GIVEAWAY: assorted books & magazines

Chipped nail polish, worn-out soles, split ends … everything gets a little beat up now and then, and the same is true for books and magazines.

These poor souls just didn’t survive bumps in the road, the jostle of UPS boxes, the printing press and/or were squished in an overt display of misjudged stacking.

This particular Glamping with MaryJane book was feelin’ a little bent out of shape, or so it appears. The rest of the pages are in purrrfffect condition, you won’t miss this blank polka dot page, will you? There are 224 more pages to look at! The first person to leave me the comment “polka dot” gets this book.


Same with this copy of my mother’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook. Juuuusssssst a sticky page or two later and the rest is good as gold, right as rain, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, you get the idea. You want it? The first person who hollers out “shilly shally” gets this one!


This Artists in Aprons issue #9 suffered a creased brow … paper surgery? “Tisn’t good to get bent out of shape because it’s still good inside. Put on yer’ cowgirl spurs and give me a “waaa-hooo” if you’d like to take this one home.


And this one? Well, the recipes are perfectly good, even if the front has a few scuffs. The 50 baking mix recipes inside means that once you open it, you won’t be looking at the cover again for a long, long, long time. The first person to promise they’ll use organic ingredients, gets my vote, k? And then I’ll send it off to ya.


  1. Wanda Sue Aldridge says:

    Shilly shally!

  2. Lisa says:

    Shilly shally!! I would LOVE to have a copy of Mary Jane’s Idea, Cookbook, Lifebook!

  3. Jan says:


  4. Laurie Dimino says:

    Polka Dot!!!
    Would love to share this with my sister!

  5. Cheryl C says:

    Polka Dot!

  6. Jennifer Memolo says:

    Polka dots

  7. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I already have all of these great publications and I absolutely love them! The Special Recipe issue is full of wonderful recipes! And the Idea book is so full of ideas and projects. I have probably read it cover to cover 3 or 4 times now!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I solemnly promise to use all organic ingredients. 🙂

  9. Linda Radziminski says:

    waaa hooo

  10. shawna matos says:


  11. Cathy R says:


  12. Ellen says:

    I promise to use organic ingredients for your great recipes! I love your blog and wish I lived on your farm. xx Ellen

  13. Ellen says:

    Waa hoo!

  14. C Rogers says:

    I always use organic ingredients & will continue to do so! Would love to have the recipe magazine!

  15. nan roberts says:


  16. Karlyne says:

    The responses were hilarious! Polka dot. Shilly shally. Waa-hoo. I hereby faithfully promise to use organic ingredients. Sounds like some sort of party game!

  17. I love, love, love Polka Dots…..crisp, or a bit wonky…. just luv ’em!!

  18. Congratulations to all you lucky FarmGirl sisters ! Happy Day!

  19. Rebecca Tayor says:

    Polka Dot! 🙂

  20. Darlene Ricotta says:

    Well Shilly Shally a bit too late.
    Have a great day. I would be interested in Glamping with Mary Jane though.

  21. Vivian V says:

    WaaHoo I’ve been on an apron sewing binge & would LOVE the sewing issue!

  22. Amanda says:


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  24. carolj says:

    Waaa-hooo! Love artists and aprons.

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