Giveaway: Winner of Maggie’s Organics Hoodie!

Drum roll pleeeez …

… we have a winner! We had such great answers in response to why it’s important to buy organic cotton clothing. Thanks for those who posted their responses here AND on Maggie’s Organics Facebook page. You gals sure know how to read the fine print!

And without further ado … it’s Minh Do! Her response:

 “Why organic? Because I want this Earth around and healthy for the kids I’ll hopefully have in a few years and the grandkids I’ll maybe have many years after that! I want them to be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water … to be able to go swimming in lakes and ponds … and actually eat the fish they go fishing for!”

  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy this beauty of a hoodie!

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