Day ONE Magazine Giveaway WINNER!!!!!

Today is the day we begin our eight-day FREE magazine subscription GIVEAWAY marathon.


I’ll pick one winner a day from our 865 (eight-hundred-and-sixty-five!!!!!) entries until I’ve given away 7 one-year subscriptions. And then on the eighth day, some lucky winner will get a lifetime subscription in celebration of our twelfth year publishing MaryJanesFarm.

Today’s WINNER of a magazine subscription is …

none other than …

the incredibly amazing …


How are you going to feel if you’re one of the 864 who didn’t win today? No doubt you’ll need the therapy of a subscription or a renewal, right? (I know, shameless marketing but we love it when you don’t think you can get by without us. We need you to need us!)

The winner of a one-year subscription to MaryJanesFarm is:


Donna Cochran, who said in response to my question, “If you’re already a reader, tell me why you like our magazine. If you’re new to MaryJanesFarm magazine, tell me how you heard about us.”

“Love your magazine and all you stand for! I buy it as I can at our local organic market. My daughter loves it also. Your way of life is our way of life.”

Congratulations Donna! Watch your inbox for an email from me.


Below is the GIVEAWAY that is now closed to entries (thanks everyone!!!):

Let’s give this GIVEAWAY one LAST try, HEY! hip, hooray, FREE subscriptions!

We’re giving away 7 one-year subscriptions to our magazine, MaryJanesFarm. We’ll let your entries (only one per household please) pile up in the comments section below and then for 7 days, I’ll pick a winner until I’ve given away 7 one-year subscriptions. And then on the eighth day, some lucky winner will get a lifetime subscription in celebration of our twelfth year publishing MaryJanesFarm. Won’t you join us?


Whether you’re a city chick or a farm chick,


MaryJanesFarm magazine will help guide you back to your farmgirl roots,


back to healthful living,


next door with biscuits,


downtown for an evening of crocheting with friends,


uptown in a dress-up apron,


and starward to your dreams—maybe even a farm of your own.


Here’s how to enter. If you’re already a reader, tell me why you like our magazine. If you’re new to MaryJanesFarm magazine, tell me how you heard about us. Don’t worry. Even if you don’t win, you just can’t lose because we’ll sign you up for our regular alerts full of unique and yummy recipes, craft ideas, tips, and more.

  1. Michelle C says:

    I love your magazine because you have articles like “How to Find the Best Chainsaw for a Woman.” Y’all ROCK!

  2. Crystal Fawley says:

    I am not a subscriber but I revisit the idea regularly. I’ve purchased several copies and I love, love, love the magazine. Beautiful and inspiring. My sister-in-law introduced me to Mary Jane’s a couple of years ago and I’ve been smitten ever since.

  3. Wendy Pinder says:

    I am a current subscriber to Mary Jane’s Farm and it is the only magazine I have kept subscribing to. I read through the whole thing as soon as it comes in the mail.

    I LOVE the vintage art that fills the magazine. The pics are great and so are the articles and ideas. I would love to go Glamping, if only I had a Glamper! How much fun that would be:) Thanks Mary Jane!

  4. Nancy Dawn says:

    I LOVE Mary Janes Farm. I used to be a subscriber but unfortunately finances don’t allow for the subscription now.
    I love reading about adventures on the farm…the gardens, the animals, sewing preserving, GLAMPING!

  5. joanna qatsina morrow says:

    I love your magazine…a girlfriend turned me onto it…I moved to south… on the big island of hawaii…to start my farmgirl adventures…recently…I made a vision board full of farm girl fantasies…using your magazine…I love looking at it everday…I started the hawaii sisthood…and made super girly vintage framed embleished…farm gir pics…again…so loved by everyone. ..and a great way to recycle your magazine…planning on gifting your magazine for a birthday…but would really love one of my own 🙂

  6. Sylvia M says:

    I love MaryJanes Farm! Every issue inspires me, inspires my dreams. I’ve learned so much from the articles I’ve read and I look forward to each new issue with anticipation!

  7. Annie Mullins says:

    Got my first copy at Mrs.Miller’s Quilt Shop in Charm, Ohio and am hooked on the fine magazine you publish. I’ve shared it with friends and we are all in love with it. Took my breath away to find out about this giveaway, oh my, you will be making eight people very happy, hope I’m one of them. This is a magazine that holds my interest cover to cover. Thanks for a job well done!

  8. Jenn W. says:

    I’m a new mommy and I try to keep our household as organic as possible. Your magazine gives me tons of repurpose projects and helpful articles that keep me informed on matters that are important to my family.

  9. Nicole Daniels says:

    I love this magazine, it is so positive and full of great tips. Problem is, hard to get in my area so a subscription would be dream come true. This magazine holds dear to my heart our world and how we should take more care and love of it, and live a true life.

  10. Nadine Rodgers says:

    Wished you lived closer…we would be friends…Nadine Rodgers

  11. Kimberly Busby says:

    I have been a subscriber in the past with a gift subscription from my mother. Unfortunately couldn’t renew…single mom budgets constraints and all. Your magazine is just a joy to read. Love all the inspiring pictures, farmgirl community, and recipes. So glad you have an internet presence so I can stay in touch. Thank you for the chance to win.

  12. paula grieb says:

    I buy your magazine from time to time and look at them again. I want to make the outdoor bathtub. I acquired a claw foot bathtub from Freecycle. Have the Hurricaine burner. Will set it up soon.

  13. Bonny Salsbery says:

    I love that its geared toward women and the combo of encouraging innate femininity and toughness- they do go hand in hand!

  14. Barbara Landry says:

    Love your magazine. It helps to dream about a future life when I am retired and able to farm full time. Thank you so much for the dreams.

  15. denise says:

    I recently found your website. My girls (and I) want to start earning patches. I would love a subscription to your magazine

  16. Amy B says:

    Hoot! Put me in! Love MJF!

  17. Alysia Peters says:

    Love you magazine. So inspirational. A life time subscription would be amazing! A year would be fantastic! Thanks for the contest opportunity.

  18. ann welsh says:

    As a new subscriber..three years..I love this magazine .. the recipes that catch my eye are made immediately .. gardening tips much appreciated, as are the crafts. I love the articles…
    We downsized a few years ago.. this magazine allows me to relive my gardens that I miss sooo much..and hope to someday have again.. have been blessed with an amazing life!
    I am a “Lifer” with your much loved magazine…
    (I gave a year to my mother…because this truly is The Best for the Farmgirl we all long to be!)

  19. April woodfin says:

    We bought a ten acre farm last year that we are rebuilding. I started looking for any kind of magazines I could get about farming. I checked them all out and the kind I could relate to the most was Mary Janes Farm! I love the craft projects, the recipes, the special writers and one day, I want my own glamper:) I cannot wait to put all the usefuthings to work that I’ve learned.

  20. Erin M. says:

    Already a reader and enjoy the magazine.

  21. Jayne Locas says:

    Love your magazine and all of your posts…I often share them on my Facebook page BlessMyBloomers…

  22. Denise Dugan says:

    I am going back to my roots and this magazine is just the ticket!

  23. Mindy says:

    I happened across the blog one day, I can’t even remember what I was searching for. I spent way too much time there, but enjoyed every minute.

  24. Joy Clark says:

    I would love this! I heard about the mag from a friend.

  25. Sandi Lynn says:

    Aloha! I live in a tropical paradise, but my second home on the ‘mainland’ is where I learned many things “Mary Jane”. Thank you for taking me home, time after time.

  26. Hope Davis says:

    This magazine has held a space in my heart for almost every stage of my life- from learning to garden, to getting our first chicks, to relationships……

    It is timeless and sweet and classic

  27. Amy Cyr says:

    I love your magazine because it brings me joy, and peace.

  28. Dalyn says:

    I love the magazine for the great photos, introductions to interesting people doing interesting and productive things and the great recipes!

  29. Dina M says:

    Maryjanes’s Farm magazine is my all-time favorite! I send a gift subscription to my daughter and we both LOVE, LOVE this magazine.

  30. Ellen says:

    Received a subscription from my sister which it just expired and what great timing for this wonderful free giveaway! Your magazine is top priority and all others are cast aside until this one is read and ideas are pinned down. I only wish that that I could get away with many of the artsy living styles that others have created. Maybe someday I’ll be able to wear that frilly frock afterall.

  31. Mary R says:

    I would love a subscription to your magazine, I am working on a backyard garden and need all the help that I can get.

  32. Karen Hause says:

    love your magazine…full of interesting articles and great things to try !

  33. Tawnya says:

    My life and my home have been transformed since the moment I picked up a MaryJanesFarm magazine! Since bringing home that first issue, we bought a 1966 Aloha and go Glamping, added an outdoor clawfoot tub, 14 organic raised beds, 8 chickens and most recently 2 ducks! Thank you!!

  34. Candace Wilson says:

    Seen this magazine on a friends Facebook page. I love the country life and am planning on buying one.

  35. Molly says:

    I love your magazine because it makes me feel good about how we are raising our family and what traditions and ways we are passing down to the next generation.

  36. lydia P says:

    i heard about this on FB and love to get one i a country girl in heart living in a small city city sucks

  37. I cannot always get to the store in time to score a copy of your magazine, so winning a subscription would be a treat!

  38. Susie Simpson says:

    I have been subscribing for about 3 years now. I enjoy your magazine very much because I am not into all of the glamor and glitze you find in most ladies magazines. I am a farmgirl. I was born and raised on a working dairy farm in Pennsylvania, and live on a farm just a few miles from where I grew up. We have horses and beef cattle. I am concerned with the genetically altered food that is out there, and its effects on us and our animals. When I read other magazines I tend to skip alot of pages because the articles do not interest me. Maryjane’s Farm, I read every page, even the ads. Keep up the good work. I hope am lucky and get picked! Thank you!

  39. MaryDee Moote says:

    Your magazine is wonderful! Would love to win a subscription

  40. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I love your magazine because I am a country girl who moved to the big city. I would love to get back to the country some day, and your mag makes me feel like that is possible! Love the craft ideas and recipes also!

  41. Mary M Jones says:

    I’ve never heard of the magazine before, but it sure looks like my type of magazine. I’d love to win one. Also would love a free copy of one.

  42. Nancy Trump says:

    today’s my birthday and finding out about Maryjane’s Farm is such a gift!

  43. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    The magazine has so many interesting articles about farmgirls (even in the city, like me), crafts, new ways to be friends of the earth, and more ways to have fun! Thanks so much also for your Raising Janes and excellent products. THANKS, Mary Beth

  44. Betty Anne Chambers says:

    Great magazine, very inspiring, I have used many of your ideas at my own place in Northern B.C. ,Canada, its nice that you are eco friendly, and luv the vintage aspect….:)

  45. I just discovered your magazine. I love it because it contains everything I’m interested in. Starting our farm, canning, crochet, glamping and all of the other good stuff

  46. Staci says:

    I love MJF! Very inspirational and lovely to behold. : )

  47. Teresa Diamond says:

    Found you when I was looking around the web and doing searches. I am excited to learn more. Haven’t seen the magazine around town, and am thankful to have found the website and face book page.

  48. Leah Loyer says:

    I am not a new reader, I love the magazine but I have some high medical bills to get past before I can start enjoying the things that I love again!

  49. Naomi says:

    I’ve grown up and lived in urban settings and have felt out-of-place, both in location and era, for a long while. Mary Jane’s Farm is like spending time with a good friend and having that good friend bring out the real me. I love to bring the old-fashioned, tried and true, withstand the test of time, ways into this current, fast-paced, always changing for “the next best thing” world. Thank you for the breath of fresh (country) air!!

    PS – I had a subscription but had to let it lapse for financial reasons this year. I do so hope I can reconnect with my “friend” again!!


  50. pamela says:

    I love maryjanes farm magazine because it touches on the country side of me that i love. It is full of interesting topics and diy tutorials that i never thought of trying. I can never wait for the next issue!

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