I remember the cloth bag that held the clothes pins.
    A cute cotton print with border. Lasted probably 25-30 years!!

  30. Jacque says:

    I’m in my 70’s, so my own memory is summertime laundry! I’d hang diapers on the line and go back where I started, and take them off. They would dry that fast. I still hang bedding on the line, and I tell my granddaughter my bed smells like sunshine! I would love those clothespins!

  31. Darcy Tietjen says:

    I was mostly raised overseas and did not have the experience of hanging laundry on the line. But…now I do. I love to see the colours of sheets and towels drying naturally and nothing beats the smell of drying laundry! The practical side of me likes being off the grid for a bit while the dryer is not being used. Yea!

  32. Marlene Burns says:

    I remember helping my mom with laundry in the basement with a wringer washer. We carried laundry to the backyard where the clothes lines were to hang it. It was a huge job but the reward was fresh smelling clothes, sheets and towels. I still hang out laundry on sunny days. Strong clothes pins are good to have to hold clothes o n the line. My mom and grandma made lye soap to wash dirty overalls.

  33. Janet says:

    I, too, love the feel and smell of line dried sheets. I can remember my Mom teaching me to hang clothes stretched tightly just enough as to not create wrinkles!

  34. Pearl Maxner says:

    My Mom taught my older sister and i to hang the laundry at our counfry home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. On hot summer days I remember the feel of the stickery grass under my bare feet and the smell of fresh sheets as I pulled them off the line. In the evenings were the endless hours of ironing…

  35. Bonnie Parker-Duke says:

    I would really love to have these. I remember them from my childhood. Would use them every day! ❤️

  36. Susan Coley says:

    My family had these wire contraptions we put into blue jeans to crease them while drying. In hot El Paso, jean baked on the line and jeans were like boards when dry. We had to sprinkle them with water to iron out the few wrinkles that were left. There was always a certain way to hang out clothes so there would be less intense ironing at our house. My husband has taken over the laundry. It is fun to teach him tricks like how to hang shirts so they don’t have marks on the shoulders

  37. Lorita says:

    This was how we used to do it; I had a 5 month old baby and we used cloth diapers. I can still remember a cold windy December day hanging up a lot of diapers, bare handed. I survived!

  38. Nicole says:

    There is nothing better than the sweet smell of line dried linens!

  39. Sheila Donahue says:

    I subscribe to Mary Jane’s Farm and I have been dying to order/try some of those hand crafted clothes pins. Now’s my chance! Many thanks, M.J.!

  40. Vicki Hagen says:

    I have hung clothes on the clothesline since I was a little girl. I remember Grandma and her big apron full of wooden clothespins and helping by handing her a clothespin to hang the wet clothes on the line. I also helped my Mom hang our clothes out to dry even in the winter. I remember the clothes were stiff and almost freeze dried when taken off the line. These were good memories of days gone by. Today I still enjoy hanging my clothes out on the line to catch the fresh breeze of the outdoors!!

  41. Kathy Blue says:

    I have always loved the work and reward of line dried clothes and linens – – but I did hate hanging Dad’s levi’s on those stretchers and then to get them to hang on the line….that is not a favorite memory lol.

  42. Sheila Donahue says:

    Forgot to add my memory! When I was a tiny girl, I sucked my thumb and always had to have my blanky. Blanky (aka KeemaFloopie) had to be washed occasionally. Sleepy little me would stumble out to the clothesline, find him, and then stand there dozing in the sun with my thumb in my mouth and a slightly damp KeemaFloopie over my nose.

  43. Dusty Cannon says:

    My memory is just enjoying hanging the quilts out and drinking in their smells as my two year old son ran in and out and squealed!

    My Memaw talks about hanging out clothes in her neighborhood in the 50-60s when she and her neighbor would have races to see who could get they’re clothes on the line the earliest. One day she hung hers out the night before so she’d win!

  44. Marianne Barta says:

    Growing up on a farm, we did a lot of laundry and we used the old wooden clothes pins. Nothing better than the smell of fresh laundry.

  45. Jamie Cabral says:

    I love the smell of fresh, air-dried sheets on my bed. My mom always hung our sheets in the sun to dry, so when I got married, i did the same. If it isn’t raining or snowing here in Idaho, I will usually have our bedding out on the line 😊.

  46. Bonalee says:

    There is no way to narrow my favorite to just one…,
    I love:
    The wet, heaviness of the clothes making the clothesline droop…

    The snapping of clothes during a stiff breeze…

    The smell…

    The memories…

  47. Donna Fraelich says:

    I still have m mother’s clothes pin bag and the pins.I still hang sheets and bedding as you can not beat the smell of air dried clothes no dryer sheet smells as good. I remember all the neighbor farms having clothes out on the lines and it seemed like every day there were clothes out. Family wash is never done. I do also remember the cloth diapers when I had twins and then another before they were two, lines were full of diapers.

  48. Victoria Hall says:

    Yep. Mom taught me to appreciate the glorious smell of line dried sheets, towel, undies, etc. I have followed the tradition. I especially love bringing in line dried sheets that are frozen in the winter. Draped them over furniture near our wood stove to dry them out. Nothing…absolutely nothing like that fresh clean smell during the cold months when the house is closed up tight.

  49. Donna Fraelich says:

    nice replies, nice memories

  50. Susan says:

    My mom always hung wash outside, even in Wisconsin winters. Love the smell of air-dried clothes and sheets.

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