GIVEAWAY: “LuLaRoe, All That Glitters”

For a chance to win a pair of playful, colorful, LuLaRoe leggings, tell me what your favorite woman-run business is in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-December.


You’ll find out how to transform a vintage coat into an upcycled masterpiece (the perfect companion to a pair of LuLaRoe leggings) in the Dec/Jan issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

  1. JoLynn Lowe says:

    Mary Janes Farm of course. I admire her hard work and ability to turn things she loves and knows into a unique business that says women are strong and smart and can do anything. I grew up on a small farm in Idaho and come from families of hard working farmers and ranchers so I can relate to Mary Jane on many levels.

  2. Candace Jantti says:

    I think a woman owned business is cleaner, cost effective, and more personified than a mans. Because women are caring, smart, and very strong regardless of our jobs.

  3. Janis Frye says:

    Junk Gypsy girls in Round Top, Texas

  4. Cindy Foote says:

    LuLaRoe, sweet clothing, comfortable and oh so cute!

  5. Lorna Joyce Packard says:

    Lets all be glad that Cindy Joseph is on the womens scene now,,as she has changed the way women think about their looks.She is the owner of Boom,

  6. Lorna Joyce Packard says:

    Cindy Joseph,who has redefined how women look after 50,she is the owner of Boom.

  7. Carissa Reid says:

    I am very fortunate in that I don’t have to choose just one woman owned business that I love. I can choose an entire group! MOB NW is an alliance of mom-owned business here where I live in the Pacific NW. I follow on Facebook, have attended a few events and craft fairs hosted for MOBs and anytime I see any sporting the MOB NW logo, I try to support their business. It is a marvelous endeavor and network and I love being a part of it!


  8. Casey Crockett says:

    The itty-bitty knitty shop in Paducah, Kentucky. You can buy supplies or take a class or even knit “knockers” for breast cancer survivors. 🙂

  9. Wild Grains Gluten Free Bakery
    (In Bentonville AR)

    Started as a small wholesale bakery in Bentonville AR in 2014 and now has a storefront. Gluten free delights baked daily! Amazing lemon/strawberry scones!

  10. LaNae McCracken says:

    My favorite has to be Kandi’s Bakery on Main St. Waynesville, NC . The very Best goodies on the planet ! And he hubby helps her and he is not hard on the eyes either!!🎂🍩🍪🍮

  11. Kimberly says:

    My favorite business is a farm stand which is run by a mother daughter team in Matthews, NC.
    They are opened one day a week and grow/harvest the best root vegetables in cool weather and the sweetest tomatoes in summertime. I think that they put sugar in their soil!! 🙂 “Renfroes Farm” also grows the sweetest carrots I have ever tasted. I love eating them right after I buy them with all the greenery at the end ~ they are so delicious! Just like natural candy! When I ask for parsley, daughter will go out to the garden and pick it fresh (same with the leafy greens.) It is truly organic and the most authentic farmstand I have ever bought food from. “Renfroe’s Farm” was born out of a 100 year old hardware store in downtown. This mom and daughter look like they could be Mary Jane’s cousins with their blonde hair, blue eyes, faded jeans and boots. They plan to expand their business. Keep Growing!

  12. susan b says:

    My favorite woman owned business is our local quilt shop – Quilter’s Stash! Always great material – and much needed help!

  13. Jamie Zorn says:

    Becky Higgins from Project Life

  14. Jeannie Sheppard says:

    My favorite run business by a woman is
    Trish Ann Antiques and Tea room in Our little town of Haddock Georgia. Lots of Christmas parties, the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, Christmas with Santa breakfast,business luncheons ,polical forums,special occasion dinners,valentines,etc,
    and LOTS Lots more for our little town.e which only has 1 convenience store,one post office one office building and TWO Trish Ann’s

  15. Janeen says:

    My favorite is Sweetie Pies Bakery in Napa, CA. It is the perfect place for me to enjoy some “me” time with coffee and a pastry.

  16. Pauleta J Clawson says:

    Rustic Cuff bracelets headquartered in Tulsa Oklahoma. Mrs. Donnovan began on her kitchen table and now has bracelets around the world. She is always sharing her profits with those who need help. She truly is a class act that is real.

  17. Laura Doyle says:

    My favorite is a toss-up between my Mom’s and my Sister’s businesses. When I was still in school, my sister bred and sold show rabbits. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the genetics section of my science curriculum, so she took me out to the Rabbitry and pointed at the rabbits and scribbled down notes on their color genetics until it clicked.

    Nowadays she has an online fabric store, and it makes getting supplies for crafting so very easy – just offer to help cut and fold and voila! Lots of fat quarters for me 🙂

    Mom makes and sells primitives. My favorite are the birds she makes. Every time she comes up with a new one I snatch it away to decorate with. When she gets low on moss and sticks and whatnot, we go traipsing through the woods to gather more. She gets the muslin, osnaburg, and homespun from my sister’s fabric store!

  18. My favorite woman run business is Cafe Kolache. Awesome hometown friendly atmosphere as well as great coffee and Kolache’s

  19. Sarah Ross Moberg says:


  20. vicki martin says:

    my fave is the rustic touch in rock island, tn. You step in the front door and your senses come alive. You feel transported to a simpler time as your muscles relax and your smile widens!

  21. Edie says:

    Gulf Coast Birth Resources in Houston, TX. They provide childbirth education and doula services to expecting families.

  22. Beth says:

    My favorite woman run business is my mom’s printing company in our town, she and my dad started it 40+ years ago. My dad passed away 15 years ago and my mom runs the business. She is a strong business woman and believes in integrity in all aspects of her life and business. She is a wonderful role model not only for me but for all her children and grandchildren.

  23. My favorite woman-run business is “Everything’s A Bloomin” in Oakley, KS. The owner, Dana, is a one-woman show, doing it all with her trusty side-kick Buford-the-Bulldog.

  24. mary kay steeves says:

    Broadway Deli in Burns Oregon. Owned and run by Fran Davis who also is a ranch wife, has a bed and breakfast at her home and owns an assisted living facility in Burns.

  25. Marcy says:

    My favorite woman run business is Camp Verde Promotions. When the town wanted to economize and eliminated events that brought in the tourists Carlie Androus and her sister Debbie Roulette stepped up to the plate and took over Pecan and Wine Festival, Corn Festival, and Fort Verde Days. We are so grateful to them for keeping these funs events running for our small town’s entertainment and economy boost.

  26. Sarah L. says:

    My Aunt’s whimsical art business lazy man’s rest.

  27. Belle says:

    Cindy has taken over her Mom’s firewood business, going into cleared timberland and taking all the wood that was left behind, the tree tops they cut into firewood, loaded into their truck and sold to customers. “Mom” put three girls through college going into the woods and taking the leftovers.

  28. Glenda Sue Storm says:

    Mary Janes Farm I love this magazine I learn so much Thank you for putting out sush a amazing magazine

  29. Mary Jo Karasti says:

    My favorite business run by a woman is Log Cabin Coffee. It is a drive thru coffee stop. the small log building was built by the owner. She has incredible coffee!

  30. Tanya Murphy says:

    there are so many out there to choose from, which is fantastic! For me I would say Beth Shaw, from Yogafit. She does so much to help people while following her own path. So many people who she touches then are able to pass on what they have learned, creating a chain of goodness that i think the world really needs more of today 🙂

  31. Lori Mawhorter says:

    My favorite is Say Anything Vinyl. Rae Darefsky runs her business from her very busy home in Eaton Rapids, MI. She has done aprons and T-shirts for me and was so obliging in helping me design them.

  32. Sophia Snyder says:

    My favorite woman run business is A Piece of Maui by Yon Hee La Voie. She combines her creativity with excellent and warm customer care skills. Her jewelry is awesome. She also is an artist. I met her at Westin the North Kaanapali Beach Resort in Maui. My husband graced me with a necklace and pendant: Shell and opal combination. Beautifully executed. She is reasonable and her work is excellent. This necklace will be a lifetime treasure for my anniversary remembrance. I feel like a met not just a artistic jewelry artisan but also a great human being.

  33. Lauren Trank says:

    My favorite woman, Britt Steele, owned business is Deva Daaru. She used her skills and experience to build her dreams into a successful yoga business. Today, she leads teacher trainings, retreats, online classes, writes articles for major magazines, authored a book, and continues to take care of the day to day activities on the farm (which is beautiful too).

  34. Pam Gardner says:

    I conserve water by only doing FULL loads of laundry

  35. Pam Gardner says:

    I also catch rainwater in a rain barrow for watering the garden

  36. Pebora Compton Bowen says:

    There is a picture of a bird on page 34 of Feb Mar edition of Mary Janes Farm Magazine.

    Could you tell me the name of the bird? I just saw one in my backyard today at noon,
    Looks like an owl, but not sure. Never saw this bird before.\

    Thanks so much.

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