GIVEAWAY: Endangered Species Chocolate Spread

And our winners are … Sara Kitchen, Nicole, Ally, Maryellen Benton, and Rebecca (see winners’ post here).


I have a new obsession. It’s one of those late-night, I-finally-put-my-kids-to-bed kind of indulgences. And it’s no surprise that it’s chocolate. Well, hear me out … the chocolate I speak of is the finest I’ve tasted and … not all that bad for you. Let me back up. Who doesn’t love, love, love cookies? The problem is, I don’t exactly have time to bake every day, or sometimes every week for that matter, which is probably a good thing. But some nights, a bit of chocolaty, salty, crunchy, gooey goodness is downright necessary after a long day. So here’s my solution:


A good book and a rice cake smothered in “almond-spread-w/cocoa” is “cookie” perfection. So good, I don’t even care that I seem to be sharing my bed on occasion with a few crumby characters.

In addition, I’m helping Endangered Species (ESC) do some pretty awesome things because they give 10% of their net profits to species and habitat conservation. That equals over $1,200,000 in the last three years! From protecting elephants and their ivory to bees and their pollination habitats, ESC is working hard. So with every rice cake (or whatever suits your fancy), smothered in chocolate spread, you’re helping protect our planet. It’s a win-win (sin-win?).


I’d love to share a jar of Endangered Species’ spread with you (well, not share exactly—I haven’t opened them, I promise!). So, tell me why you love chocolate or our planet or both in the comments below and I’ll put your name in a hat and draw a few lucky winners.


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  1. Mary Pitman says:

    I LOVE chocolate and especially this spread!! Great snack, while travelling to our National parks!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What a great way to solve a problem for that late night craving and our fragile planet! I am thinking I would love to try the almond spread. That sounds like it might be the closest thing to an Almond Joy, which has always been a favorite of mine. Plus, I am totally in support of organizations working tirelessly to preserve our planet. It both pains me and angers me that the iconic wildlife, of parts of our world, are rapidly vanishing at the hands of poachers and human destruction of natural habitat. We can and must do better! Please throw my hat in the ring for a chance to support the good efforts of Endangered Species!

  3. Sharon Demers says:

    Thank you Megan for the opportunity 🙂 I love chocolate and this sounds like a perfect snack, I am even thinking that the spread on apple slices would be good too. I am all for protecting wildlife that are treated inhumanely. Thanks again for the chance to win 🙂

  4. Cathy R says:

    Well said, Winnie! Dark chocolate calls my name! This looks like a great snack and a great way to help our planet. Like the labels too! Thanks for a chance to taste yummy-ness! Blessings!

  5. CJ Armstrong says:

    Well, I LOVE chocolate because it is chocolate! It’s good for you, it’s decadent, it’s soothing and it’s just down right the right thing to do! I love our planet because it a gift from our Creator, who is amazing and awesome!

  6. terry steinmetz says:

    I love chocolate for all the health reasons. It prevents so-o-o many things. And it definately is delicious. A snack of one square is more than I need to satisfy my hunger!

  7. Janis Gooding says:

    I love chocolate, I also love the “G” as you can see my last name is “G”ooding. The planet is a beautiful place (dah, wouldn’t be here without it). I love to wake up to beautiful sunrises. I also love to have the chance at this ESC almond spread. Thanks!

  8. Krista says:

    I am definitely a chocolate lover and love it simple because of the way it tastes. I would use this chocolate spread on many things, mainly graham crackers. Nothing goes better with graham crackers than chocolate! I love our plant because it is able to support life and living. Without our planet we wouldn’t have food, water, animals, or even us. The best thing about this chocolate spread is the wonderful donations it makes. I love the idea of helping to save our endangered species. That is reason enough to eat chocolate!

  9. REBECCA says:

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? This spread looks yummy and it’s so great that Endangered Species is giving back. If we’d all do that a little more, the whole planet would be better for it.

  10. Wehaf says:

    I love chocolate because it is good for the heart, good for the brain, and good for the soul. 🙂

  11. Becka Gagne says:

    Dark chocolate is my favorite flavor sensation and good for you to boot! I have been an organic farmer for 25 years in a humble attempt to support the earth in a human way…

  12. Mary Lou Bender says:

    let me count the ways I love our dear stressed planet: beauty, abundance, variety, life, her forgiving ways, food–and of course chocolate.

  13. Nicole says:

    I love chocolate because, well, it’s chocolate! Dark is my favorite, but I’m out to any 🙂 We even have a basket in my office that I keep filled with chocolate, and a sign that says “Life happens, chocolate helps.”

  14. Mackenzie says:

    Chocolate is a great pick-me-up for down days . . . and I love that this chocolate helps the earth. I raise rare livestock breeds for conservancy efforts, and I appreciate the sentiments behind this product!

  15. Laurie says:

    I can actually take it or leave it when it comes to plain chocolate, and it is usually leave it. Now, if you combine that chocolate with peanut butter it is always a take it. We make our own chocolate peanut butter spread here and I would like to try any of these spreads.

  16. Sara Kitchen says:

    WOW! Perfect treats for anything, even on picnics!

  17. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    All us quilters and farm girls love chocolate. I even named my quilting machine Chocolat. How’s that for crazy for chocolate? Anytime I read a business cares about the planet we live on, I’m all for helping them out by buying their products. This is heaven!

  18. Maryellen Benton says:

    I love chocolate and I love what this chocolate stands for. Chocolate can give you that little smile when you need it the most! Thanks for having a giveaway.

  19. ALICIA WINKLER says:

    Mmm… chocolate. ….lol!!! We have to love our planet as much as chocolate. Without it there is no more cacoa… 😀

  20. Brianna says:

    I love chocolate because it never fails to lift spirits! Until we really put our planet at the forefront of our global agenda, it’s little things like this company that are going to continue to save the earth, and ensure we have chocolate for the long haul!

  21. Bobbie calgaro says:

    Chocolate is a daily treat for me. So having chocolate and helping the environment is a win win.

  22. Janice says:

    I LOOOOOOOOVE chocolate. You can have all the coffee. Just pump the chocolate in please. Lol!

    I love the planet because Mother Nature has so many resources and ways it gives back and shares with us.

  23. Alyssa says:

    I love chocolate because the sweet, rich taste on my tongue gives me a tiny bit of happiness after a stressful day of studying/work. Nothing heals the human heart like cocoa. 🙂 I love our planet because of the services it provides for us without asking anything in return. Animals are beautiful creatures, and I want to give them the care they deserve. However, thousands of species are endangered, due to habitat fragmentation, acid mine drainage, deforestation, and other anthropogenic causes. We need to take matters into our own hands to help save all species. Thanks so much for creating a brand that supports a positive environmental cause.

  24. Lisa M says:

    What a win win opportunity! Every spoon of chocolate I put in my mouth will give me delight that 10% of their net profits go to species and habitat conservation. Thank you for this chance!! Have a beautiful day =)

  25. Jeffrey says:

    I love chocolate because it satisfies my insatiable sweet tooth. Dark chocolate is my kryptonite!

  26. Ally says:

    I love chocolate because it’s a good de-stresser for me, and I love our planet because it’s pretty darn amazing. The things it does for us!

  27. Alise says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to try a wonderful spread, Megan. I love small bits of very dark chocolate for the positive effects it has on my emotional state of being, and I love this planet because God gave us all sorts of wonderful animals, foods, scenery, etc. that benefit us in so many ways.

  28. Cindy Jacobson says:

    Our planet is our home. If we want it to last forever we must take important steps to properly take care of it. Like a real home it’s not advisable to take down a load bearing wall, have sparking electrical wires or have your water drain directly into the crawl space of the house; all of these have unsafe consequences. Just as not respecting our plant will result in problems for generations to come.

  29. Connie Hawkins says:

    Chocolate-good for the heart and good for the soul, who can ask for more.

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  31. arlene wilder says:

    this sounds yummy and I help rehabilitate wildlife and release them back into the wild so I am all for this

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