GIVEAWAY: “Junk Gypsy, All That Glitters”

For a chance to win a FREE copy of the Junk Gypsies’ new book, Junk Gypsy: Designing a Life at the Crossroads of Wonder & Wander, tell me how MaryJanesFarm has inspired you to upcycle a junk find in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-December.

You’ll see how the Junk Gypsies have transformed vintage Airstreams into glittery glampers in the Dec/Jan issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

  1. charley livingston says:

    I want to win!!!!

  2. Stacey leppo says:

    We live on the coast. We used an old lobster trap for our kitchen bar light.We had to downsize and basically used everything in a different way. Love it

  3. I have found awesome fabrics that were intended for tables at flea markets and have made slip covers for pillows and my couch. Still working on the couch one 🙂 I also own my own business and I am always redoing things in the shop to make them look fresh!

  4. I am just displaying so many old things that others might just throw out.

  5. Tammy Wallace says:

    I love the look and use it in my home and in my new chicken coop! I have used pieces from friends, they are the ones that I love the most, unique looks and fond memories!!!!

  6. lyn michiels says:

    I can’t say Mary Jane’s farm has inspired any one project i have done. What it has done for me is helped me to keep my dreams alive for that farm life that I love. From raising animals, gardening, cooking and making things beautiful right where you are.I believe you are inspiring a whole new generation to embrace these beautiful things. I also love your idea of make do, use it up, or do with out. You have brought beauty into my life, thanks.

  7. debbie terry says:

    Mary Jane’s is responsible for my husband and I now planning to purchase and refurbish and airstream one day in our retirement. We tend to purchase or use things that others have discarded. We use them to death or find new uses and Mary Jane’s has great ideas that go into our “when the kids are out of the house” project list.

  8. Gail Long says:

    We have received your magazine for many years. I keep them in a large basket. My husband recycled a broken chair into an easel. I love art so it was perfect for me to display my favorite things. Thanks for all you do to keep us happy and inspired.

  9. Dana Moore says:

    Would love love to win!

  10. Robin Stratton says:

    I am collecting plastic shopping bags from the various chain stores. These will be cut and wound into balls. This will be used to crochet sleeping mats for the homeless in our area. Students where I sub are alsocollecting the bags in order to help others.

  11. Marybeth Ferrie says:

    My husband and I make somewhat of a game of rescuing and rehabbing discarded items. Antique window frames fitted with mirrors, rusty rake heads as necklace storage, old sheet music as cabinet lining in my teacup cabinet…I am getting ready to repurpose the headboard of the crib our four children used into a chalkboard to put up over my desk. Love the magazine and have gifted it many times!

  12. Ronda Crosby says:

    I turned moms old sewing machine stand into a lovely bathroom sink.

  13. We pick up “anything good” curbside, add paint, distress and new blingy knobs, giving us “rustic elegance” and use at our wedding barn and retail store.

  14. We pick up “anything good” curbside, add paint, distress and add blingy knobs, and use @ our wedding barn and retail store.

  15. Linda Olson says:

    I have repurposed a shoemaker’s cobbler tool into a hat stand.

  16. Sarah Daniels says:

    MaryJane Farm inspired me to make an erasable calendar from an old window I found at a yard sale for $2. That was years ago and it has been the best way for us to keep track of crazy busy schedules. Thanks MaryJane!

  17. Pam Wicks says:

    Your magazine has always been writin to speak to women and to encourage them to recognize their strengths through your own strength. My grandparents ran a general store way out in a valley in Wisconsin so my upbringing is familiar with the type of articles you give to us. My nitch is sewing. It gives me the freedom to not settle for the norm.

    I gave a subscription to my cousin this year for Christmas. . If I know her….she’ll grab her coffee and read it cover to cover like I do. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. I have my grandparents step-back cupboard which was in sad shape. I had it striped from years of paint and varnish to find a beautiful oak underneath… but still needing work. The back of the top section was 1/4 inch oak boards ranging from 5 inches to 3 inches in width. Some were cracked and splintered and all were very badly bowed. I found new boards that matched perfectly at a local lumber yard and replaced the old ones. I, of course, did not want to discard the original boards so I cut each board to different lengths with slight angles on each end and nailed each one to another small piece of oak (rescued from the cupboard). I now have a vintage Christmas tree from those pieces and it just adds to the memories of my childhood and grandparents!

  19. Robin Crittenden says:

    Old blue jeans made a wonderful purse and quilt which can be used outside on as a tablecloth

  20. I have up cycled everything from old sewing spools into Christmas ornaments, to torn out windows into snappy wall art!! It’s just too much fun!! Of course my next project is transforming the five rake heads I’ve gathered up into wine glass racks to go with my recycled cheese boards to give as Christmas gifts this season.

  21. Karen Varney says:

    Look forward to seeing my magazine in the mailbox each time! Love it!

  22. Laura says:

    Love reading through your magazine. The inspiration that it gives me to both up-cycle and just try new things is great. I have up-cycled vintage sewing machine legs, piano benches and china hutches. I absolutely love the idea of taking someting “old” and finding a new job for it in my home.

  23. Joyce himebaugh says:

    Love MJF! Magazine ideas inspired me to turn my grandmother’s old floursack tablecloths with wear holes into tablerunners and napkins. They are over 100 years old and beautiful in so many ways. Thank you!

  24. Jan Hubbard says:

    I use old embroidered dollies/clothes into doll clothes, gift bags ( ie birthday, ect. ), I love to use old blue jeans to make purses and book bags.

    • Becky says:

      Jan, I love to read-use and re-purpose old dollies and old jeans. Is there anything better than great inspiration with things at hand? Keep up the great repurposing!

  25. Mary Lahr says:

    What other magazines does Mary Jane have

  26. Anna Jane Hudock says:

    I like to take articles of clothing and make them into memory quilts for friends and family.

  27. Sue Leavell says:

    I got an old chicken coop and put it in my cottage to use it to hold my gardening tools. I love the magazine and surprised my sister with one.

  28. Cynthia brazell says:

    After seeing the faire terrarium in your Christmas edition magazine I dug out an old, almost identical terrerum I’ve had for years and made my own! It was a project with my granddaughter complete with fairys, Christmas tree, snow, lights and bunnies! We love it!

  29. Sandy Y says:

    I’m having my husband make me one of the rolling pin wall rack. I just loved it and want one for my kitchen. I shopped thrift stores and antique shops for rolling pins. I rescued a few of them.

    I love your magazine and look forward to reading it cover to cover. Thanks for the great work.

  30. Linda Osborne says:

    Only recycled a few dressers but love your magazine Mary Jane. My father who raises a few chickens also loves the tips inside. Hope to get back to trying to re do some pieces in the spring here in Canada and this book looks a gem of ideas!

    Linda O.

  31. Carol Fullman says:

    I have great ideas for an old bed frame to upcycle into a bench.

  32. Amy Stingle says:

    Can’t really think of anything specific that I’ve recycled….not off the top of my head, but I have subscribed to the magazine from the very beginning…almost. Although the very FIRST issue was not available to me and is the ONLY issue missing. And believe it or not….I have kept every issue!!! And the books….yes, I have those too. Thank you Mary Jane!!!

  33. Michelle Kirby says:

    I hate throwing anything away when it can still be useful.

  34. Edith Anne Davila says:

    I had a couple of large cut crystal type lamps. I removed all the lamp “wiring/innards”. I had a few large cut crystal platter/plates approx. 16-18″ in diameter. I used one for the base. Topped the base with the tall crystal lamp piece/section, and topped it all off with a 2-3″ large round plate/bowl or fruit bowl type dish for the birds to bathe in. Added a handful of glass stones to glimmer in the sunlight to attract birds. Used some clear drying glass glue from Home Depot to secure the pieces to make an very elegante’ crystal bird bath! I can use it outdoors, say on a nice covered porch…..or even indoors as a conversation piece that cathches my bonnet when I come in from gardening! Beautiful farmgirl chic!

  35. Edith Anne Davila says:

    So sorry , when I wrote 2-3″ large round bowl/dish……I should have said 2-3″ Deep large round bowl/dish. Guess I pulled the “POST COMMENT” trigger before I proofread my post. So much excitement down here in Dripping Springs, Texas!

  36. Julie Odden says:

    I upcycle as much as I possibly can! My husband ripped out our old flooring and I plan to make some great things out of the wood! Maybe a great Christmas gift!

  37. Paula Leyva says:

    found some old wood in the burn pile, added some letters and it’s hanging in the house & everyone loves it!

  38. Kim Foos says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm has helped me develop an eye for looking at old things in new ways. I especially like 1940’s good old Made in USA farmhouse type things. I always say I’m bringing the farmhouse home once piece at a time. I’m not super talented and crafty yet but I’m not afraid to try.

  39. Marci Fricke says:

    I turned an old salvage desk and a separate shelving unit into an outdoor garden potting bench/work area!

  40. Diane Van Horn says:

    I have always been an dumpster diver and re-purposer and my monthly MaryJane’s Farm magazine gives me inspiration and fresh ideas!

  41. Audrey Kiernan says:

    So exciting love to see other junk sisters and fun they have.

  42. Christine Manck says:

    I found an old solid wood dresser at a yard sale for only $20.00. I stripped all of the paint off it. I then framed the top and laid down small tiles, some being sea glass colored. I then painted the dresser a light blue but left the drawers the natural wood. I bought new glass pulls to match the sea glass tiles. It’s beautiful!

  43. Monica Bloomberg says:

    I have made several old doors into various projects, benches, shelves, etc

  44. Marcia Staley says:

    I use rag rugs in my kitchen-they are made out of old denim jeans-wear well and look great!

  45. Donna Wheeler says:

    Painting old pallets to give away

  46. Rebecca Barbarino says:

    I have been upcycling for years but MaryJane’s Farm has taken it to a whole new level. Haven’t done anything recently but am planning to decorate my back porch for Christmas using a bunch of discarded Christmas ornaments that a local store discarded.

  47. Tracy Snyder says:

    What haven’t I gotten out of your magazine? I was hooked from the very first Mary Jane’s Farm that I picked up. Bought it religiously until I finally realized I should just subscribe. I’ve made the recipes, done the crafts, recycled many an odd object on my little farm to be made into something new. We’ve made furniture out of pallets, even my barn is made out of pallets!

  48. Candy Kitchen says:

    We have been working on a 1955 Studebaker bus for awhile. We hope to upcycle it into an Rv. Our dream is to decorate it like a soda shop. Seeing your finished camper gives us courage to continue on.

  49. Carolyn White says:

    Mary Janes Farm has inspired me to upcycle all of these old & no longer large enough jeans into totes, lace trimmed cut offs & utility aprons for sale on ebay & etsy. Mary Janes Farm is my choice as Christmas Gift to several of my closest “sisters.”

  50. connie richardson says:

    I loved the “Glamping” pictures so I bought an old FEMA trailer, which was in good shape, and painted it with fresh, bright colors. Now everyone wants it. I’m a bred and buttered farm granny and love everything about Mary Jane’s Farm. Thanks for a beautiful and informative magazine. Wish it came monthly!

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