Winner!!! GIVEAWAY: Denim Bed

The winner of our Denim Bed giveaway is Janice Hardin, who said in response to our question, “Share with me how it is you happen to be holding a copy of my magazine in your hands (20 years and still growing strong).”:

“It just so happened in this Covid-19 world, I thought I would treat myself to a former pastime of a couple of magazines with some Mother’s Day dollars from my grown daughter, and yours spoke to me from the newsstand. I’m taking my time and enjoying every word.”

Congratulations, Janice! Watch for an email from the farm.

Thank you to all the women who responded with such lovely comments. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them!

  1. Tracie K Provo says:

    Very cool! If I answered the question it would go something like this: I stopped on my way in the driveway today with an RX, 2 boxes – 100 ct blue Christmas lights, and a large bag of M&M’s, to get the mail (piled up from the past two days) only to find a package from my favorite aunt, Mary Jane (from PA- now residing in FL- looking forward to her 92nd birthday at end of February 2021) with a copy of your May-April 2020 magazine and a note card from Aunt Jane encouraging me to enjoy the magazine and to pay attention to the article on the health benefits of intermittant fasting. . . SO… Here I am. . . Looking forward to reading the whole issue.

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