Giveaway: The Fabric of Humanity

 Ready to start your Sunday morning off on an uplifting note?











The first person with an extra 20 minutes on their hands who wanders on over to Maggie’s Organics website to watch their video “The Fabric of Humanity” gets a pair of organic love socks (a gift from Béna Burda herself), along with a copy of our brochure “Why Organic Cotton?” It’s a moving video. (I promise, you’ll never be the same.) Get ready to usher in the human spirit at its best! (And walk away forever inspired by Béna and the women in her life.)




  1. Jen in TX says:

    Wonderful video–thanks for the link!

  2. Susie says:

    yes. My Christmas shopping will be different this year because I watched this video. What could be better than giving a gift that gives twice? The receiver gets something chosen especially for them and the manufacturer of the gift has the benefit of it being purchased. Thanks, Mary Jane!

  3. Theresa Merkling says:

    Having so much fun with your site and the links – enjoying the video as well as the new ideas.

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