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Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already (see below), but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them. And stay tuned for more great MaryJanesFarm giveaways.

In the Apr/May 2019 issue of MaryJanesFarm, “Possibilities” (on newsstands March 5), I led you here to my journal for a chance to win one of three FREE adjustable ziplock bag stands to help with your life easier when it comes to freezer storage. Ashley said, “Prior to adding this handy gadget to my kitchen, filling bags with soup was a production that involved two people—one person held the bag open and kept the contents from spilling out while the other filled. This little stand makes filling bags solo a breeze.”


For a chance to win, tell me what your favorite homemade soup is (and share the recipe if you’re inclined) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-May.

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The winners of our Ziplock Bag Stand giveaway are:

Denva Corff, who commented:
“I wish I made better soup because I really like about every kind … the best one I have ever made was the chicken noodle soup … a recipe from your magazine!!!”

Donna Marie, who commented:
“New England clam chowder!”

Pauline Taylor, who commented:
“My favorite soup is Turkey soup, it is made twice a year with any left overs from Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. I boil the left over turkey carcass in a stock pot of water until the meat falls off the bones. I pour it through a colander, add the ” broth” back into the stock pot, with all the meat minus the skin and bones. Then I open my fridge and add any leftovers like mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, etc. and barley. Once the barley’s done, it’s ready to eat.”

Congratulations, girls! Watch for an e-mail from the farm.


  1. Homemade beef stew, warms you up after a day of shoveling snow❄

  2. Charlotte Spitler says:

    Potato Soup

  3. Deb Ritchey says:

    Potato Soup with Rivils

  4. Marybeth Ferrie says:

    Tortilla soup!

  5. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    Taco soup!! Ground beef (or shredded chicken), taco seasoning, corn, kidney beans, black beans, any of your favorite beans, and tomato juice! It’s delicious topped with some sour cream and cheese!!

  6. Becci Bartz says:

    Oh, my goodness! I’m not sure I have a ‘favorite’ soup. I like all kinds of soups….let me think. My homemade chicken noodle or my homemade potato soup.
    As far as recipes go, I just make it up as I go along. I don’t have a recipe. Sorry.

  7. Julie Hofmann says:

    Knoeffla is our all time favorite.

  8. Donna Marie McKeown says:

    New England clam chowder!

  9. Monica says:

    Cheeseburger soup! with waffle fries on the side

  10. Karen Sokolik says:

    Chicken noodle

  11. chilled cucumber/dill/yogurt soup!!! Sooooo refreshing!

  12. Debbie Dean says:

    I love homemade soups and almost daily have it with my meal. My favorite is a cabbage soup with lots of veggies.

  13. Sue Swafford says:

    Potato soup, my mom’s old recipe. Chunk two carrots and two stalks of celery. Boil in enough water to also accommodate potatoes. While they are boiling, peel and chop into medium chunks three potatoes. When water is almost boiled off, mash mixture, add milk for liquid, heat, add one stick of butter, and lightly salt. When you spoon it into bowls, dust the top with the secret ingredient, celery salt. Serve with good bread and a spinach salad or with your favorite sandwich.

  14. Angelia Free says:

    My favorite homemade soup is vegetable beef. I can the soup starter every year using fresh tomatoes, corn, okra, onion and carrots. At mealtime, I saute ground beef, more onion, potatoes, add the canned starter with home- canned tomatoes. I use bought early June peas and beef stock to finish. It’s quite yummy. I freeze any leftovers or share with family and friends..

  15. Lucy Schwartz says:

    “Mom’s” Chicken Noodle soup is our favorite!

  16. Joyce Hines says:

    My Mom’s potato soup nothing like today’s version with all that cheese.

  17. Michele Zimmerman says:

    yesterday i made potato soup. boy that was good on a cold day.

  18. Rose says:

    Chicken Taco Soup- Yum

  19. D Zupko says:

    All time fave soup would be Split Pea!! Always on the menu after holidays that include Ham – Christmas and Easter.

  20. Deborah Nay says:

    I love homemade veg. Soup. I always can some or put some in freezer.

  21. Cherie says:

    Butternut or crookneck squash soup. I keep it extremely simple: boil till tender, drain and place in a blender, add salt/pepper and a heaping tablespoon or so of butter and mayo. Our garden squash has been the best and so flavorful that it needs little additives to be yummy!

  22. Christine Pease says:

    I always make burgoo for the Kentucky Derby and we have a lot to freeze this would be so handy

  23. June says:

    Homemade vegetable soup with fresh out of the garden veggies. Perfect!

  24. Jennifer Grabinski says:

    Beef barley with whatever veggies I have. Cabbage and diced tomatoes a must.

  25. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    My grandmother made the “ kitchen sink” soup. It always had sausage and chopped cabbage. There was always an onion to chop, carrots,celery, and whatever was in the refrigerator. So, you could find cooked potatoes, tomatoes, daikon radish, whatever was around. To top off the soup as it usually only had some sausage in it , she added canned beans if there were’t any leftovers. Stock seemed always available but water became the liquid. Bay leaves were abundant and used liberally. Everything my grandmother made had no recipe. Feel the freedom to make your own “anything but the kitchen sink soup.”

  26. Arlene Beyer says:

    Any kind of bean soup.

  27. Christina Burnham says:

    I make homemade venison stew. You use a pound of venison steak cut up in inch cubes. Boil it in beef stock. Add carrots celery and onion. Bring to a boil after it boils lower heat and simmer for one hour. Serve with fresh baked rolls.

  28. Julia Holman says:

    Our household favorite soup is Zuppa Toscana. We sub a few ingredients to make it gluten, dairy and corn free for my daughter and I.

  29. Sheri Puls says:

    Chicken soup made from roasted chicken and homemade stock. Add rice, potatoes, or noodles, carrots, green beans and/or peas, corn…enjoy!

  30. Darlene McDowell says:

    My favorite soup is potato and sausage soup. I made this creation when I had extra canned potatoes from our garden and leftover party sausages from the Super Bowl! I also added fresh chopped parsley from my herb garden along with onion and garlic. It turned out fabulous!

  31. Haley says:

    Pheasant Rivel Soup

  32. Cindi says:

    Chicken corn soup

  33. Teresa says:

    End of the season vegetable soup. Everything that’s left over in the garden. (I’d share the recipe, but varies every season)

  34. Jennifer A says:

    It may be boring, but I find so much comfort in a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup.

  35. Gerri Leigh says:

    Homemade Zuppa Toscana
    My children request this soup by name and it’s easy to fix enough of it to fill their bellies and then some. The bonus is that it’s quite easy to make, especially if you have an Instant Pot (though unnecessary).
    1 lb. sweet Italian sausage
    1 lb. hot Italian Sausage
    (brown gently and drain)
    4 lbs. Russet potatoes
    (peeled and cubed 1″ x 1″)
    1 lb. Red potatoes – for color and texture
    (cubed 1″ x 1″)
    1 large sweet onion diced to your preference size
    As much garlic as you can stand, finely minced. I use roughly a whole head of garlic.
    (saute both with several Tblsp. of olive oil)
    1 Tblsp. each (or thereabouts) of Oregano, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Marjoram
    1 tsp. of red chili flakes – This is to taste and we like it spicy. FYI, studies have proven that the people who eat spicy foods live longer. The capsaicin is an amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial molecule.
    Enough chicken stock to JUST cover all of the aforementioned ingredients.
    – Please keep in mind that I eyeball a lot of these ‘measurements’. If you have an Instant Pot, don’t let the potatoes, sausage, etc. get above the halfway line. –
    Instant Pot: Manual for 10 minutes and cool for 10 minutes before manually releasing the rest of the pressure
    Traditional Stove-top: Bring to a gentle boil, cover and drop heat down to a simmer to cook until potatoes are very tender.
    Next, remove from heat and toss in as much kale as you care to and give it a stir to wilt the leaves a bit. And finally, gently whisk in half n half (or whatever percent milk you choose) until things have emulsified and are as light and creamy to taste as you wish. (I warned you that I eyeball my measurements. It’s genetic, sorry.)
    Some may add salt or pepper to season. I’m a cook not a chef, so I just work it until it tastes good. 😉 I love this soup so much I have been known to eat it for breakfast on very cold winter mornings before shoveling snow.

  36. Jennie says:

    White chili

  37. Hamburger soup. Something my mother-law gave me. The basics are hamburger and cabbage and pretty much anything else you feel like putting in it.

  38. Rhonda Gregorski says:

    Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. It’s the best I’ve ever had…family recipe that I’m not allowed to share.

  39. Linda Rusten says:

    Split Pea and Ham Soup
    Boil ham bone for an hour or so, until meat comes off easily, stirring every so often. You can simmer it longer, but if you do and water evaporates, add more water, so when you are done you have a gallon or so of stock. I do this on the wood burning stove. Take off stove and let cool enough to handle, or wear rubber gloves if you can’t wait that long. Pull bits of ham off bone. (The marrow can go in here, also.)Put in container in the fridge. Strain the juice into a gallon pail. Put in the fridge overnight and skim off the fat the next day. This is your soup stock. Put it back on the stove and while it’s heating, put in a bay leaf, cut up carrots, celery and onion and put in – a cup or two of each. Put split peas in – half of a one pound bag, or a cup. Simmer for a half an hour, or an hour, stirring every so often, until peas are soft. Add in the meat pieces that you took from the bone. Let the whole thing simmer a little longer, 15 or 20 minutes. If the soup is too salty, add some bite sized potato pieces, about a couple cups. Or if you just like potatoes in it like I do, add them anyway. Now your soup is ready to eat. A slice of bread buttered with garlic butter and shredded cheese sprinkled on it, then heated in the oven until the cheeese melts is real good with this. And this can all be done in the wood burning kitchen range. A good skill to know if the power goes out for a while, which doesn’t happen often. When the soup has cooled some put the kettle in the fridge to cool. A big pot will last for many meals, but if you want to freeze some, scoop some into a ziplock bag after it cools. It doesn’t look pretty after it cools, but it will look good again when it is warmed up. And it always tastes good!

  40. Susanne says:

    I love making Broccoli Cheese soup. I don’t really have a recipe, just a list of ingredients that I add – broccoli, onion, garlic, broth or water, salt, some kind of flour for thickener, milk, sour cream, cream cheese and grated cheddar. Sometimes I’ll saute some chicken to add too to make it a heartier soup.

  41. Denva Corff says:

    I wish i made better soup because I really like about every kind….the best one i have ever made was the chicken noodle soup….. a recipe from your magazine!!!

  42. Shannon Spease says:

    Cheesy potato soup – yummy!!

  43. Eileen says:

    I like many different soups, mainly vegetable versions. I have a vegetable base of usually corn, okra, onions, tomatoes. Then add any vegetables available: peas, carrots, garlic, beans, potatoes, black-eyed peas, any vegetable that would be great in a soup. Sometimes will add meat if want to or will add quinoa. I have canned at least 70 quarts of soup in a few days, before. I can and freeze a lot. We try to grow as much of what we eat as we can.

  44. Naomi C says:

    Mustgo Soup is a staple in our house. Its always different and always amazingly tasty, except for one batch I distinctly remember tossing out =]. It’s so simple to make, just keep a large bowl in your freezer and toss any left overs in until the bowl is full. Let it thaw in a large kettle while you’re gently heating it up and making a batch of homemade corn bread to go with. You can add anything you want, or leave it as is. Almost all my leftovers go into this bowl if there is not enough for another meal. I even pour in the water from my steamer after steaming vegetables. The name “Mustgo” means = it’s gotta go 😉

  45. Laura Kubica says:

    Spanish gazpacho

  46. I love homemade vegetable beef soup. Thanks for the chance this bag holder would get a lot of use with canning and storing leftovers.

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