GIVEAWAY: “Flickers, Sunbeams”

In the Aug/Sept 2022 issue of MaryJanesFarm, “Sunbeams” (on newsstands July 5), I led you here to my journal for a chance to win 12 shiny, flicker-deterring CDs.

For a chance to win, share your flicker stories, tips, tricks, and hints OR share a tip or trick you’ve learned for deterring any pest around your home or farm in the comments below. (It might make it into one of our upcoming issues.) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime soon.

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  1. Diana Johnson says:

    When I planted my sweet corn, I had a radio playing in the rows to keep animals away. Plus I also hung, on a stick, aluminum pie dishes, when the wind blew, the noise scared any animals away.

  2. Linda Hulbert says:

    I put cds tied on twine between posts to keep birds out of the garden , it helps to keep our tomatoes from getting pecked.

  3. James Brougham says:

    My wife and I refurbished an old Totem Pole. After 3 weeks a @#$%flicker pecked a 3inch hole where I had plugged a prior hole. One week later the flicker returned and pecked another 3 inch hole…it was repaired and we hung shiny streamers all on it…the flicker has not returned…I don’t seea place to post a photo….

  4. James Brougham says:

    After 2 attacks to our recent refurbished Totem Pole we hung shining streamers ..flicker hasn’t been back..would like to post a photo but do not see where I can do that

  5. Pamela K. Hassell says:

    Here in Texas, we have a recipe for deterring those annoying black birds, “Cackles” that noisily flock together and leave behind their droppings ! All u need is several aluminum pie pans hung from tree branches ! It must be the reflection from the sun that the birds don’t like ! It works wonders

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