Winner!!! Giveaway: MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook

The winner of our MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook giveaway is Jeannie Keeffe, who said in response to our question, “Tell me what at MaryJanesFarm has inspired you … magazine, books, products, chatroom, or journal”:

“Am hoping not to be judged by MY cover, too.

I’ve been a country girl (a red-dirt girl) all my life. Growing up with parents that grew their own rabbits & chickens both for the freezer, show, and of course, eggs. Some years we’d have a cow for milk, but the goats were easier to keep, would eat the poison oak, and the milk … MmmMmm good … oh, and they loved to show off at the fair. Pigeons for squab which I thought everyone ate until later in my life. Ponds to swim and fish in, horses to ride & show, 1/4-acre garden where dad would be found sitting and watching—a place I would enjoy a one-on-one with, a place I learned to eat fresh foods that tasted so marvelous (before cooked by mom, who often cooked things to death). Looking back at my life with Mom & Dad is heartwarming. So a book with an Old Look that is filled with surprises would be wonderful to have.”

Congratulations, Jeannie! Watch for an email from the farm.

Thank you to the 325 women who responded with such lovely comments. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them!

  1. Lisa Bell says:

    Congratulations! Most definitely a very special book. ❤️ Enjoy 🌞

  2. Barbara Criss says:

    Mary Jane–you truly deserve all the wonderful comments you received. I first heard of you in a magazine article several years ago and I was instantly hooked–especially by the aprons you wore. I began to wear them too and I now make my own. It’s a very special wonderful look. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to so many.

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  4. Deborah Fischer says:

    Congratulations Jeanne, it is a wonderful book, you will love it!

  5. Paula Leyva says:

    Way to go! all will be well!

  6. Lisa Beaubien says:

    I am very excited about this new book “A HoneyBee Heart Has Five Openings”! I had the unique and whimiscal experience of having a honeybee land outside my car window a few years back! I watched with amazement as the bee did a honey dance for what seemed like a long time, but in retrospect maybe a minute! I was gifted a book shortly that experience called “The Shamanic Way of the Bee”

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