GIVEAWAY: “Spring Fever, Lemon Pillow Covers”

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For a chance to win these gorgeous, MaryJanesFarm-made 18″ lemon tea-towel pillow covers, tell me about a time in your life that you made lemonade because life-had-given-you-lemons in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-April.


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  1. Sara Knight says:

    When I was 54 I was diagnosed with MS and had to simplify my life which bought me back to my roots as a FarmGirl at heart.

  2. Ellise Poulsen says:

    My car radiator had holes it and so as a single mom I bought a new one and learned how to change it out myself to save money. The bonus lemonade was finding an interest in mechanics and a stronger “bond” with my car!

  3. Paula Kaatz says:

    Last July the company I worked for closed and I found myself unemployed for the first time in over 30 years. It was a major adjustment to say the least and job hunting was more difficult than I expected. I told myself “you need to find something to do”. I rediscovered my love of crafting. It gave me purpose and even brought in a few bucks when I sold some items. I have since found a new job but I still make time for crafting. I am building an inventory with the hope of joining a craft show in the future or possibly establish an online business. I love “lemons” because they challenge us to step out of our comfort zone.

  4. Cheryl Fiske says:

    When my son and his family had to move in with us while building his new home, I suddenly became babysitter more often than not, to my two grandchildren under age 3, that and also working full time. In the hours that I used to have to myself, I have embraced the new hours filled with little ones, they love to put aprons on and help in the kitchen and do farm chores!

  5. Becky Hatfield says:

    Life is hard sometimes. You have to decide to look at it with a half-empty or a half-full glass. Attitude and mindset go a long ways! The problems may not change, but your attitude toward the problem certainly can. I have decided my survival rate is 100% so far and so I am making lemonade!

  6. Susan Shearer says:

    Serving others always helps me make lemonade from lemons. Focusing on others takes my mind off the lemons in life. I send cards with uplifting messages, give drive-thru employees unexpected tips, pay for the car behind me food order, take flowers to a service organization, etc. I am blessed by focusing on others.

  7. Bobbi-Jo Burdin says:

    The ice arena I work at collapsed in 2011. I thought I was out of job and was very sad. However, the owner decided to rebuild. He rented a construction trailer for an office and porta-potty for the restroom. (Not a lot of comfort for a Maine winter). He kept myself and the manager on until we reopened in 2012. We survived the collapse and the rebuild! I stuck with it. I have a new office, a new boss and a great facility to work at!

  8. Michelle Kirby says:

    Working on lemon into lemonade right now. Family member asked me to watch her dog for a couple of weeks while she moved. A week ago basically told me that she wasn’t coming back for him. I already have three dogs, wasn’t looking for a 85lb fourth, but he’s a sweet boy & none of this is his fault.

  9. Lorita says:

    I love all things lemon. I’ve never had much money but by necessity I’ve been blessed with many garage sale and thrift store adventures to feather my nest. For a time garage sailing was my husband and my date time.

  10. Paula Ann Leyva says:

    Life always throws us some lemons!
    Just suck them up and add a little sugar to make things right!

  11. Claudia Bell says:

    After reading some of the comments about life giving you lemons, I know that I’ve had a pretty good life, all in all. Sure, things have happened that I wished hadn’t but every day I thank the Lord for being alive and still able to go about my life. So, the only lemons in my life now are what I squeeze into water.

  12. Marie P says:

    I was one click away from ordering everything I needed to start my own small artisanal bread bakery, but for once I listened to that little voice that said “You don’t have to order it today. Sit on it for a bit.” So, I didn’t order the racks, proofers, ovens, mixers and other ‘stuff’. I waited. Two days after that I was diagnosed with celiacs disease. And was also told that I have an allergy to all dairy. And eggs. And flax. And almonds. Talk about Lemons! So, after a period of mourning, I decided I was going to kick celiacs a** and learn how to bake awesome, yummy vegan gluten-free breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, and pies! And I almost have it mastered. And I have my health back. Lemonade, baby!

  13. cat says:

    I love lemons. Its hard to find fabrics with lemons on it. These pillows are beautiful.

  14. Tamara Oster says:

    My former spouse left me and our son…there were some hungry times and homeless times. It forced me to earn my education and stand on my own two feet. I was blessed to be given a wonderful husband who supports my military career and my son is now finishing his first year of law school. My cup of lemonade overflows more than I would have thought possible seventeen years ago.

  15. Vicki Jo Bailey says:

    Keep it simple!

  16. Marjie Long says:

    These are such cute pillow coverings and such a cute idea too. A person could use the cloth calendar dish towel also to make covers. We inherited several from family members over the years. Thank you for the opportunity to win these.

  17. Mary Frances Rauch says:

    Those pillows are a treat to look at. Wish they were in my house!…
    My teens, 20’s, 30’s were filled with lemons. Good things started happening and now that I am 78 it’s hard to believe that life used to be so hard.
    Four things I’d like to leave with you:
    “Memories are precious.”
    “Don’t burn your bridges.”
    “Search every day for something to be grateful.”
    “You are not alone.”

  18. jane jordan says:

    Oh, I’ve had a few lemons thrown my way over the years. It seems I usually handle them the same way. I shake my head, dust myself off and remember that I have lifelong friends, good health, and a sense of humor and I know that those three things are the ingredients I need to make some damn good lemonade.

  19. Rebecca D. says:

    I work with fiber (wool, alpaca, llama, etc) sometimes a project just doesn’t work out. So I felt it, work with it and change it, until I’m happy with what I’ve got.

  20. My sister had lemon trees and she came to visit and brought us lemons. We made lemonade, lemon juice and froze it, made lemon merengue pie, to share with the neighbors. But the best was the lemonade stand out front, the kids had so much fun selling and the neighbors were so generou. 🍋🍋Good summertime fun!

  21. Sarah says:

    I have tried to make lemonaid, but I can never get it to taste as good as other do.
    I do love mine cold lemonaid in the summer!
    🍋 ❤️

    • Mary Frances Rauch says:

      Sarah, about your lemonade, some people put the sugar with a little water in a pan, turn on the stove and stir the sugar in the heated water until it completely dissolves (almost like making sugar-syrup). Then use that sugar water to make your lemonade and add as much water is needed to fill the glass.
      That’s what “we southern girls” often do.

  22. Jennifer says:

    My father passed away ten years ago. He was a child of the Depression, a tinkerer, and a “Mickey Mouse inventor” (his words). He had stashes of metal and wood. From Dad’s 2 X 4 stash, my husband constructed an arbor and picket fence to mark off our vegetable garden. So now I look in the backyard and see a lovely reminder of both of the important men in my life.

  23. Denise says:

    During the past year my mother went through a series of life threatening illnesses. Many times we sat in the waiting room to see if she lived or died through surgery. She is still with us but will never be the same. (my lemons) My father and I have never been close, much the opposite. During this same time new bonds have formed and I now have a relationship with him I so missed as a child. (my sweet lemonade)

  24. Bonnie Parker-Duke says:

    A man sexually assaulted me. He went to prison. It could have ruined my life but I had always wanted to write and be published so wrote a 21,000 word article about dealing with the agencies in the wake of the event. The Suttertown News not only published it on their whole front page (it was also a two-part article), but they gave me a byline. It was the only two-parter they had published up to that date.

  25. Marilyn says:

    When my family were looking to rent rooms,we had a nice apartment and thought everything was settled. A few hours later the real estate man called and said the owners changed their minds. Apparently the father of one the couple said we might be noisy since we are Irish. Now you cannot say that and would be in trouble. We did not want to go where we were not wanted, so we let it go. We eventually found another place.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Joan says:

    When I was young and worked in a place that had me working many late nights. I was afraid to leave because i thought I would not get another job. I eventually found the courage to leave and found a job with better hours and nearer to my home. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Marion says:

    I diagnosed with Asthma when I was two years old. I am allergic to many things. I learned to accept that I cannot eat,some of the delicious foods that others take for granted. Thank you for the opportunity to win these lovely Lemon Pillow Covers.

  28. Gaye N. Durst says:

    Life has given me so many lemons, I swim in lemonade!

  29. Joye Gulley says:

    When my children were younger, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on them and because of this they are great, compassionate adults. I make lemonade from the Myer lemons my sister gives to me. If I don’t have the time, I squeeze the lemons and freeze the juice for later. My sister gives the lemons away to those around her.

  30. Love love your magazine
    And these pillow covers to Britten my day

  31. suaan sims says:

    The day I was finally diagnosed with RA I knew I had to do so much research myself , but in my mode to comfort myself, I started looking through photos of my kids when they were young and when I came to one of them and a lemonade stand they had constructed from an old wheel barrel, with a big 5 cent sign and pitchers of lemonade, I truly knew the meaning of when life gives you lemons……

  32. Diana Parsons says:

    I had the worst sore throat of my life. I made some lemonade with honey and real lemons and sipped it warm over the course of a few days. It really helped.

  33. susan b says:

    I made lemonade when I was looking for a new full time job. I took a part time job in retail for Christmas and am still there 10 years later. I have a full time job – and my retail job is for extra money and enjoyment.

  34. Carol Johnson says:

    Every time I make a quilt I seem to have a “lemon” moment or day or week. But, I have learned to drink in the lemonade of a tangible sign that problems are often the key to opening creativity and resourcefulness. Through these many experiences, I’ve learned that the greatest beauty is often in imperfection.

  35. Erika Roberts says:

    Every time you have faith that the ‘lemon’ is there for a reason, ‘lemonade’ comes from it. God is good all the time. <3

  36. Sherry Bell says:

    To early in life I lost my sweet mother to a dreaded disease – cancer. Made me determined to be the best mother and now grandmother I can be and to enjoy being with my loved ones. I praise God for his blessings and for family!

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