GIVEAWAY: “LuLaRoe, All That Glitters”

For a chance to win a pair of playful, colorful, LuLaRoe leggings, tell me what your favorite woman-run business is in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-December.


You’ll find out how to transform a vintage coat into an upcycled masterpiece (the perfect companion to a pair of LuLaRoe leggings) in the Dec/Jan issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

  1. Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates from Landmark Creamery, located in Albany, Wisconsin
    Cheese makers from creamy sheep, goat and cows milk; Their website is:

  2. V'Ann Giuffre says:

    The Wandering Thistle in Bedford, TX. Owned by Theresa who makes, in shop, her own soaps, bath salts, essential oil blends. Beautiful store run by someone with such a beautiful heart and soul.

  3. Barbara Jones says:

    My favorite women run business is The Creative Needle quilt shop in Littleton CO

  4. Judith S says:

    Jarman’s Greenhouses and Primitives ranks at the top of my list. The business is owned by a woman who is a one person whirlwind of inspiration, ideas and hard work. Her talents allow her to create furniture pieces from castoffs, plant stands from iron junk. One of the best shops i have seen. And the bonus is that is not too far from my house.

  5. Julia says:

    I love Steel Petal Press in Chicago. She did my wedding invitations years ago and still I can’t stop looking at her new products and getting greeting cards for any occasion I can think of 🙂 She makes and old school letter press process feel so fresh and modern.

    Steel Petal Press® is a Chicago–based letterpress studio owned and operated by Shayna Norwood.

  6. Marcia Staley says:

    I really enjoy Wanda Brunstetter-she is a great auther!

  7. Paula Ann Leyva says:

    Special Needs Bakery in Lawrenceville, Ga is the place to find Tempa,and her husband, Mike, and her son,Bradley, she help so many, special needs adults, enjoy their work! Baking….
    Baking the BEST EVER cupcakes!!!

  8. Kelly Bueker says:

    my business! I work for myself cleaning homes of people who have health problems mostly that can’t do the work without pain. I only answer to myself to make sure I hear those wonderful words, “my house looks so nice!”.

  9. Janel Leksan says:

    I love Farm House Frocks. They make abulous styles of shirts that I love, and the ladies are always upbeat and on the look for new designs!

  10. Shelli L Miller says:

    The Heritage Hut owned by Mary Kanesny in Wichita, KS, is a unique yarn and weaving shop. This business has served for many years as a gathering place for women and young girls who are interested in learning now-rare skills such as loom weaving and tatting, along with traditional knitting and crochet.

  11. Marilyn says:

    My absolute favorite place to be — Lancaster Yarn Shop in Intercourse, PA. Wendy Ellis is a teacher at heart and KNOWS fiber. She will gladly make a knitter out of just about anyone. She has built a wonderful and loving community of fiber folk in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country.

  12. Sara says:

    My daughters egg business!

  13. Mary says:

    My hat is off to all of them! Most women have enough to juggle if they have families but to through running your own business in the mix…’re braver than I am.

  14. Danielle says:

    Uniquely Chic in Spokane, WA with fabulous finds.

  15. Gloria Sykes says:

    My daughter sells LuLaRoe. I have watched her start as a beginner and is now a trainer with 15 other women under her. She has only been in the business for about two years. She also does some public speaking promoting LuLaRoe. I, of course, think she is amazing, but she is!

  16. Phyllis. J. Colborne says:

    The little shop is called Got-A-Lot ,it is a gift shop run by a friend of mine and it is just so neat and organized ,things from antique to modern to quirky. Very unusual things . It’s mesmerizing, sparkly and just plain fun to shop here,music in background and friendly talk from all inside. It’s my little get away. Also chocked full. Web site on line.

  17. Honey says:

    I love Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman), and the values she represents on her Food Network show, blog, and now in her new Mercantile store. She started sharing with the world her life on the ranch through her blog and now has home goods for sale in a major store. She has helped reinvigorate her hometown by renovating a closed store to its former glory and filling it with jobs, great food and fun items. If I ever get to Oklahoma I’m sure to check it out!
    These LuLaRoe leggings designs too fun and make me smile.

  18. Robin Stratton says:

    My favorite woman ran business is West Virginia Quilting. It is ran by a good friend Michelle. She not only has beautiful fabric but all the things to make gorgeous quilts. She also makes and sells delicious chocolates! This business is in Barboursville, Wv.

  19. Linda Stark says:

    I go to the Farmer’s Market every weekend from May to October; while there I always visit the handmaid goats milk soap booth. The owner is a mother and daughter that have some of the best soaps around, I’ve even gotten my husband to switch to their soaps – they are: Forever Summer Soaps. I love her lavender herb, charcoal soaps and bath bombs.

  20. Katherine Job says:

    Be Me Butters and Oils. The amazing woman who owns this business, Lisa Archey, has given away more of her product to cancer patients and those with skin diseases than any other woman-owned company I know. She is so caring and darling…I think she’s the best!

  21. Ellie Kolodzieski says:

    There are some amazing woman-run businesses in my neck of the woods. Perhaps my favorite is my farmer friend Clare who owns and solo-operates a farm that uses organic practices and permaculture design principles. She also has honeybees and Icelandic chickens!

  22. Dee Carter says:

    My favorite run business by a woman is Beta Sigma Phi. BSP is an International sorority, not college affiliated. Located in Kansas City, MO Laura Ross Wingfield is the 3rd generation, following her father and grandfather. Membership is in the thousands and keeping it going, getting new members, sharing new ideas to keep members interested. She is doing a great job. No, it’s not a real physical job but keeping it all going with this many women, she does a super job!

  23. Sharron Currie says:

    My favorite woman owned/run shop is MOSS in Port Angeles, WA. Haley Croxford is a PAHS Graduate that moved away and then returned a few years ago. Her store is a clothing store in downtown Port Angeles. It is Northwest Themed and her artistic design is self created and always changing. We were a logging town, but with economic changes, four of our five mills have shut down, and have been torn down. Haley and a few other former classmates are transforming our shuttered downtown area. They have unique and fresh ideas and are very community oriented. Their hard work and ingenuity are showing promise. I think it says so much about the commitment of this community…..we support our young people ……and they give back ten-fold…..Perpetuity… wonderful!

  24. Linda Dixon says:

    Cute cute cute!!!

  25. Gayl Weiser says:

    My favorite woman run business is The Paper Daisy located in the famous Short North District of Columbus, Ohio. Run by Kim Meacham; it is a sensory adventure to walk inside the door! Actually even a peek through the creatively designed window is a treat for a winter weary soul. Kim’s designs are cutting edge. She has a phenomenal sense of color and design, even in the simplest arrangements.
    Great place to recharge on a dreary day!

  26. Sharon Kipping says:

    Gautreaux Horse Shoeing in Beaverdam, Virginia is my favorite women run business. She is a well known and respected horseshoer here in Virginia.

  27. Deborah Powell says:

    Erin Brown’s Dolce Bakery in Prairie Village, KS, has the best scones and sweets. She is on the web under The chocolate espresso cookies are so good.

  28. Kris says:

    My husband and I own a small copy shop on our main street in Virginia, MN. The back half of the building was empty and so I decided to rent it out. I now have two wonderful, energetic female dog groomers. I had no idea the amount of time and physical strength they need to lift some of the dogs I see come through our door. Thank you Cathy and Beth for making it fun to come to work every day. Who doesn’t love to hold a puppy…

  29. LeaAnn Hendrie says:

    Two men and a Truck, it’s a moving company thst cares. Was started by a woman in a Field mostly ran by men and she still runs it today. One of the most popular moving companies.

  30. Nancy Smith says:

    My favorite woman-run business is RiversEdge Salon in Rossville, TN. Mary takes such good care of all her customers!

  31. Sylvia Allen says:

    Blizzard Yard And Fiber in Vancouver WA is owned by Irina Blizzard, she has cultivated an amazing community of spinners knitters crocherters and weavers. The help and support given in this shop is truly amazing. As a new knitter two years ago I was constantly popping in for help with some mistake I had made. someone there would always get me straightened out. Their support and encouragement have kept me going and turned me into a passionate knitter! Irina has made a wonderful place to learn these vanishing arts.

  32. Kay Jones says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm is my favorite magazine business which teaches so many things to learn and know.

  33. Fairy Dust Creations in Camano Island, WA

  34. Bobbi-Jo Burdin says:

    My favorite women-run business is my own, with 2 girlfriends, called Simply Sisters!
    We are located in Gardiner, Maine. We make wooden items for the home and gifts. And, we love to repurpose vintage items into new creations!

  35. karin smith says:

    i too love mary janes farm. I love the family highlighted in it, the fun it looks, the crafts, the food, the animals and the gardening. when i get my next issue in the mail, i love to just feast with my eyes on the beautiful arrangement of things on the cover. Everything stimulates my creativity. And it has awakened in this 54 year olds heart a desire to do things more enviornment friendly.
    I have gifted my daughters and friends with the magazine. They all love it.

  36. Jennifer Lake / Jennifer Lake Miller
    She is a well know artist in our area. She is know for her paintings ( My favorite) and over the years I have watched her build a wonderful business with greeting cards, photography (New), fabric , Tshirts ect. Very strong and creative women. Please check her out.

  37. Karin Smith says:

    i love Mary Jane and all that she has created with her creativity and hard work. The magazine is a wonderful tribute to family, animals, enviornment, creativity, gardening and all that is wonderful in our lives. It is so uplifting to read. And i love that Mary Jane has felt so strongly about certain products that she came up with her own line of them..and stands behind them.

  38. Alicia Seaman says:

    When I was a little girl my stay-at-home mom learned how to make baskets and started a very successful business selling them to make some extra money for Christmas presents for my sisters and me. She even held “basket parties” and everything! I am proud to have such a loving, resourceful mother!

  39. I work with Lara Duffin who is a professional cosplayer making amazing Wonder Woman costumes at VivaWW. She dons a costume every week (sometimes twice!) and donates time and gifts to the local children’s hospital with Heartfelt Heroes, bringing smiles to their faces. She is one of the most amazing women I know.

  40. Kimberly Lammott says:

    My favorite Women – run business is my daughter Emma, “Lularoe with Emma”. She became a consultent in August and is doing a fabulous job. I have fun helping her with her open houses. The leggings truly are butter soft. Thank you Mary Jane. Kim

  41. S May says:

    The Corner Store in Sibley IL. It is what I call a specialty store located on the corner of the old main street in a very small rural community and she has a little bit of everything – various colors of graniteware, home décor, boutique style scarves and jewelry, specialty foods, teas and gourmet coffees (with samples out every day), soaps, lotions, specialty kitchenware, etc. She has some of the best faux flowers and battery operated timer candles and light strings in a two hour area! She has special spring, fall, holiday, and sidewalk sales in which she still mails a colorful postcard to your home for each one. She goes out of her way to help you get what you want…. dismantling displays and putting things together to see if you like it and looking in the back for more of the items you are looking for! She has a warm, inviting, friendly store and customer service is a top priority for her!

  42. Carol Jacot says:

    I love the 3 sisters who run the Christmas House shop in Felferous, Tx. They are entertaining & the gift shop is so cute in their original little home where they were raised. All 3 never married & all three were teachers in their little town. They are 90, 87, & 73 years young.

  43. Kate Whalen says:

    Branch Equine Veterinary Services In Arundel/Kennebunk Maine! Owner, Dr. Nicole Mailhot is a graduate of Colorado State University. Associate, Dr. Krista Lindquist is a graduate of University of Tennessee.
    Branch Equine is a large animal ambulatory practice providing routine and advanced care for horses, camelids, and small ruminants. They provide routine and preventative care including internal medicine, vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, lameness evaluation, and reproduction services. They also are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. — Their practice is dedicated to providing the best medical care while also building treasured personal relationships. We love Doctors Nicole and Krista!

  44. Jaylyn Morehouse says:

    My absolute favorite place to shop for second hand clothing is ran by an amazing team of women in Lawrence, KS. It’s called Arizona Trading Company. These gals know what’s up! I’ve always been able to find an interesting treasure whenever I step foot into the store. And now that I’m living in a different state, I still stalk their Instagram photos because they will ship anywhere in the U.S.

  45. Jennifer says:

    I can think of several women run business that I love, but I think my favorite is Paris in Bleu toy and doll boutique in Hayden, Idaho.

  46. Terri Kortz says:

    My favorite woman-run business would definately be Mary Janes Farm Magazine!
    It is my absolute favorite magazine! It is loaded with all of the things so near and dear to my heart. 🙂
    I enjoy supporting the natural and good things that you represent. I can appreciate all of it! 🙂
    Be encouraged and keep up all of the good that you do! Thank you. Terri 🙂

  47. Julie says:

    My favorite woman-run business is my young daughter’s women’s consignment clothing store, Arctic Belle Boutique. She started it as a junior in high school and three years later it continues to offer high-quality, gently-worn, clothing to women in bush Alaska. She has 130 consignors from our small community of 6,000.

  48. Brenda Knode says:

    My favorite is Midnight Monkey in Smithville, Texas. They feature handmade items and gifts from individuals from different parts of the country. Right now their inventory is from New Mexico. They are undecided where the next featured place will be but the anticipation is exciting.

  49. Paula Hany says:

    My own business, of course! Havenly Bliss Antiques and Gifts in Saybrook, IL. In addition to selling antiques, I enjoy the new world of DIY projects, repurposing and refurbishing items that need a new life.

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