GIVEAWAY: “Cookie Cutters, Comin’ Up Roses”

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In the “Comin’ Up Roses,” Feb/Mar issue of MaryJanesFarm, we gave you this heartfelt breakfast idea.


For a chance to win a free 4-piece metal heart-shaped cookie cutter set—just what you need to spread the love—tell me what your most loved dessert is in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.

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  1. Ruth A Farmer says:

    I love blueberries so naturally my favorite dessert is blueberry pie. Yummy!!

  2. Baking homemade cookies with my kids is what we enjoy to do together.

  3. Patti Hurlburt says:

    Angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Yum!

  4. Lisa G'Sullivan says:

    One favorite? So hard I guess maybe chocolate chip cookie cake , hot with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Or just a really good brownie.

  5. Retha Fulp says:

    My Forever Valentine’s fav breakfast… Perfect!

  6. Nancy Richardson says:

    I love all kinds of desserts but one of my favorite is Huckleberry Cream Cheese Pie with graham cracker crust which my daughter will make for my 78th birthday coming up Saturday. Yum!

  7. Victoria Fisher says:

    Banana’s Foster!

  8. Leslie Hayhurst says:

    My family and I made and eat the biscotti recipes from your magazine. With a cuppa tea they are the best dessert, morning, noon and night.

  9. Greeta Mills says:

    I love the simplicity of an apple-berry crisp. Sometimes I’ll even use cranberries along with apples. Add a little honey, cinnamon, an oat brown sugar topping, and it says “Comfort Food”.

  10. Cindy Burch says:

    Homemade chocolate cake with Egg white icing. Mmmmm. My mom has made this for me for my birthday for years!!!

  11. erin says:

    My great aunt’s bienenstich!

  12. Debby Davis says:

    My birthday 🎉 is Feb 14, and although cake 🎂 is not my absolute favorite desert, as a child my mom would make me a devils food cake in the shape of a heart. My posative strong feelings toward this cake makes it my favorite! I felt very special!💕

  13. Patricia Stover Hobbs says:

    My favorite dessert is warm cookies with ice cream and coffee, my dad use to eat graham crackers and milk in the evening and he would always make a bowl for me. I thinks this is why cookies are my favorite, it brings back great memories

  14. Robena D. RObinett says:

    I love to make crock pot soups to share with neighbors. I have been making stews and ‘Indian soups ‘ with curry cardamon peppers and chilis. These are eaten with homemade biscuits & jams, and a small salad.

  15. Brenda Allen says:

    Flourless chocolate cake with raspberry topping, freshly made ice cream or coconut milk whipped cream with cinnamon. I have to eat a gluten free diet and when I get the cravings for something sweet but really rich and delicious, this is my go to!

  16. Debbie Kellogg-Hinkebein says:

    My most loved dessert is strawberry pie with whipped cream. Of course, when my momma was alive it was her mayonnaise cake!!

  17. Charlotte Cline says:

    Madaline’s are my favorite desert!! Light, airy, sweet, but not over powering!

  18. Jackie Thingvold says:

    Tough one!! So many come to mind– but probably my Gramma’s double crust baked strawberry pie!!

  19. Susanne says:

    By hook, by crook, or perhaps by fate, I came across a wonderful homemade pumpkin pie recipe that just about knocked me to the floor when I took my first taste. Needless to say, I started to grow my own pumpkins to share this wonderful tasty recipe with others to experience.

  20. Diane Begin says:

    Oh where to begin……..
    Cheesecake is first for me!

  21. Brittney King says:

    I love apple pie with vanilla ice cream

  22. Elizabeth Raitt says:

    My favorite dessert is triple ginger cookies. Love the crunchy outside and soft gingery inside with bits of candied ginger. Mmm ginger-licious!

  23. Sherilyn PETERS says:

    My favorite dessert is a chocolate cake with cherry filling and whip cream trifle.

  24. Sally L says:

    Peach Pie!!

  25. Merissa Racine says:

    Homemade chocolate cookies, with or without nuts are my go to sweet.

  26. Robena D. RObinett says:

    that is homemade not ghomemade. Silly fingers!

  27. Mary Perez says:

    I adore chocolate layered dessert!! An ongoing with my husband and four Boys. ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  28. Sarah Carter says:

    Berry or peach pies! Fresh baked pie is always so good and makes me feel warm, cozy and happy! 🙂

  29. Missy Thompson says:

    My very favorite dessert is flourless chocolate cake with raspberry reduction sauce!!!

  30. Patty Schultz says:

    I love fruit pie. My favorite is cherry pie made with cherries from my own tree.

  31. My favorite dessert is a treat my grandmother made for me. It is a cherry pie filling, rice and cool whip treat. Unusual but very tasty.

  32. Gayl Weiser says:

    My most loved dessert??
    My sweet friend Karen Aspen made me the most amazing apple cake ever. Crunchy tidbits with cinnamon and sugar falling off of every bite. Loaded with cinnamon and three different kinds of apples. So moist and tender that it felt like a cinnamon brownie.
    Why? It wasn’t my birthday, it wasn’t a holiday, it was for a friend who was going through a really rough time. (Me!) just to make it better. Her treats are just friendship arrows right thru the heart. I’m so blessed to have had the chance of fate that brought her kindness into my life. And her dinner invites include my pug dog Rosie!! Now that’s a friend!!
    If I win I believe the cookie cutters will have to find their way into her kitchen!

  33. Carol Hagemeier says:

    Key Lime pie, absolute favorite

  34. Rita Sayers says:

    Most loved dessert : Strawberry Shortcake🍓

  35. Sherri Alveshire says:

    Hummingbird cake

  36. Linda Holmes says:

    Sugar and spice and everything nice… especially pecan pie!

  37. Anita says:


  38. June K.Blake says:

    I used to have a boyfriend whose Mother made extravagant butterscotch pie because he told her it was my favorite dessert. It still is, especially if it is as magnificent as hers.

  39. Susan says:

    Black Forrest Cake

  40. My favorite is Persimmon cake. and whip cream on top

  41. Laura Leigh says:

    White Cake. I found a delicious recipe for it in the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook. Lots of eggs to use up with all my busy chickens, so every so often I make white cake cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting. Besides turning out lighter and tastier than new cake recipes, the old receits tend to use a lot less sugar.

  42. DASHELL SINGH says:

    My favorite dessert is flan. Especially, my grandma’s flan.

  43. Lee Ellen says:

    How wonderful to be able to enter a give away for cookie cutters! I absolutely love cookies the best of all desserts. Cookies bring people together in various ways – the party exchange; the secret gift giver; the afternoon school snack, the morning coffee tag along and so many other ways. I have been blessed with being no able to acquire different cookie cutters throughout my adult life, and locating the unique is a challenge. I have 4 that belonged to my grandmother. She was my confidant, my protector and the best cook I knew. Thank you for bringing everyone together!

  44. Amanda Yeary says:

    My Mom’s cherry pie is my favorite dessert. It has just the right mix of tang and sweetness. It’s actually my Grandma’s recipe, and I have started making it for my own little ones, so I hope it continues to be passed down the generations.

  45. Carrie Kieper says:

    Anything chocolate is my favorite!

  46. Marilyn Edlund says:

    My favorite dessert is a hot fudge brownie sundae.

  47. Stehanie Hanouw says:

    My favorite dessert is cherry cobbler. It can’t be beat whether it bakes in a ceramic stone dish in the oven or in a dutch oven over a heap of glowing embers at the campsite! Yum!

  48. Carolyn mohanty says:

    Frozen fruit salad deserts

  49. Tia Schawe says:

    My favorite “food” is a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that also includes some coconut.

  50. Christine Kois says:

    There is a restaurant, Casey’s in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, that makes a delicious dessert like I had never tasted before. They deep fry flour tortillas, then toss them in cinnamon, drizzle them with a raspberry purée, add fresh strawberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a white-cap of whipped cream! Voila! Magnificique! My husband and I oohed and aahed with each delicious bite! It looks fairly straightforward and I wish I had the recipe!

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