GIVEAWAY: “Chocolate, On the Sunny Side”

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In the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm, I led you here for a chance to win a FREE sampling of our very own MaryJanesFarm High Attitude organic chocolate. To enter, tell me how you feel when you eat chocolate:) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-August.


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  1. Joan Hendrix says:

    Ah chocolate! How does it make me feel? It makes me feel like the best things are the little things. Like the best reward after a long day. Like why would anyone mess around with the fruity or sour treats when they could be having CHOCOLATE?! The first thing gone from my Easter basket, the chocolate eggs of course, then the jelly beans, THEN the chocolate bunny, saved for last. When I was a girl milk was my favorite but now, no, make mine dark please. The days that include a piece of dark and a glass of red wine… The sweetest! XO

  2. Michelle Kirby says:

    I have a complicated relationship with chocolate. It’s like the bad boy I should give up, but can’t.

  3. Corine Runnion says:

    Sweet indulgence, to be savored with each bite,
    They used to have a commercial with calgon
    “Take me away” well that is chocolate you can take a bite and is like a calming, soothing bliss.

  4. Savory, eating a square of dark chocolate is heavenly. Besides the great Health benefits… dark chocolate is full of good antibiotics.

  5. CJ Armstrong says:

    CHOCOLATE? Heavenly, supreme, extraordinary, it’s very necessary to my well-being!

  6. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    Chocolate is my favorite. I love Dark Chocolate. It just makes me feel good:) Every day I have to have some form of chocolate. It is definitely one of my weaknesses.

  7. Rebecca Darrington says:

    Chocolate!! Yum! Good memories come with the word chocolate. Well, except for the time when I was a child and thought moms baking chocolate was a candy bar! Yeah, not good!!

  8. Deb Ritchey says:

    Yum! It makes very happy!

  9. Madelyn Shields says:

    Chocolate is a girls best friend! I would love to indulge in a chocolate from Mary Jane Farms, as it is a delightful comfort food and makes me feel sweet and peaceful.

  10. Michele Bilka says:

    A GOOD chocolate is a yummy indulgent slice of heaven that you’re only willing to share with those you love…..sunny blue skies with puffy fairy clouds.

  11. Evelyn Matheson says:

    Chocolate is absolutely a staple in my “Mary Jane” style kitchen cupboard (and in my “stash” secret drawer and upstairs in my locked workroom, etc., etc.). It’s like I have multiple personalities when it comes to chocolate — dark chocolate when I’m concentrating on something complex, feeling frustrated or perhaps deeply thinking then dark it is — milk chocolate when I’m feelin’ a lil’ “sweet” — white only if flavored like raspberry and that is only when I am feeling “fruitie”!!!!!!!!

  12. Elizabeth Lazor says:

    Chocolate is divinity on my tongue! I let a small bite slowly dissolve in my mouth and it brings me to the present moment…every delicious detail of it helps me to release past and future thoughts. I stop for a few moments and savor the present moment!

  13. Faye brown says:

    Chocolate makes me feel like snuggling up in a warm blanket in front of a fireplace with a glass of red wine and my lover beside me enjoying the smooth, decadent taste that only chocolate can provide. What else can I say!

  14. Gaye N. Durst says:


  15. Marcella Donner says:

    Chocolate makes me feel so good I can imagine my face buried in my horse’s mane on a sunny day with the promise of a meandering ride through a flowering meadow!

  16. Cyndie Parzuhoski says:

    One word – Euphoric.

  17. Linda Everson says:

    I feel happy when i eat chocolate.

  18. Leisa Joan says:

    Just love dark chocolate. I have a jar at work, and call it my emergency stash!

  19. Myra Siegel says:


    I love, love, love chocolate, especially dark chocolate! Eating chocolate makes me feel happy. It brightens my mood.

  20. Cheryl Herron says:

    A piece of chocolate everyday seems to lift my spirits in the hectic world we live in. I have enjoyed everything from a Hershey’s bar to very fine gourmet chocolate, but mostly the simpler the better. One piece of a simple Dove chocolate in the afternoon gets me through each day in a better mood and feeling satisfied.

  21. Honey says:

    The chocolate experience begins with the first tear in the wrapper, the scent wafts up and fills you with anticipation of the deliciousness to come. The slow melt on your tongue continues to make this a relaxing, calming event for your senses.

  22. Wanda C. Bamberg says:

    Decadent, Splurgy, Calm, Wistful, Dreamy….. 🙂

  23. adele says:


  24. Jenny Smith says:

    I feel very lucky, satisfied, and calm…i have made that exhausting climb to the top of the highest mountain. Finally my efforts have paid off. My reward. Heaven. Ok.there is some guilt, because im a diabetic but dark chocolate is ok sometimes….

  25. Pam Watros says:

    My mouth is watering so much, that I have to swallow. Just the thought of the smoothy richness, the creamy wonder, the sweetness melting in my mouth creates a desperate urge to rip the package open and devour!

  26. Christy Wilkinson says:

    Well I’m sure chocolate induces all those happy endorphins, so eating it can feel so good. But i always feel better when its organic! And when it is fair trade and sustainable, i feel as if i am helping to make the world a better place by eating it!!

  27. Michelle Turner says:

    content & comforted

  28. Pam Bearden says:

    I love LOVE chocolate!!! I have had a relationship with chocolate as long as I can remember! It calls my name and I answer at any given moment! It’ soo good, even just thinking about it!!!

  29. Nina says:

    Chocolate is such a great comfort food. I love dark chocolate and it’s health benefits

  30. Sandi King says:

    Chocolate anything, milk, cookies, candy, cakes, frosting, ice cream, is panacea to my emotional side. I keep a large bar of ‘dark’ chocolate in the fridge for ‘craving’ attacks so that I don’t eat myself out of house and home, when I don’t have anything else that will satisfy it. It is extremely soothing to let a small piece sit on your tongue and melt slowly and stop the craving that torments the body and soul.

  31. Joyce Huber says:


  32. Sandy says:

    Chocolate makes me feel happy. I fit it into a healthy diet so that I don’t feel like I’m giving all of the special treats up.

  33. Jana Blackwood says:

    Chocolate makes me feel happy, serene, blissful, and rewarded. Chocolate is certainly a umami taste. I love that this chocolate is gluten free!

  34. J. Devine says:

    Chocolate, melting slowly on my tongue, filling me with that wonderful taste… can’t be beat. It’s like Ahhhhhhhh.

  35. Carol Johnson says:

    Pampered! All those wonderful, healthy bites!

  36. Deborah Cunningham says:

    Chocolate especially with peanut butter or peanuts are my favorite. Back when Reece’s were 5 cents and I found a quarter, I would go to my local grocery store across the street and buy 5 of them from Mr. Vermilion and eat all of them one after the other. YUM!!!

  37. Heather Ely says:

    Chocolate is my first love my husband is the second. Just kidding…maybe

  38. Jill Hanson says:

    Dark Chocolate satisfying!

  39. Eating chocolate brings me back decades to when I was a child, excitedly skipping down Dominic Street with my Cousins while my Grandma Minnie treated us to “penny candy” at Giardino ‘ s corner store in East Rome, New York. I can still see the confections beckoning us Grandkids through the scratched, worn glass case and smell elderly Mrs. Giardino ‘ s basil fragranced brown weathered hands as she gently rested our tootsie rolls in the crisp brown paper bags. Those were the days…♡

  40. Sandy B says:

    Chocolate makes me feel wonderful.

  41. Tammy says:

    Chocolate makes me slow down and pay attention to it, take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment.

  42. julie veneklasen says:

    I try to eat chocolate slowly to savor it as long as I can!

  43. Heidi Siek says:

    When I go a while without sweets, a good piece of chocolate is so indulgent! When I was younger I was given 1/2 lb box of a fine chocolate every Christmas. If I was in a bad mood I’d put Vivaldi’s 4 seasons on the turntable with headphones on, drown out the rest of the world & eat a piece of my chocolate. OR if I had reason to celebrate, I’d treat myself to a piece.

  44. Nicole L. says:

    When I eat chocolate I feel very indulgent – it is a true treat!

  45. Carol S says:

    Chocolate is my personal getaway, picker-upper, and smiley face.

  46. Helena Berg says:

    Decadent and a little naughty. 🙂

  47. Ellen Feinsilber says:

    Trying to win the give away, wold like to see if my sweet daughter likes it. She loves to cook with chocolate. Always on the look out for good chocolate.

  48. Sara Holzem says:

    I feel like I just gave myself a little treat!

  49. Desiree christopher says:

    This looks deliicous

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