Giveaway: Mountain Rose Herbs Pampered Glamper Kit

Our dear friends at Mountain Rose Herbs caught wind about my new book, Glamping with MaryJane, and my appearance on the Hallmark channel’s new show, Home & Family, this week—so we paired up for a fabulous giveaway! Below is everything you need to be a pampered glamper.

What you get:

4oz Oregon Chai Tea
4oz Firefly Chai Tea

Porcelain Tea Pot, 4oz Happy Tummy Tea, 4oz Evening Repose Tea

St. John’s Wort salve
Powerful Skin Compound salve

Aphrodite Aroma Spray
Rose Moon Massage Oil
Rose Face Wash
Rose Hydrosol

Pumpkin Pie Spice
Herbs de Provence
All-Purpose Seasoning
Seasoning Salt

Green Peppercorns
Rainbow Peppercorns

4oz Herbal Coffee (A blend of herbs created to imitate coffee.)

To win this basket, valued at $130, just comment below and tell me how you would use the fabulous Mountain Rose Herbs goodies while glamping.

  1. Tanya says:

    lovely! Perfect…. campfires, and a good mugga something hot. Some music and a craft…. out of cell phone range!

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  3. Kim says:

    slow lazy day without the phone taking care of myself and doing some fun stuff!

  4. Tricia Clark says:

    What a wonderful basket of specialized items. As a new full time RVer and adventuring person in the world of glamping, I would pamper my husband with all of the wonderful products you are offering. He works hard and long to provide for us, 12 hours per day for a private contractor. He is a gastric cancer survivor who was given just weeks to live back in 1994. Since cancer had spread throughout his body to many primary organs (stomach, esophagus, liver and lungs), he was considered stage 4! My husband had most of his stomach removed along with part of his lower esophagus, besides other muscles and veins associated with the area. He is my miracle man that “beat the odds” and has survived 18 years after being given a death sentence. We give God the glory for his healing and also the direction thru the doctor that helped us along, besides herbs used to keep my husband moving in the right direction for comfort. Organic and herbal means have become an important part of his diet.
    There are so many ways to use everything you are offering in the basket to honor my husband… Delicious tea and coffee, herbs for massage and cleansing and spices to add to meals to arouse his taste buds. The uses are endless and would be a wonderful way to show my husband how much he means to me. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your give away!!!

  5. Jeanna M says:

    I too have never been glamping, although I have been camping most of my life. As I grow older though I would really like to go glamping. We own a camper, although not a vintage one (I wish). I have been trying to fix it up with some glamping goodness. As far as using the kit, I could see finishing setting up camp and then brewing up a pot of herbal tea to relax for a while. At bed time before sleeping in to your cozy bed using Rose face wash. The next morning you could brew up some of the coffee before you start your day of exploring. If you get an ouchy you can just use some of the powerful skin salve. Later back at camp you could use the spices as you cook up some farm girl fare for supper. WOW, just writing this makes me want to head out.

    Farmgirl #41

  6. Karla Reinhart says:

    We do a group glamping trip each year over the 4th of July holiday, there are usually 5-6 couples each in their tent, trailer, or sharing with each other. We do fishing, hiking, swimming, games, crafts, meals, and even around the campfire relaxing reading. We share in the cooking and luxuries each group brings, this give basket I would use to share and enjoy with my friends during our week long glamping trip.

  7. Julie Hofmann says:

    I would love to be sharing a wonderful cup of tea with my girlfriends around the campfire in the evening, followed by a great cup of camp coffee and breakfast the next morning. What a great give-away!

  8. Beth Midkiff says:

    It would be a thrill to share the Mountain Herb Pampered Glamper Kit!! My neighbor helped me make curtains for our ’74 Serro Scotty, named “Beach Baby”. My sister-n-law makes our glamper wine and has gone on her first glamping trip this past month all the way to Kentucky. She and her dog, GinGin are natural glampers! She’s shared her glamping experience with other girl friends. So my neighbor, sis-n-law, and of course my dear husband (who by the way likes the glamping experience also) will all enjoy the coffee, goodies made with the spices (we put it in our coffee as it brews…cinnamon and/or pumpkin spice), as we look at your “Glamping” book. We are hooked!!

  9. Beth Midkiff says:

    It would be a pleasure to share this wonderful gift basket with my neighbor, sis-n-law, and husband. We are all ‘glampers’!! We recently purchased a ’74 Serro Scotty and fixed it up. My neighbor lovingly helped with making vintage style curtains and glamping our trailer. She is in the process of finding the perfect glamper camper. My sister-n-law is a new subscriber to MaryJane’s Farm. Has her own farmgirl home, sharing her garden produce and wine making. She just went on her first glamping trip for a month. We would all enjoy the coffee, teas, personal products, and seasonings!! And all organic…thank you!!

  10. Cat Livingston says:

    I would be in hog heaven to win such amazing healthy items. If I were to win I would kick up my heels and holler YEEHAW!!! The coffee would be given to my coffee drinking husband, but the Chi tea I would hide and only drink it on special occasions. What fun and luxury!!!! With the massage oils…well both my hubby and me would have a good time with that! Hope the best glampin’ lady wins!

  11. mary salmon says:

    Oh, would I have fun with these goodies…First, the hot-soothing bath, then hot chai tea by the fireplace with my kittie on my lap…Series of wonderful evenings spent this way…what heaven. I sure would sleep better!
    Thanks for the chance to win such a fabulous treat.

  12. Carolsue says:

    Don’t know if this is still valid, but I’ll give it a try.
    For me, glamping would involve sitting around the fire (firepit) in the backyard, drinking a hot cup of chai tea and maybe munching on some seasonal pumpkin pie or cookies. Then, off to bed — but first, a mini spa with the Rose Face Wash and Massage Oil.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  13. Dee*Dee* Dornback says:

    I would use this gift basket to share with friends and family. Its rainy season, so no out door glamping. I have always wanted to try herbs de provence (saw used on a cooking show), this would give me an opportunity to try it. I would have a “glamp-in” with my newly married daughter and try out the Chai tea (we both love Chai). Share the aroma spray with a friend (I’m allergic). Freshly grind the peppercorns in a family favorite dish and share a hot cup of coffee with my dear hubby. When we get blessed, I believe we need to bless others..pass it on. I think I might even put some of the goodies in our trailer for glamping season. Funny, looking back I can see my Mother was a glamper (15 years ago), so when I first heard the term I thought of her.

  14. April Gochberg says:

    As a traditional naturopath, I would use this basket when teaching other women to be empowered to use the gifts of nature to care for themselves and their families. Self care is the new primary care, it is time for women to embrace this God given power and to reclaim the “receipts” of our grandmothers, their recorded wisdom of how to truly care for our homes and families. And true to the nature of women we can do all that and wrap it up in a beautiful package! :0)

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