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For a chance to win a FREE Revomax vacuum-insulated flask, tell me one thing you do to conserve water in the comments below. (This hot/cold vacuum bottle opens and closes with the click of a button—no twisting or screwing action needed, allowing one-handed operation.) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


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  1. Jill Lokke says:

    We switched to a low-flow toilet and shower head to conserve water.

  2. Jacki says:

    I take very short Showers and use Rainwater on our Garden. According to our Waterbill we use the same amount of Water as 1 person living in an Apartment and we have a fairly large Garden.

  3. Cheryl Rounds says:

    I wash dishes in two dish pans rather than let the water run also shut off water while brushing my teeth.

  4. Deborah Powell says:

    We replaced old high water use toilets with more efficient lower water use models. The shower heads were also replaced with higher efficiency models.

  5. Jami says:

    Rain barrels, potty #1 don’t flush, turn off water while brushing teeth, shower saver, HE washer, aquarium water used for plants when we clean the tank.

  6. Angela Holdeman says:

    Short showers!

  7. Mary says:

    Teach my kids not to leave the water running

  8. Corine Runnion says:

    Collect rain water for the garden also for my outdoor bath. I collect snow, melt and water houseplants.

  9. Bambi Schmitt says:

    To conserve water, I always turn the faucet off while brushing my teeth and only turn it on to rinse the brush during brushing and quickly turn it back off until finished. It may not save much water, but it saves some.

  10. Iretha Bodnar says:

    We gave up typical gardening and set up aquaponics and we only need to add maybe 10 gallons of water per week. Loads of fresh veggies!

  11. Sara Logan says:

    I use a Brita filter so that every time I go away, I can take my own water instead of buying it. In the summer when it’s so dry, we only water in the early morning or later in the afternoon. We do have a pond but the water recyles.

  12. Eric Hendrie says:

    We have a rain barrel attached to the house to collect the rainwater to water our garden with. Helps cut down on our water alot and lasts awhile since we have a small garden.

  13. Norma Jean Brilliant says:

    Low flow water as much as possible. Rain barrels for outside watering, etc.

  14. I collect all my sink rinse water for plants and have 2 rain barrels.

  15. Sharlene says:

    Saving water by not dumping unfinished glasses down the drain. I use it to water house plants.

  16. Jodel Guerrero says:

    Leave out barrels to catch rain water for all my potted plants outside

  17. Ashley Passino says:

    1. I have low flow toilets, 2. I collect rainwater, 3. I re use grey water, and I use the water fountains for pets for my dog and cat. I am also a prepper, so conserving is second nature to me. I also filter water, as well. Waste not, want not.

  18. Leslie Hayhurst says:

    We planted zero escape plants around our yard. Limited our grass areas. Put in raised beds for our garden and use earth boxes for herbs and small garden plants. We have a water fountain in our back yard for our enjoyment as well as water for our dogs and the birds that visit our yard.

  19. Janet Masters says:

    I collect rain water in buckets and use this water to water plants. I save dish water in my sink to be used more than once. I also have water saving shower heads.

  20. Landwehr Mary Jane says:

    We figure every drop counts, so we turn off the water when brushing our teeth, and only do full loads of laundry.

  21. Kathleen Roper says:

    I do not do any watering in the winter months outside. I do not leaving water running the house sink, I turn it off between actions.

  22. Elle says:

    I fill a glass of water then turn off the faucet when brushing my teeth, rinse with the glass of water. It’s not much but every little bit helps.

  23. Rochelle K says:

    My son actually brought home a shower timer from school. It’s a little 5-minute hourglass and has an attached suction cup to keep it attached to the shower wall easily.

  24. Gail McG. says:

    Here in California water conservation is a drought requirement! We are diligent about taking the shortest shower possible to get the job done!

  25. Natalie Faulkner says:

    We have water saving dishwasher, toilets, shower heads, washing machine, and faucets in our house.

  26. Tami Lewis says:

    We have a composting toilet for one way of conserving water.

  27. Charlotte Duarte says:

    We are blessed in Hawaii because we don’t have to worry about weather extremes. This enables us to rely extensively on solar. That plus water saving shower heads etc. and cooler showers rather than hot, and we save water by shortening showers. Generally, here we also shower rather than bath because of our weather making our water usage easier to control. Because our water is so pure we can shoot off our kids with a watering hose in the front yard and water the yard at the same time. We plant native plants to save them from extinction while further conserving water. We water before sun rise or at sunset, using our animal water where available. So many little things add up.

  28. Suzanna Drozd-Kowalski says:

    We recently moved to a 50’s ranch house located on a peninsula on a lake. We now have our own well and septic. I only use vinegar in the wash along with Earth friendly products in our front load washing machine. We know everything we do has an effect n our water supply.

  29. Suzanne Goehringer says:


  30. Lisa Bell says:

    We use the dehumidifier water in our washing machine

  31. Tammy burger says:

    While waiting for the hot water to get in the tap, I fill a pitcher with the cold water and use it to water the plants. Do the same in the shower, but use that water to flush the liquid waste in the toilet.


    I don’t run water while brushing my teeth.

  33. Jama K says:

    Instead of just emptying out the water bottles (that the kids just don’t seem to finish all of) into the sink, I use that last little bit to water the plants…even when we’re out and about.

  34. Jane Flotron says:

    Conserve water? Fix the drip, catch the rain water, use the grey water and boycott Nestle!

  35. Shelley D Oliver says:

    I save water by waiting until we have a sink of dishes before washing them. We have a recirculating pump so that we don’t have to run the water for a long time before doing dishes, taking a shower, etc. We have low flow toilets and our washer is low water use as well. We have a drip system for our yard, with plenty of mulch to keep the ground moist. We do everything we can to be responsible to Mother Earth.

  36. Victoria Holliger says:

    We use rain barrels in our yard for my garden. Water saving shower heads in our showers. Try to make sure we always have a full load to wash of clothes.

  37. Linda Killian says:

    We have native plants in our yard (which survive the brutal FL summers), low flow shower heads, HE washer. We also always turn off the faucet when brushing our teeth.

  38. Nadine Rodgers says:

    When camping we fill an 18 quart black(or spray painted black) plastic covered tote bin with water from the community spigot & place it in the sun. The water is heated & we scoop out enough to wash hands ,dishes, etc. This water is ready to use for a couple of days, so no need to use water stored in the camper. Very little is ever wasted

  39. Darlene Sorensen says:

    We catch rain in a barrel to water the garden.

  40. Amanda Munford says:

    I grew up in San Diego before relocating to Wyoming. Conserving water is second nature. I make sure to take quick showers or wash up with a wash cloth. I go to a car wash instead of washing at home. I also water my garden in the early morning or evening to reduce evaporation.

  41. Rosemary Opatril says:

    I was raised by parents who grew up poor, so conserving water was always important to our family (no waste with anything). As a result, I do not let water run without a purpose, water plants with leftover water in cups/glasses, and shorter showers. Also, not to sound weird, but I do not dump water out of my glass. I force myself to drink it rather than throwing it because it reminds me of how thankful I need to be because our country is fortunate to have clean water. <3

  42. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    we have water restricting toilets and we have a rain water barrels for watering plants. Our washing machine allows us to select load sizes so we use much less water.

  43. Cindy Burch says:

    I collect rain for our flower beds and gardens. We also have low flower shower heads and I also have 1/2 gallon milk cartons in the toilet tanks. Every little bit helps.

  44. Jenny says:

    Use leftover water to water my indoor plants.

  45. Samantha says:

    My girls leave thier water bottles around with half the water in it so I pour it in a pitcher at the end of the evening and water my plants , no more wasted water being tossed down the drain

  46. Danika says:

    We have a brick in each of rental house toilet tanks and use our dehumidifier water to water indoor plants and patio pots.

  47. Marlene says:

    At my house, we use low flow shower heads. We also save rainwater for use in the garden.

  48. Laura robinett says:

    We try and catch what little rain we get to water plants with. Also make sure kids turn water off while they are brushing their teeth. Never wash small loads of clothes. Little things like that is what we do to help!

  49. Leslie says:

    One of many things I do to save water is to use the water from my dehumidifier to water plants instead of having it go down the basement drain. I also have water-saving shower heads on my fixtures. I have a power flush toilet that uses air, so minimal water is used with each flush.

  50. Last year we opened the Aspire Artisan Studios Folk School at the historic Andrew Peterson Farm in Waconia, MN. The restoration of the farm will take time. Soon we will test the water quality at the farm. Until then we bring water with us to the classes we teach. We would love to use and share your new Revomax bottle with others. Our neighbor is the Three Rivers Park Reserve in Carver County. Their campers I’m sure would love to check out your new product as well. Add us to your drawing. Mary Jane, You are my inspiration! My journey has brought me to a historic farm to celebrate and share history, craft, friendship, community, joy and sustainable living. Blessings to you and your family!

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