Pocket Hose

Farmhand Ace gave me a gift yesterday to help celebrate our upcoming International Glamping Weekend, June 1 & 2. Why a hose for glamping?

“As seen on TV” is a little joke of ours. The next time you need to emphasize how sure you are of something, just say, “As seen on TV.” Ace also knows how much I love hoses. Hint: Garden hoses test my patience like nothing else.

Do you have a hose that grows? I do. Are you ready for International Glamping Weekend? I am.



WINNER! Giveaway: Homegrown Honey Bees

Our farm photographer, Louise, digs into her apron pocket …


and pulls out the winner of the book Homegrown Honey Bees … Veronica A. Carter!

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WINNERS! Giveaway: Saverine Creek Heirlooms Jewelry

And today we’re ready to pick the winners of the Saverine Creek Heirlooms Jewelry! So Karina reaches into a basket of heirloom popcorn grown here at the farm last summer …



Our winner for the necklace is Cris Cantin! Congratulations!

Cris Cantin said:

I grow many varieties of heirloom vegetables and fruits on my 1/4 acre farmlette: Green Deer Tongue lettuce, Brandywine and Amish Paste tomatoes, Strawberry Popcorn, Duchess apples and Blue Prune plums, to name just a few. This year, I’m trying some new tomato varieties I found through Seed Savers Exchange, and I just ordered some lovely italian-variety zuchinni seeds from Baker Creek-I love that company so much, I bought all my sisters-in-law gift certificates to their catalog this year, and we’re hoping to make a group trip to their gardens and historical village in the summer. I can’t wait to get into the garden, but I suppose I’ll need to be patient until all this snow melts away!

And our winner for the bracelet is Julia Hayes! Congratulations!

Julia Hayes said:

Last year I planted heirloom tomatoes..an early girl variety and heirloom squash. I bought them from Tolstoy farm at the Spokane Farmer’s market. I have a glorious seed germinating shelving unit that Doc made for me years ago. I haven’t germinated my own seeds in a few years. The most predominant reason is that I tend to over plant the darn trays and then I have plants coming out my ears! Seriously, hundreds of tomato plants…2 years ago, I brought the unit out of the barn, cleaned it off and for the entire time one is supposed to sprout seeds, that unit sat in my dining room becoming yet another catch-all for markers, stickers, school work, etc. etc. The kids are super excited about the garden this year so I may haul that thing out again for them to get involved. Selling the extra plants at the farmstand might just be the ticket. Last year the kids pulled in a whopping $51.3 golf balls! It was FUNtastic!!

Cris and Julia, keep your eyes on your inbox for an email from the farm shortly. Thank you to all who entered. We LOVED the comments on this giveaway!!!

And here’s the original GIVEAWAY post dated March 9, 2013:

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WINNER! Giveaway: EduKate tote

And here we are! Ready to pick the winner of the EduKate tote giveaway.


So Meg grabs a name out of the EduKate pocket and chooses …

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Giveaway! Magnolia Pearl Clothing

Imagine a place where vintage clawfoot tubs rest, chandeliers greet you lovingly from worn wood center beams, and intricately detailed tin ceilings blush with a touch of rust from above.

That place is Magnolia Pearl Ranch and now you can have a piece of it.


Courtesy of Fiona and Twig. http://fionaandtwig.blogspot.com

This beautiful and lovingly crafted house was the creative outlet for Robin Brown and her husband/business partner, John Gray, and their company, Magnolia Pearl Clothing.


Courtesy of Fiona and Twig. http://fionaandtwig.blogspot.com

Their ranch’s intricate sense of style reflects a colorful and free-flowing Bohemian flair with just a splash of Victorian and a large dose of girly. It’s everything funky, delicate, and artistic.


Courtesy of Magnolia Pearl. http://www.magnoliapearl.com/

And the ranch is for sale for $665,000 because she and her partner have moved to another part of Texas to begin fixing up another place. Drool with me here. Did ya know she also has an Airstream? But not just any Airstream.

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