1st Day of Kindergarten

It’s hard to believe that our little StellaJane started school this morning! To all of you embarking on the same, we hope your first day of school is a perfectly beautiful one!


Get your bearings …


CHECKED! glamper girls.

I found this photo of a woman’s trailer disaster on the Internet. She said she was waiting for roadside assistance to show up. A glamper needs her wheels … TO BE CHECKED before she hits the road! Wheel bearings? Checked. (And greased or replaced.) Brakes? Checked. (And replaced if worn out.)

My first reaction was, “This is why I took my Airstream in last week to get my wheel bearings packed (greased) and the brakes checked.”


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hummingbird whispering … seriously

Ok … so I bet you are wondering what the H-E double hockey sticks is going on here.


You’re probably saying,

“Nice, but, I ain’t no fool, you can put away the stuffed hummingbird now.”

“… or the plastic mannequin hand with a 10-foot extension.”

“Ok, well, really then, Photoshop is soooo overused these days.”

Really? None of those?

“Ok, so the bird hit a window and you picked it up stunned. Big deal.”

Again. Wrong!

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keepin’ stride

For those of you who have children, grandchildren, and neighborhood kiddos, I’d like to pass along some parenting advice. Often, it’s the small, in-passing tidbits that are the biggest help. Here’s one I can’t wait to share …

It’s a Strider … a no-pedal balance bike.

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National Thrift Shop Day

National Thrift Shop Day is just around the corner, August 17. I can always come up with reasons to go thrifting. This year, I’m celebrating the day in a different fashion.

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Celebrating Girlfriends

Do I really need to say this again? You’re probably going to fall asleep when I say for the hundredth time, I LOVE holidays. Big or small, I love any excuse to celebrate. Our trusty ol’ MaryJanesFarm Calendar has quite a few lesser-known holidays I’m having fun with this month.

In honor of Friendship Day that happened on August 5 and Girlfriends’ Day last week on August 1, and Best Friends’ Day coming up on August 15, I’m taking one of my …

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