Project F.A.R.M. WELCOME!

Big WELCOME to another Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) business, Heather’s Handmade Soap of Lookingglass, Oregon.

Heather Coffel (Sister #5853) says:

“Heather’s Handmade Soap started from a desire to help my daughter’s dry skin problems. Once I started selling my soaps, I discovered that this is actually a big problem with children’s more sensitive skin and in many older adults as well. Most store-bought soaps remove the natural glycerin, which provides moisture, but also allows the bar to “melt” faster. In some cases, detergents are again added to harden the bars. The removal of natural glycerin and addition of unnatural detergents severely dries out the skin.

For me, making soap is a wonderful artistic medium. Each batch of soap is unique not only in fragrance, but also colors and ingredients. I also make a fragrance-free soap. All of my soaps have the same base ingredients: Water or Goat’s Milk; Lye (Sodium Hydroxide); Fats; Colors; and Fragrances or Essential Oils. Fats range from Olive, Palm, Coconut, and Canola Oils to Shea, Mango, and Cocoa Butters to Palm Kernel Flakes.”

To find out more, visit Heather on Facebook.







Art-o-mat FIND!!!!

Hi ya, MJ! Here’s the art I got from the Art-o-mat I found because of your post.


Here’s my friend and me with the man who collects art-o-mats. He has two operational machines plus a mini one for his private collection of the little artworks along with bigger art (like the steer below).



It was so much fun! Who knew? Well, I guess, you! Thanks again for helping me cope with the stuff of life.

Love, Karen
{Karen’s beloved husband is in treatment for cancer.}



WINNER! Milk Cow Kitchen Giveaway #5 of 5

And the winner of the fifth and final Milk Cow Kitchen book I’m giving away

milk-cow-kitchen_1070 is … mia_giveaway-2350 Karen Osterbauer, who wrote on May 15, 2014: “Come boss. I would make butter, cream, and homemade pumpkin pie with fresh milk awesome!!!! I grew up with cows, used to sit on their backs.” Watch for an email from the farm, Karen. Congratulations!