WINNERS!!! Giveaway: Picnic Quilt

The winners of our “Busy Bee Quilt, Le Picnic” giveaway are:

DeAnna Hoyt-Zoeller, who said in response to our question, “Tell me all about your favorite picnic experience.”:

“Our favorite picnic is at the beach. Blanket spread out on the sand, not too far from the waves, with our favorite sandwiches and iced tea to go with it. Of course, having the beach umbrella is always helpful. The kids love to gather shells and sea glass while the hubby and I soak up the rays. Such a gorgeous quilt! I love the idea of a bassinet for a picnic basket, fabulous!!”

and Dolly Sarrio, who posted:
“Love the quilt and pillow! Let’s see a picnic that stands out in my mind. As teenagers, a group of us decided to go to a state park. Guy and girls, and it was a fun time. I fried chicken and made potato salad, of course. One of the girls decided that her boyfriend was paying me and my picnic basket too much attention. (Little did she know he just loved my fried chicken … lol). She brought boiled eggs, so she politely walked up to us and threw a few of her boiled eggs in the shell at him …. Funny stuff! Truthfully, the most important picnics were held underneath a Weeping Willow in our back yard with my babies and the kitty cats. We did that almost daily when they were young.”

Congratulations, DeAnna and Dolly! Watch for an email from the farm.

Thank you to the 391 women who responded with such lovely comments. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them!

  1. Dolly Sarrio says:

    Thank you so much! We are already enjoying the quilt and pillow! I did a post today
    The boys said, “Mimi, we like your new quilt! It is soft!”
    Thanks again,

  2. Cecilia Jackson says:

    I’m ordering “Scrap Peels and Stems” and “Wild Bread” tonight. I cannot wait to read them. I love baking all sorts of dishes and breads. And of course I have to have the mixes to start me off.

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