GIVEAWAY: MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already (click here for details), but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them. And stay tuned for more great MaryJanesFarm giveaways.

This copy of my first book, MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook: For the Farmgirl in All of Us, was in our store window and ended up with a sun-faded cover.

But its insides are like new, and as every farmgirl knows, it’s never good to judge a book by its cover. Better to judge it from some of its online reviews, like this one from Amazon’s “Never Enough Books”:

“I’ve been a farmgirl, citygirl, tried the Mother Earth News route years ago, so it was with some skepticism that I checked out this book from my library. Don’t be put off by the reference to “Martha Stewart of the West” because the only similarity I can see is that both Martha Stewart and MaryJane Butters are hard-working women. I don’t think I have ever before read any non-fiction book as closely and with as much pleasure as MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook. I couldn’t be satisfied with the library’s copy, but had to have my own, plus ordered one for my daughter-in-law. The pictures are beautiful, from antique implements to happy people. The verbal sketches of family, friends, and helpers is uplifting.

What struck me most about Butters was her positive attitude. She advocates organic farming and living, but rather than trying to force others to conform to her way of thinking and doing, she found ways to work with local farmers. In using local products, she has connected growers with consumers and built a business for herself, family, and friends.

I’d rate this right up there with Aldo Leopold and Sand County Almanac.”

To lay claim to this (sun-faded) copy, tell me what at MaryJanesFarm has inspired you … magazine, books, products, chatroom, or journal. We’ll put your names in a basket and pull out a lucky winner sometime soon. Check back to see if it’s headed your way.

  1. Elaine R. says:

    What I love about Mary Jane’s book, magazine, etc. is that I slow down when I view/read all the articles and photos.

    It is all a reprieve from all the rushing and stress of life.

    Thank you for such wonderful products.

  2. Sarah says:

    What hasn’t inspired me would be easier to answer. Overall, the magazine has by far been the longest running influence, but the chat room and the briefly formed sisterhood group I was able to be a part of were both big helpers along the way too!

  3. Monicarose says:

    I love it all, I’ve participated in chats, swaps, bought products, read the magazine faithfully, and I think .. my fave is your books and the magazine! Every time I get the magazine I get a smile 😀

  4. MaryJanesFarm Magazine is a diverse magazine I can only say what it has done for me In reading and learning I have found a new me that is now looking forward to my future After survivingDomestic Violence the new outlook on my life I owe to the writings of others With all that in mind I have the will to live and that in itself is a winning outcome Sincerly and ThankYou Donna

  5. Sandy Hall says:

    I don’t have much time to read anymore since I am now raising a 6 y/o granddaughter; however I keep my issues close at hand. Savannah enjoys looking through the magazines as well& the articles have helped to teach her to appreciate what we have & this year we’re going to try some gardening. We love your books& magazines!

  6. Mary says:

    I love the beautiful inspiration in every issue. I love to look at MaryJane herself and imagine that I can do all that she has accomplished! I’m working on it, and this book will certainly help!! Thank you for all your LOVE~ !

  7. Jeanie Bartel says:

    I enjoy the simple recipes Shared by Mary Jane Farm Girl. And the home making helps too!

  8. Mary Ellen says:

    I recently moved from city life back to my roots, literally, transformed a 14 x 40 shed into my house on the family farm. My oldest brother and I did most of the work, my youngest brother called my home a “shouse” and so far it’s been a good decision. MaryJanesFarm has been such an inspiration! The magazine and website have helped me find my country girl self again, I look forward to all ideas and inspirational bits of information!

  9. sandra lewis says:

    When I moved to the country I was inspired by your website. I wanted to get the feel for country style life so I subscribed to your magazine. I love to read all about country living from crafts to food. I also love reading other inspirational stories from the blogs. I have absorbed so much knowledge from different people. I would love to have this book.

  10. jamie eriksson says:

    I love the magazine, down to the feel of the paper! Look forward to recipes and helpful hints. it is the best!

  11. Donnalee Smith says:

    I discovered Mary Jane’s Farm magazine when I was in a bad place. I read every word. I found friendship and solitice in its pages. I have been an advide reader ever since.

  12. Holly Rumberger says:

    Love everything about and have utilized all aspects of Mary janes Farm magazine .Have even given articles to our ag teacher . Thank you for all you do. Would love to add this to my collection!

  13. Penny Mcgee says:

    I love so many things about Maryjanesfarm,but if I had to pick I would say journal. I started many years ago talking on the website to the FARMGIRLS. I am not on much anymore because my computer died. But since I got my smartphone I do now speak to some of them on Facebook. I have what will be lifelong friendships with about a handful of these great women!

  14. Leslie Harrell says:

    Love how the MaryJane magazine gives farm life a little glitz and glam.

  15. Cynthia Smith says:

    4 years ago the MaryJane’s farm magazine cover drew me in at the grocery store and I stayed for the articles. I still get such joy when I go to the mail box and my copy is there. Since subscribing I’ve discovered the joy of Glamping and milk cows.

  16. Lisa South says:

    I have grown up in the suburbs all my life. Over the past 10 years, we have had a beautiful home on 1 acre in the desert of Southern Utah. Talk about a challenge trying to grown a garden and fruit trees. But we did, and had decent success. I also taught myself how to can, make jam and preserves, as well as can meat. Recently, we bought a side of beef for our large family and I have canned some of it. It is great for a night when time is tight. I also can my own soups. We have recently relocated to southeast Texas, talk about humidity, just before the big hurricane hit and caused so much damage. But the benefit here, is land is not expensive, and neither is housing. We are look to purchase a home on land or build and hope to have animals. We had chickens and horses previously as well as goats, but would like to do more and be more self-sustaining. I purchased your book Milk Cow Kitchen so that I can learn the basics of making cheese and raising a cow. I would love this book so that I can learn more. I am trying to teach my children to become more self-sufficient. For example, my youngest daughter has decided to learn how to spin and weave and asked for a spinning wheel for her birthday last year and a small loom.

  17. Stephanie Herdman says:

    I was first inspired by your magazine. I can’t wait each month to arrive in the mail. I gave a gift subscription to my daughter. We are always referencing your magazine. I would really enjoy the book.

  18. ursula hartunian says:

    i love your magazine and posts – would be grateful to win the ‘faded copy’ of this book.

  19. Nellie says:

    I love the stories about slowing down.

  20. Christine Sime says:

    Mary Jane’s magazine reinvigorates me every month with the energy I read about from so many strong talented and creative women.

  21. Martha Jennings-Higgs says:

    I loved Mary Jane’s Farm the first copy I ever saw. My 12 year old only Grand-daughter love to cook and is an avid crafter and we could have so much fun!We love the Rural lifestyle and we love all of Mary Jane’s Farm!!!

  22. Mary Ellen says:

    Every Christmas I renew a subscription for my friend. It gives us something (more) to chat about!

  23. Michelle Turner says:

    I look forward to your magazine every month. It fills me with inspiration, just spending time with it makes me feel happy! I also have Milk Cow & Cast Iron Kitchen. I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of Wild Bread to arrive. I think of anytime spent with Mary Jane to be a mental health boost!! Would thoroughly enjoy a sun faded copy from cover to cover. Thank you for this opportunity.

  24. Mary Johnson says:

    I have a couple of years of Mary Jane’s magazines saved up. Wouldn’t get rid of them for nothing. I love the magazine and when it comes in the mail I have to sit down and browse through it right away. Later in the evening I sit down and read everything. I even got a subscription for my daughter. Thanks Mary Jane

  25. Leeann Embrey says:

    Hello! I am a new Sisterhood member #7515 !
    And even though I have yet to post I can not express how much I have enjoyed browsing through the post!
    I am a very excited about ALL of the Maryjane things and hope to be able to get EVERYTHING.
    But at this time all of my efforts are going into slowly building my little 5 acres of heaven.
    So that being said… this would be a very special start to my Maryjane collection.
    Thank you for the chance to enter.

  26. Sandra Valvoda says:

    I look forward to getting your magazine. I lived on a farm when I was growing up , now we live on an acreage with a few animals. Your magazine brings back happy memories and I love all the natural foods and recipes you share with us. Thank you for all of the articles and inspiring words.

  27. Angelic Salyer Towe says:

    The philosophy and spirit I re-discovered through your magazines allowed me to dream of having my own little piece of paradise one day. It also renewed my love for camping and hiking. Your magazines allowed my farm girl to be rekindled and last July I closed on my own acreage in Southern Missouri with a small ‘cabin’ on it. I’ve spent the last several months settling in, nesting (aka unpacking and purging), and planning the future for my little hobby farm. You are truly an inspiration to me!

  28. Michelle Mitchell says:

    I love reading about others who are living my dream. I’m a city girl who has dreams of a country life. I see my time reading Mary Jane things as 1) important research… and magnificent day dreaming!

  29. Donna Valentine says:

    It is the magazine that has been the inspiration for me….so many wonderful ideas, recipes and information! Thank you!! I too love the rural lifestyle….we are mostly there! 🙂 🙂

  30. Meg M Douglass says:

    One of my best memories is being able to meet Mary Jane Butters in person at a Farm Chic Fair in Montana a few years ago and get a hug and a warm introduction. She is a continual inspiration of what it means to live a fulfilled life as a “farm girl”. I will always treasure this ” moment in time” spent with my best “farm chic buddy” Rhonda.

  31. Julie says:

    I have appreciated the Health & Wellness section of your magazine with Dr. Laura Koniver, MD. Sometimes I learn new information from her articles while other times it reinforces things I may already know or have come to believe over the years. It is always a good reminder of caring for myself, as well as sharing what I learn with others.

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  33. Christina Burnham says:

    Everything about Maryjanes Farm has inspired me to be a down to earth farm girl. I have been so inspired by Maryjanes Farm that for the second year I am part of the farm girl sisterhood.

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