GIVEAWAY: “Food Waste, Tiptoe Through the Flowers”

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already (see below), but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them. And stay tuned for more great MaryJanesFarm giveaways.

In the Feb/Mar 2019 issue of MaryJanesFarm, “Tiptoe Through the Flowers” (on newsstands Jan 1), I led you here to my journal for a chance to win a FREE copy of food journalist Jill Lightner’s new cookbook and sustainability guide, Scraps, Peels, and Stems: Recipes and Tips for Rethinking Food Waste at Home. Jill’s book shows how consumers can manage their kitchen for less waste through practical strategies, tips, and advice on food purchasing, prep, composting, and storage.


For a chance to win, tell me something you’ve learned from reading MaryJanesFarm in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.

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The winner of our Scraps, Peels, and Stems giveaway is …

Julia Place, who commented:
I have learned that you don’t have to live on a farm to have the heart of a farmgirl! I’m in high school but consider myself an old soul and absolutely loveee your magazine! This summer I was at my grandparents farm and saw your magazines and read it. My nana saw that I loved it so much, she bought me a subscription. Thank you for your magazine!

  1. Cindy says:

    Age is just a number. Take that first step and the next and the next. Your mag is such encouragement…

  2. Corine Runnion says:

    To be more creative, you have so many creative ideas that inspires me to be more creative.
    Love the outdoor bath i also had to do one.
    I love cast iron and love the recipes. Thank you so much!

  3. Linda Hulbert says:

    I have learned to enjoy the little things in life.
    How to be healthy naturally and to appreciate nature and spend more time outside.

  4. LaRoyce Eskew says:

    “Farmgirl” is not where you live, it is how you live.

  5. Suzanna Drozd-Kowalski says:

    I’ve learned to add my kitchen veggie scraps, eggs, and banana peels to my compost bins. I’ve also learned how to make apple cider vinegar from the peelings of apples for canning applesauce. Nothing went to waste and I ended up with enough ACV to gift to my family. You’re never too old to set up your game and help Mother Earth.

  6. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I love learning all your tips you put in “Simple Solutions: MaryJanes Seven Wonders.”, the “Newsroom”, and all the recipes!! Those are my 3 favorite things to look at each time I open your magazine. The recipes that recreate healthy alternatives to unhealthy recipes are my favorite!

  7. Lorraine Hess says:

    This would be great to have. I’ve spent my life being thrifty. Now that I’m retired and, living on a fixed income, I need to do it even more. I do love the challenge. I enjoy the crafts and recipes in the magazine and keep everyone to go over again and again.

  8. This book looks amazing:) I feel like every single article in MaryJane’s Farm is relevant and useful!! Balancing on one leg is important for brain health!? Another great reason to start up my yoga practice again!! I got up while reading the magazine to see if i can balance on one leg with eyes closed for 10 seconds. Very wobbily- but i did it:)

  9. terry steinmetz says:

    My favorite thing in MJF magazine is the new cast-iron pan recipes! With all the cast-iron pans I have, I love trying something new!

  10. Rosemary Wolthuis says:

    Something I learned is the great variety of food that can be prepared in cast iron. I have used cast iron for years but there is always something new to learn. Many years ago I dug up a cast iron pan that previous owners had buried, cleaned it up, re-seasoned it, and thirty years later I am still using it! Cast iron pans last forever!

  11. Robin I. says:

    That rest these days is a hot cup of tea and the latest issue of Maryjanes while my baby naps. Maryjanes reminds me that rest can take different forms…keep your eyes open for it.

  12. Kathy Lutter says:

    Having friends and sharing the simple things in life. I grew up making do with what I had. Still do. It’s amazing what a person can come up with if they just try.

  13. Tina Short says:

    I’ve learned so many things from the articles in this magazine, too much to list. DIY projects such as the embroidery pictures to how other women help others around the world. I often take pictures of the articles (with your hashtag) sharing them on FB, Instagram and Twitter to inspire other women. Recently I purchased another subscription for my daughter & roommates in another city. They LOVE it!

  14. Nannette Oringer says:

    Opening my mailbox and finding your magazine immediately puts a smile on my face.
    From DIY projects, healthy recipes, book suggestions, Newsroom, Seven Wonders and
    much more, I always learn many new things. I’ve been subscribing for quite a few years and at one point decided I needed to focus on quilting magazines and stop MaryJane’s.
    BIG mistake, I missed it greatly and shortly started my subscription back up. Your two for the price of one subscription is something you can’t pass up! I love everything about this magazine! Thank you

  15. Kathy Ford says:

    Many things, so much so that I have purchased hard back books for “more” info… sewing, becoming aware of organic natural products…recipes, being totally inspired by beautiful pics/art, well written articles and BEAUTY of the whole magazine….I’ve pared down from a periodical addiction to two magazines…one is a wool art magazine and “Mary Jane’s Farm”….I refuse to do without those two! Thanks for the enjoyment, Kathy

  16. Shawn Newswanger says:

    I learned about grounding, how to take a 7 day vacation from criticism, how to make candied ginger and elderberry syrup. These are just a few of the myriad of things I have learned since my subscription started in 2015!

  17. Kristine Conley says:

    I’ve always been a farm girl and love the simple things in life. Your magazine inspires the creative side of me. I love the diy ideas and recipes. beautiful magazine cover to cover.

  18. D Zupko says:

    Great magazine that takes more than 15 minutes to read!! Always picking up some new tidbit!

  19. Sharon N Ford says:

    I’ve learned how much more I love cows than I thought I did!

  20. Mip Clark says:

    Being “Me” is a beautiful blessing.

  21. Mary Jane (yes, that's my name) says:

    That life does not need to be as hard as we sometimes make it to be!

  22. Lesa Shoutz says:

    I’ve learned to make several delicious recipes. My favorite is Spaghetti Casserole from the April/May 2011 issue!

  23. Urban Matthews says:

    You don’t have to have a farm to be a farmgirl.

  24. Mona Tucker says:

    MaryJanes Farm is the only magazine I think I have ever read cover-to-cover – even the ads. It is so — what is the word? — satisfying, comforting, validating? — to connect with like-minded women. Some of Dr. Laura Koniver’s tips on wellness and grounding really make good sense, and I have shared them with others. Keep up the good work!

  25. Denise says:

    I devour anything garden related in your magazine. It may be how to grow, cook, or preserve the veggies or it may be a garden craft, blog, or website to visit. Love it!

  26. Kathy Gessner says:

    Being a former farm girl, your magazine just reminds me of simpler times as a girl on the farm. Frugality was a way of life for us, our routine, which is deeply embedded into my brain. “Waste not want not” is my favorite quote. Thank you for all of your articles, advice and just plain fun reading

  27. Bonnie says:

    I would like this book as a reminder to eat healthier and waste less.

  28. Teresa Roberson says:

    I have learned to embrace the farm girl in me again. Since becoming a Sister, I am always looking for new adventures to earn a new badge! I joined the bookclub. I’ve searched and found my cast iron ware and revel in their beauty and ability to cook evenly, not to mention the history of each piece. My parents would be so proud! I look at life with wonder and excitement just like I did when I was a young woman. Kiddies to Mary Jane

  29. ida settlemyer says:

    I wish I could buy one for all my cello classmates! The class of 1969! We have grown up and
    Got smarter along the way! This would be a special gift for all my farm girl friends!

  30. Catherine Valdez says:

    I have learned to use herbs for health and healing. I am amazed at how many there are that I never knew were useful!

  31. Maria Caravati says:

    I learned about the Perrin’s Blend product for skin issues AND how to keep a candle burning

  32. Donna Lund says:

    I have learned so much but I especially appreciate the “how-to’s” for sustaining. They give me confidence that I really can do it! I keep every issue for reference.

  33. kim says:

    I have discovered just how much I love the homestead life and am encouraged to continue to grow our farm.

  34. Chrissy Filges says:

    I love your magazine for all the craft ideas as well as the natural heath and wellness section. Reading your magazine makes me feel like I’m recapturing old forgotten ways of doing things that never should have been cast aside. I’ve learned new cast iron recipes and am looking forward to making my own wool dryer balls.

  35. Erin Wilson says:

    Anyone can grow food/flowers, grow with the earth, and grow your soul. I love your magazine. My mom gifts a year subscription to me every Christmas. It really helps me out when I need some joy in my life. So thank you!

  36. Jenny Eilers says:

    That more food is wasted at home then at stores and restaurants combined. I’m sure guilty of this and would love for this book to teach me ways to reduce my impact on the earth.

  37. Julia Place says:

    I have learned that you don’t have to live on a farm to have the heart of a farm girl! I’m in high school but consider myself an old soul and absolutely loveee your magazine! This summer I was at my grandparents farm and saw your magazines and read it. My nana saw that I loved it so much, she bought me a subscription. Thank you for your magazine!

  38. Leslie says:

    I’ve learned that even though I moved back to the city after living in the country for 25 years, I will always be a country girl!

  39. Kelly says:

    I learned that I need to return to my country roots. This country girl has been in the city way too long.

  40. Robin P says:

    I have learned to enjoy all the simple things in life, it’s okay to just relax, watching the birds or insects.

  41. Sharon Majoros says:

    I’ve learned that there is a better way to cook and I’m planning on trying out your flours soon.

  42. Heidi Siek says:

    I’ve learned that with a little inspiration I can make my home a cozy haven.

  43. Christy Craver says:

    I lived in Wasilla, Alaska for 33 years and gardened but we recently moved to Mulberry, Arkansas. We have purchased a small 2 acre homestead. I’ve learned so much from your inspiring articles and can’t wait to get a couple dairy goats and put in my garden in ground that doesn’t have permafrost. Thanks!

  44. Dee says:

    There is much to be learned in every issue! I’ve shared articles, tips, books, the magazine itself–but only on loan. One of the most used ideas over the years is the DIY fabric dish drainer. I’ve made them for gifts, given them to friends and daughters, helped my sister make some to do the same. My MaryJane’s is read cover to cover, and re-read. Thanks for an outstanding periodical.

  45. As a new subscriber, I can only speak of the Feb/Mar issue. I’m a hugger it’s okay!

  46. Paula Mayer says:

    Who knew you could make sour dough starter with gluten-free flour? I do now since I read about it in your magazine featuring an article about your book Wild Bread.

  47. Carol S Krygoske says:

    There is always something to learn from Mary Janes Farm magazine: Baking a new Decadent Triple Chocolate Cookie, a new soup to try, how to make decorative rope ribbon from fabric scraps, or why the color of chicken eggs. It keeps me coming back.

  48. Vonni says:

    Due to the area I live, I get your magazine quicker if I buy it off the shelf rather than subscribe, and I look forward to every issue! There are so many interesting tips that I have come to realize you can always do something with what you have. More memories, less waste!

  49. Pam says:

    You have verified what I’ve always known in your magazine, I’m a farm girl.

  50. Arlis St Charles says:

    I sure could use some help in that department.. Thank you.

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