GIVEAWAY: “Busy Bee Quilt, Le Picnic”

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In the Apr/May issue of MaryJanesFarm, on newsstands March 6, you’ll see how Megan converted an old wicker bassinet into living-room picnic-gear storage that now holds a picnic quilt, a couple of pillows, and board games for the perfect indoor picnic.


In the photo above, you’ll see my MaryJane’s Home “”Busy Bee” quilt and pillow with my favorite patchwork shape, the hexagon. Why a hexagon? The hexagon, a shape that speaks the zen of the busy beehive or the wired manors of chickens (the oldest domesticated animal on Earth), symbolizes the unity and structure of the farmgirl life—a framework for the proper order of things, a pattern for life. In unwritten feminine language, it is a standard for farmgirls, or for that matter, the ordinary honeybee or the hen, rank and file workers that move the work along. It says that all things are to be done decently and in order, and that small things add up.

For a chance to win one of our “Busy Bee” twin quilts and matching 16″-square pillows, tell me all about your favorite picnic experience in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-May.

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  1. Tina Marie Amsden says:

    My favorite picnics are spontaneous. I always carry a blanket and a picnic basket in my car you never know where are your next adventure lies. It’s easy to throw together a great healthy homemade meal, wrap it in a flower towel, toss it in your picnic basket, and away you go!

  2. June R says:

    My favorite picnic memory is a spur of the moment trip my husband and I took to the Outer Banks with our dog many years ago. Our money was low and we really couldn’t afford to eat out, (the gas expense for the trip was all we could do) so we packed a picnic lunch. We parked on the sand at Oregon Inlet (you could still do that in those days). We sat on the tailgate of the truck and dug into our ham and cheese sandwiches and potato chips and enjoyed the ocean breeze. Our dog was happy, too!

  3. Cathy Gettman says:

    My favorite picnic was one I ended up having by myself. I sat on a wooden “bridge” over a small creek. And ate a tuna fish sandwich made on grandma Koehler’s home made bread. The sun was warm, I was ten years old and I was content.

  4. Cheryl Jolly says:

    My favorite picnic is when we load up the grandkids in a wagon pulled behind the tractor and head back in the pasture next to the creek. After we have had our picnic they play for hours in the creek. Beautiful memories have been made back next to the creek.

  5. Jayme Ferry says:

    My two daughters and I used to enjoy picnicking in our living room when the weather was bad. We would set out a blanket and all kinds of finger foods. We played silly games and just enjoyed each others company. They are 26 and 27 now. I have four grandchildren and we have had fun with picnicking on the floor in our living room and building forts. Frozen Berries are their favorite treat!

  6. Deloris Bennett says:

    My favorite picnics are any that I can share with my husband. Usually it’s taking time to sit and eat a bite on the go, whether in the vehicle, at a roadside picnic table, or a local park.

  7. Penny Laris says:

    My favorite picnic experience was taking my baby to the park while on maternity leave, spreading out his little toys on a comfy blanket and eating snacks while he had tummy time. I remember how cute he giggled each time when the wind blew his little bib up.

  8. Maxine Schartner says:

    Our favourite place to go for a picnic is across the field to the little lookout my husband built out of old pallets. its high up on the river bank, and watching the river move along, or the sun set, especially with family and friends, is the best!

  9. Mary L Hamby says:

    My brother was 5 years younger than me and he always wanted to go on a pic-pic. We would fix a bread and butter sandwich, get a jar of water and go down to the end of the driveway and have a pic-pic.

  10. Sarah carter says:

    My favorite picnic experience happens every year around the 4th of July. I missed most of these picnics growing up and now that I’m older to reconnect with family and have a time of gathering means more to me than I could have express. I can’t take back time, but I sure can immerse myself in the blessing of them now.

  11. Laura says:

    I love the cow print! Is it available anywhere to purchase? Or is it one of a kind? Thank you!

    • MaryJane says:

      It’s a layered collage made from old maps and bits of scrap paper. I purchased it several years ago. I’m afraid at this point it’s one of a kind.

  12. Tamara Bock says:

    My favorite picnic experience was on a back pack trip. We had strolled through Alta Meadow and then climbed “poop-out” pass. It was an arduous climb and we were starved when we got to the top. We set our packs down, sat drown with our backs against a huge boulder. Our lunch consisted of cheese, a delicious dry salami, apple slices and yummy gourmet crackers. It was amazing. We laughed and talked about what a beautiful place this was to have a picnic. I can still smell the freshness of the area.

  13. Tia B says:

    I went a small private school in Nebraska,and throughout the school year we dealt with one weather extreme to the next. My teacher was fond of indoor picnics. We’d throw out a blanket and bring over the reading pillows while we spread out with our snacks.

  14. Mabel Davis says:

    I have lots of memories of picnics on the living room floor with my grandkids. Sometime its pb & j sandwiches or sometimes pizza. They love it when I would spread a blanket on the floor. But we also have picnics outside with their their dolls invited with a mini tea party.

  15. Diane says:

    One of my favorite picnics was outside the Biltmore house on the top lawn with my grand sons. We packed a picnic basket and sat on a quilt. It was such a sweet experience. They ran all around the gardens!

  16. Renee Aarseth says:

    My favorite picnic was held in our own pasture in ND, one summer when I was about 10 yrs old. This was in the 60’s. My Mom had a metal picnic basket with an all brown top and plaid sides. She made PBJ sandwiches cutouts with cookie cutters, brownies, carrot sticks and red koolaid. Mom, my brother and I ate, played tag, and laid in the grass looking at the cloud formations.

  17. Starlene lucas says:

    When my girls were little I worked night shift 12 hrs as a registered nurse. I would wait out side in the afternoon for the school bus to bring the home. I would have cookies and tea waiting for them under the apple trees and we would catch up on their day before I had to go to work. In the winter we would have it inside at their little table

  18. Anna Ellenberger says:

    My favorite picnic experience would be the first one I had if I were to win your lovely quilt and pillows. I would pack a picnic lunch made with one or more of the recipes for the sandwiches in this issue of Mary Jane’s Farm. They all look so yummy. I would make the antipasto salad for my husband and daughter and the garbanzo bean and pesto salad for me. I no longer eat meat and my daughter doesn’t eat garbanzo beans so this is perfect because she won’t eat my salad and I won’t eat hers! Then again, I could just go with my hubby when she’s at work! I could take her when he’s at work because “girl time” is so much fun, too. We’ll call my friend Lili and she and her girls could join us, too. Wow, that’s two times already that I would get to use the quilt and pillows! So much prettier than the old blanket we currently use!

  19. Opal Kunz says:

    We were newly engaged (43 years ago) and my future husband wanted to romantic. He got some wine and two glasses and took to the park where one of the pavilions hung over the lake. As we were sitting down I looked out on the lake and said “The lake is dry”. It had been drained for some work being done on pipe lines. We’ve been married for 42 years and still laugh about it

  20. Robin in New Jersey says:

    My favorite picnic was on the lawn at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA listening to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

  21. Rosemary Verblaauw says:

    Some of the best picnics are unplanned impromptu events. Every Christmas season requires decorating with fresh pine boughs, and there is nothing better than stuffing 2 couples, who are the best of friends, in the cab of a farm pickup truck and heading out in muck boots with wine and cheese. Traipsing through the woods, our men rolling eyes at us ladies but in it for the fun and of course our delicious treats. Best table being a fallen pine tree resting diagonally in the woods…enjoying some good wine and cheese and the happiest ladies who are ready to decorate! Only took us to explore 3 different farms fields and an amazing tour guide to boot (the farmer of the group) and deep belly laughs to find what we needed. The memories are priceless!

  22. Peggy says:

    My favorite place to have a picnic is Allegany State Park in New York. The summer is so short in this area, we have to get in as many picnics as we can.

  23. Reynalda Schroeder says:

    Our picnics are centered around trips we take to educational venues. They are simple and relieve stress of driving.

  24. Walker says:

    Best picnic we took was somewhere in CA near a pond. I was very young. There were always ducks around. We could sit and feed them all day. Eating, playing, feeding ducks and gorgeous weather. Such a marvelous combination.

  25. Denise says:

    Has there been a winner announced for the quilt yet?

  26. Maria says:

    One of my favorite picnic memories was last summer at our cabin. We were eating lunch outside, with the lake down below us. There was no rush. It was just a bunch of friends and family enjoying a bright sunny day. We laughed, we told stories. Everyone was happy and relaxed.
    I hope we have many more great picnics like it in the future!

  27. Claudia McKenzie says:

    My husband and I always had a very busy and long work schedule so we would meet at a state park for a pick lunch every couple of weeks during the spring. Those ment so much to us and revived us. We both have been retired for many years and think back and talk about our special picnic dates. Those were such special times. We need to do it again!!!

  28. Kristina Connolly says:

    I haven’t been on a picnic in a long time but the Spring Issue has definitely spurred in the interest to make them a regular part of our life.

    The last picnic I remember was with my parents on the way to visit my grandmother. My mom and dad packed a picnic lunch and we stopped at Mammoth Springs, AK to rest, relax, a nosh. It was a beautiful day and perfect time to get out of the car, stretch our legs and eat a lovely meal.

  29. Janette Neal-Zopp says:

    When you say picnic I think Mom.
    When we traveled or went on family adventures She always packed picnic basket/cooler.
    I have two favorites first was when we went to the woods to get wood for the winter. We worked hard and was rewarded with a picnic.
    The second was the road trips across America stopping at the way side rest areas for a picnic. She would have us play games to run off energy, while she took a nap before we got on the road again.

  30. Kay Berg says:

    As if we were going to have a tea Party, my Granddaughter and I set out to gather our china dishes, favorite tea pot and serving platters and filled them with the goodies we had prepared. Next was to pick a lovely bouquet of flowers and place them in a fancy vase. We located our hats and Great Grandma’s hand made quilt and headed for the beach. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, the laping of the water onto the shore and the seagulls standing by wanting to join our Tea Party Picnic, we giggled(as 4 year olds and 65 year old love to do) ate and toasted with our teacups to the joy of another awesome day spent together at the Beach!

  31. Cari Hampton says:

    My favorite picnic memory is taking my two girls to a local park in our city back in the 80’s. I was a single mom. And knew the meaning of living on a shoestring budget. My girls where aged 7 years apart. So finding fun things to do that would entertain them both with literally no money was no easy feat. So, I came up with the idea of making theatrical dates with them. I would pack up whatever I could find, (often times … pb&j sandwiches) for our picnics. and I would take them on a long walk and end up at the stage of the park’s ampitheater. Where we would take turns acting out our favorite bedtime stories or whatever else we could think of. Or we would just sing out loud and pretend to be famous singers! Anything that would entertain the other two. I really got to see the beautiful minds and sweet nature of my girls. They’re all grown up now. And I live far off in a rural setting now. But those memories of my girls and our often thrown together hodgepodge of odd eats. Will forever be some of my most favorites!

  32. Linda Hospital says:

    When I was a little girl growing up my grandma Blair would call all the families together for a day at Wyandotte park. Each family had to bring a basket of fried chicken and a dish to pass. Fresh lemonade. It was so much fun, I would also rush to get my grandma’s chicken, after we were done with lunch. We would take a ride on the bob lo boat on the Detroit river for an even cruise. This is my family memories that I will never forget.

  33. Suzanne Utts says:

    On May 6th my boyfriend surprised me by taking me on a picnic to a park where we had had many picnic dates the previous summer. Though it was early May it was unseasonably cold and we wore coats and winter hats but the idea of launching the summer season with an after-work picnic warmed me considerably. As we began eating, the wind picked up and we found ourselves using rocks to keep our containers from blowing away! We laughed as we chased the wax paper and sandwich bags, and then the picnic basket blew over! After dinner we walked to the lake, through fields of Forgrt-Me-Nots. When we got to the lake we were surprised to see that it had been drained, but rather than be frustrated that all was not perfect, Chuck too a small black box out of his pocket, and he asked me to open it. As I opened it, he asked me to marry him, and I said “YES!”
    That was in 1966. We got married 2 yrs later, eventually moved to the country, and we had a happy life filled with family, 3 children and pets until he passed away May 12, 2 years ago.

  34. Julie M Dony says:

    Hello! I have been trying to find a way to purchase the busy bee twin size quilt, however I cannot find anyone who sells ot in the twin size. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day, and thank you for putting out such an inspiring magazine!

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