Great Find: Willie Goes Thrifting SOLD

Come on in. Happy thrifting!

How may I help you?

Spring fling anyone? … Just kidding.

I feel a song coming on.

Actually, it’s time to do the Urkel.

Tuckered. MJ is taking me home to the farm.

But that cute whisk broom holder is up for grabs: $15 (broom included).

First Book logoAll proceeds (minus shipping and packing) will benefit, a non-profit that provides new books to children from low-income families throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The first person to call the farm and talk with Brian, 208-882-6819, and pony up a credit card, comes the new owner of a little bit of herstory. Shipping will be either USPS or UPS, our choice. No returns.

  1. MJ please consider that adorable Whisk broom sold to me please!

    • MaryJane says:

      Thank you for your donation to! No, thank you for our FIRST donation to!!!! We’re on a roll now. If you can call our office tomorrow and ask for son, Brian, you’ll be whisked off your feet when you see how darling and so very handmade your new treasure is.

      • MJ – Just got off the phone with Brian. He’s wonderful at customer service! I am really jazzed about my cutie-pie whisk broom that is already on its way to me but also that I am your first donation. You are genius and this is win-win-win. Thank you so very much.

  2. Oh, the wisk broom holder is fabulous! What a great purchase Karen England!!! 🙂

  3. MaryJane, I love my whisk broom and holder! It is even more wonderful than I imagined. I sent you a photo of it in my new utility closet via email because I’m pretty sure I can’t comment here with pictures. Was my new broommate a prop in something? I have most everything of yours- books, mags, etc… and have been looking but haven’t found it yet. It is my new game…

    • Jane says:

      It was meant to be … yours! We’re thinking it was used in an Everyday Organic newspaper column. We’ll check on that. We’re sure it’s in its permanent home now. Thanks for the pic. Sweep dreams.

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