WINNERS!! Rebellious Women Gain National Notice

Rebellious Women T-shirt WINNERS are Faith, Deborah, and Fiona:

Faith perrino-DuBois said on 12/11/13 at 2:32 am:

“Adorable! I’m planning to grow the kind that’s juicy, red and doesn’t involve slave labor or chemicals! Heirlooms, preferably … (sm)”

Deborah McKissic said on 12/11/13at 6:59 am:

“My little tomato growers would agree! I garden with my grandkids…little Colt who is two and a half and Miss Lyra, who is 4 and a half..they love tomatoes! We grow them and eat them fresh from the garden…nothing but organic..what else would you feed them? Their favorites are one from my friend, Lisa, the seedwoman at Amishland Seeds….little white rabbit..a sweet, little, almost white, round tomato…and Miss Lyra’s favorite…”sweet pea”(Baker Creek heirloom seeds) her nickname…they grow in clusters like grapes…blueberry size..perfect for picking and eating from “Grammie’s” gardens and their own raised beds..oh, we love our tomatoes! Organic and non-GMO seed..OMG!! I wear a size medium teeshirt but a large is nice for sleeping in…love what these women are doing…the little white rabbit and sweet pea tomato pack a flavor for such small gems…no garden is complete without a few “to-MAH-toes!!”

Fiona said on 12/11/13 at 9:29 am:

“I love making tomato sauce from home grown tomatoes. It’s great on homemade ravioli. Last year our Romas did really well, and I’m planning to grow even more this year. I wear a size large (probably from eating all that ravioli!).”

Congrats!!! Watch your inbox for an email from the farm.

And our original text for the contest on 12/11/13 was:

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