GIVEAWAY: Glamping Rug

While we’re still in the throes of glamping season, I thought I’d share one of the throw rugs we sell in my store in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (log onto Facebook to get to the store page). It’s wool. It’s well-made. It’s adorable. And I have one for all of my glampers (yup, that’s plural, as in several—two Shastas, one Airstream, one Yellowstone, one Tabitha, and one teardrop). Recently, we took most of them out of town for a family vacation to the same campground we stayed in last year. It made for a head-turning caravan going down the road, kind of like the scene in the rug.


And here’s my cat, Jasper Tomkins, right after he told me that if I took a photo with him on the rug, it would look more purrfect. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? I put the rug down on the floor to take a pic of it and he promptly walked over and posed just so for you. See, even cats get the glamper thing.

rug_6406 The 2′ x 3′ hooked wool rug was created by Carol Eldridge Designs. In order to make it yours, tell me in a comment below all about your trailer (or tent), along with its name. If you don’t own a trailer or tent, tell me what your fantasy glamper would look like. I’ll put your name in my glamper train case and pull out a winner to be announced here next month. Stay tuned!

  1. Susan Brown says:

    I have a 1967 Trailblazer which I am redoing in Shabby Chic. Her name is Johanna, named after my grandmother. I love the rug and the fact that a cat broke it in.

  2. Monica Hancock says:

    We do not have a camper yet. Currently we are working on a 97 dodge conversion van which will be used to pull our camper once we get it. My special needs daughter, Bri, suffers from Mito and Dysautonomia with POTS. She uses a wheelchair often when we needed to find a vehicle that would acvomdate it, she found the van. She asks if we could buy it, fix, it and glamp it out in true Farmgirl style. I couldn’t say no. So last month we bought it for her. She is keeping the teal and white paint scheme on the outside and picking out the fabrics for the seat covers, windows and pillows for the bed. She wants to replace the stereo in the back with a minute juke box style cd player and take out the old TV and replace it with a small vintage endtable. She has decided on bright fun colors and that she will name her Delilah. She wants the camper we purchase to be an extension of the van.

  3. Kathy A. says:

    My trailer is an 18 foot, ’92 (not that old) Sunline. But she’s glamped up none the less! Named her “Trailer Trash” LOL!
    Love the pretty trailer rug and would look perfect with my other decor:)

  4. karo says:

    Dramatic life changes have me being FT. I began this journey the end of May and am just now getting my feet under me. I am ready to begin decorating and this would make such an excellent beginning piece. A friend sold me his 1996 class A RV. I make payments I can afford to him.
    Your marvelous rug would province my anchor piece to build around. Thanks for the opportunity to maybe win it.

  5. Barbara Haverin says:

    i bought a 1967 Shasta Compact. I spent 9 months ” redoing” her..inside and out! She turned out exactly as I envisioned. Interior is in pink, white…and lots of family memorabilia…grandparents stuff, etc. the outside is white and pink with a turquoise lightening bold and airbrushed chrome above the lightening bolt. Her name is Barbies Dream House…as a child, I had a Barbie dream kitchen…now I have the WHOLE house!
    Hope I win!

  6. Annette says:

    I am blessed to have a camper, but not a vintage or new one. It’s a 2004 aljay. Dh had passed away, and the pop up that we always took to the fair took in TOO much water. Ruined. We are very involved with our fair, and lots of kids would visit us. I always called it my ministry. The camper was bought used and has seen many county fairs. Don’t have a name, need one. I am heartsick, LOL, to say the outside needs a paint job. The stickers are all coming off. I think I may put my honey business name on it. Just starting this new venture. If I could redo the inside my colors would be sage green, pink, summer yellow, purple, and white. Just love this rug.

  7. Laura starler says:

    One year ago my husband drove me past a little old crally camper and intently fell in love with it. We cleaned off the moss and liken to reveal she is a Fleetwing and with research she is a 1967. She sat all winter and in May we brought her home and after a 4 week Reno she is a beauty in acqua and white the original exterior and inside an acqua white sceme with vintage curtains in colors of Orange hot pink acqua white. With an awesome bowl and white floor. she is great and the talk of where ever we go. I named Her Gidget becaus she is so fun.

  8. Jenell DeMatteo says:

    love love love the rug. My friend was staying in my 1960 Aristocrat trailer and said I needed a rug. She is right. Mt trailer’s names is Sugar Shack.

  9. Sheila says:

    Our shasta reissue is yellow. Her name is Shasta Daisy. We are going to the beach tomorrow to celebrate our 34th anniversary. It will be our first camping trip…ever. I cannot wait. Now if that hurricaines will just stay away

  10. Bonnie Barker says:

    I’m still a glamper dreamer wannabe. Currently taking care of an elderly mother, I’ m unable to hit the road and see all I can see. I follow as many travel, glamper and travel trailer forums as I can. Some day! Love love love the cute rug!!

  11. Krista says:

    My little trailer is named Tillie. I have been wishing for her for many years and she was brought home just yesterday! I am unsure of the year, make or model. We are thinking 50’s/60’s. I have been told she was homemade, but I am not so sure about that. She will be a project, but well worth it when she is done 🙂 I’m going to decorate her like a vintage lodge cabin. I can’t wait!!! I was at your CDA store this summer and loved this rug! It would be a cute addition.

  12. Karen Hopkins says:

    My Chloe would love curling up on this while waiting my return from one of my jaunts in our little Shasta camper. We frequently visit the small town of Edinburg in the beautiful Shennandoa Valley. How cute this would be!

  13. Mj Maple - Dembicki says:

    As an almost full-time “glamper” this would be purrfect! Except my 2 adorable doggins would be doing the posing! This rug says it all!

  14. Holly J Vogler says:

    2296986353 or email
    My fantasy/dream glamper would be about 19 feet long and would be white and aqua on the outside. It would have a Retro look. Inside it would have a small kitchen with the colors of aqua, pink and white. In fact, these colors would continue throughout my whole glamper. I would have a queen sized bed for me and a small miniature version for my daschund Bella. They would match. My bathroom would be decorated with fish, shells and mermaids. In fact, this glamper would be named Mermaid Express(ions).
    I would paint small mermaids on the outside of the glamper in the aqua part.
    My fabrics would be small mermaids on the benches of the kitchen table. The table would be white with small gold dots. The curtains would be white and aqua with lace on the outer level. I would have a small chandelier above the kitchen table that would be aqua with clear crystal danglies. There would be a mermaid camper in small version in the front window. The curtains by the bed would be small campers in different colors on a white background. That would match the rug IF I win it!!
    The bedding would be white. I have longed for a camper since I was a little girl!!
    This would be so awesome!!!!

  15. Crystal Baker says:

    I have a 2009 bright yellow T@B named Daisy. She’s decorated in yellow, orange, lime, and turquoise from the curtains and slipcovers down to the window awnings. My mom was my camping buddy, and as cancer was taking her life she encouraged me to buy this little teardrop, although it was the worst time in my life to be purchasing a camper. I bought that little beauty, and mom was able to “day camp” with me that summer before passing away the next year….so Daisy is definitely my “happy place” 🙂

  16. Johna Armistead says:

    I have been waiting patiently for the kids to be grown so we can afford a tiny little glamper. The time is here and my mad money stash is growing, just waiting to find the perfect one. In the meantime I have been watching all the boards for info on how to fix it up. My husband is pretty handy but we are hoping to find one that isn’t in ‘rotten’ shape. I have a vintage coke box that I inherited when from my aunt. So that sets the color scheme. All red and white might be too feminine for my husband so I am going to add denim upholstery and bedding. I have a vintage parlor table and chairs, picnic basket with original dishes, crochet pot holders, etc. I think a red and white stripe awning will be awesome and she will be adorable. We will build a pretty pergola for her home when she is not on the road. We have been kicking around names for a long time. I am stuck on Lucy but we have to see her first before naming her. Kind of like a baby. You pick out names and wait until it gets here to see which name fits. I think the rug will look so perfect by her door or ANY door. It is darling!

  17. Sue says:

    I am only dreaming of owning my own vintage trailer or RV that I can glamp up! I have so many ideas for making it super cute. Hopefully, it will happen some day soon! Thank you, Mary Jane for sharing all the inspirations!

  18. Karen Johnston says:

    We are on our 6th RV and now have motorhome. She was named Dusty last week when we got caught in a giant dust storm on I-90 in By George, WA. Amazing how much dust comes in through closed windows and vents. I grew up camping with my 4 siblings and parents in a 16-ft Shasta with the fins and a bunk over the back of the station wagon. I would love to have a classic trailer all my own.

  19. I have a vintage Red Dale camper. This rug would make it the perfect little home. I sure I hope I win!

  20. Barbara says:

    I do not have a vintage glamour yet. It will be cottage like. I have started saving accessories! My dogs would love this rug in our stockpile complete with essence of cat!

  21. D Bacon says:

    This is the cutest rug … would ♥ to have it, have a trip planned for Oct/Nov with our camping buddies !

  22. Nancy M says:

    I just traded my old camper for a newer model whose name is Hope. I am recently retired and “hope” to do more camping. I also was in Fair”hope” Alabama when I had to trade due to damage to my old one. This rug would be beautiful for Hope.

  23. linda w. says:

    I want a Tabitha! I have your glamping book and magazines and pics of a Tabitha in every room. kind of like a room to room vision board:) Looking hard for one and this rug would look just right! Thanks!

  24. MaryJane, I don’t know if Brian told you but I was in the SAME campground, the SAME weekend, and was in Space 235, VERY close to where you were. Darn, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it was all of you. We were really admiring your glampers!
    Okay, being a newbie with my first trailer (circa 2003, LOL), I’m doing a denim and faux leather country theme with burlap quote pillows in the mix. Still tossing around names. Your darling rug would add the perfect pop of color to the entry. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  25. Jane says:

    Hi, I’m Jane, I’m 54, live in Sydney, Australia and I own a vintage caravan (fibreglass Sunliner 1962). She is called “Little Lucy” (after Lucille Ball in the Long Long Trailer my favourite movie of all time!). These Sunliner caravans are very hard to come by, as they were only in production for 8 years in the late 1950s and early 60s. But finally after 3 years of earnest search, I purchased her earlier this year and although was partly restored, I have had work on getting her roadworthy. She is very light and easy to tow, which means its easy to take her away weekends or just overnight.

    So far I’ve taken her to beaches, the bush and our rural areas. I’ve been chronicalling our adventures. It’s been winter here. So far its been chilly adventures so far! But the caravan is nice a warm inside.

    I dream of Little Lucy all the time and where we will go next. I love waking up in the morning, lying in bed and looking out the window with a cup of tea in hand. I want to go ‘off the grid’ and take her to places where we can be alone and I can think, read and write. I want to go to the desert and Ayres Rock and to the Great Barrier Reef.

  26. Dani Wiebe says:

    I have a Aljo canned ham but it needs serious work to be useable. I joined Sisters On The Fly recently and am motivated to make “Cora” a gem. She is named after Jessica Tandys character in the movie Dance with the White Dog. She is white with a red stripe which I will keep and inside she has pink appliances with a table that is a map of the states. I plan to do her up in a soft cottage style with subtle fabric colors and an old quilt done in pastels. Thre will be a white dog stuffed on the bed as a nod to her name sake

  27. Diane M Van Horn says:

    I had three vintage campers in my past and that rug would have looked darling in any one of them. Nowadays I live in a big Fifth Wheel that I named Aunt Bea due to the fact that she is big and comfortable just like Aunt Bea! That rug would be adorable in her since I have redecorated in vintage camp theme.

  28. Julie says:

    That adorable rug will look spectacular just inside my fantasy camper’s door! One day, I will have a cozy camper that people will call “Darling”, thus her name. She will either have a cowgirl/western theme or a Mary Englebreit inspired theme with B/W checks, white dots and colorful, simple flowers and teapots. Maybe I’ll have to love a Darling 1 and a Darling 2 so both fantasy themes will be realized. Thanks for all you inspire.

  29. Linda says:

    Love this darling little rug! We just purchased our trailer this summer. We call it the Shadow Mountian Cruiser! We decided to get ours because our kids each have a trailer and we wanted to hang out together. Still fixing ours up and making it ‘homey’ and all ours! Of course, this fun little rug would add even more charm & character! Carry on & camp on! …Linda

  30. Deb says:

    My 68 Shasta Compact is my bedroom a few months a year in my daughter’s backyard. ” Snorer’s Retreat”. I love my camper and my space, 1,800 miles away from my own house. I have 4 young grand children so we also enjoy special toys and sleep-overs at “Grammie’s”. Even though I don’t tow her, my girl gets many weeks of use and pleasure every year!

  31. Doreen Brannan says:

    Right now I only have a tent and will be camping in it for the first time tomorrow night. My dream camper would probably be something like a Lil’ Loafer and I’d have it all glambed up. 🙂

  32. Christine Powell says:

    I have a 1961 red shasta. I made her cherry fabric curtains. I have the Carol Eldrige Glampor pillow next to the afgan crocheted by my mother. Hand kitchen towels embroidered by my Grandmother are hung in the kitchen area and a quilt by my Great grandmother is on the bed. My glampor is a tribute to needle arts of the women in my family.

  33. Rae says:

    No trailer yet, though my dream would be a teardrop. We have an REI Kingdom 4 which they describe as palatial. With front attachment yes, it’s big. You can easily stand in it. We’re about to get cots. I think my days of sleeping on the ground are over regardless of the mat, pad, whatever.

  34. Jane L says:

    I have a 58 westerner named Pepper and she’d love to have that darling rug. so colorful and perky!

  35. I’ve never had a camper and not sure my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT could pull one frankly but I’m all for trying one. As you know MaryJane, I camped out on national forest last in the White mountains of New hampshire for nearly a year many years ago, living on trout that I caught daily and pretty much nothing else. This would be a huge step up for me to actually have a camper! Love hooked rugs, have several local homemade Amish ones, one of a cat curled up asleep, your guy would approve, and one of a log cabine.

  36. Lynn M. says:

    We have an A-liner which is a great little “chalet” of a camper. All the amenities of home without having to stay in one place!

  37. Barb Heckendorf says:

    I love following Sisters on the Fly so much and have the book too. My trailer is called
    “Happiness” for the fun times shared with great friends as iconic as the sunflower my favorite favorite flower!

  38. Helen Nickerson says:

    my teardrop is on order & my happy tent is called just that : Happy!

  39. Kay says:

    I love the rug. It is sooo cute. I have a 1967 Tag-A-Long that I have yet to camp in. Every time I think it is just about ready we find something else wrong with it! I believe that one day it will be ready and I can enjoy it like everyone else. The only thing that it needs to complete it’s look is your little rug. Her name is Starshine. Thanks, Kay

  40. Jeanne Egler says:

    I have a 10 foot 1965 Aladdin ‘Genie’. I bought her because her name sounds like mine and she is so beautiful and little. I would love this rug to become part of my vintage rally shows with ‘Genie’. Thanks for considering me in the drawing!

  41. Ann says:

    Ours is a tiny fiberglass Egg: Fabergegg! We bought it because our 18 year old dog went to heaven and sent us a new bouncing baby boy dog who loves to swim with us. It not being easy to find a place to swim with your dog, we bought the egg to make summer sauna sleeping possible near our favorite swimming hole! Who needs an onboard bathroom as long as the dogs have their own beds, too! Happy camping!

  42. Monica Begley says:

    My little Shasta (I think) name is Buttercup. I named her that because by son (now 33 yrs old) said to me when he was 3 yrs “Mommy, you’re my little Buttercup”. The sweetest thing ever! I have had Buttercup 1 yr. She is painted Buttercup yellow, of course, inside and out, and I decorate vintage country. I have quilts and chenille, hankies, and love children pictures with kittens and chicks, small suitcases, and tin picnic baskets oh my! And everything I got by junkin’, my favorite thing to do! I don’t have a rug, so that would be a lovely addition to my little Buttercup. thankyou!

  43. Beth Bricker says:

    My trailer is a little 12′ aqua and white 1966 Frolic. Her name is “Sweet Daisy” and she is adorned with daisy decals on the outside of her. My friends call her the “Happy Camper” because of her cheerful style inside. She is a beautiful birch wood baby and has a aqua and yellow checked floor, Aqua sheer polka dot curtains. Lots of Daisy & polka dot throw pillows and and perfect chenille patchwork quilt. The rug would look amazing in my girl.

  44. Amy Stingle says:

    My camper is a 63 Shasta. Rear kitchen. I’ve had it for 15 years. Her name is the Chickadee Cottage. She is named that because there are pictures of birds my grandmother painted on wood in her. My grandmother painted them at age 91. I lovingly remember her feeding her chickadees and talking to them in her apron and house dress. I also have a 55 Happy Home which is under construction. Her name is Delores after my mother who turns 92 in October. It will be filled with many lovely things that belonged to my mom.

  45. Joanne says:

    Our family camper is a hybrid, purchased this summer. No official name yet, but I call her “mom’s clubhouse”. I’ve been adding turquoise and other colorful accents along with a tile backsplash and a real shower curtain to add some color.

  46. Kimmy says:

    Love the rug! Love glamping! My sisters and good friends get together with our campers at least once a year! You have been an inspiration to us!

  47. Vicki says:

    The previous owner of my trailer bought it for his wife for their anniversary. They named her “Annie.” It was built by an individual, not a company. I loved the history and how she got her name, so she is still named “Annie.”

  48. Holly Wick says:

    My 68 Shasta Compact trailer is glamped up with a Skotch Hamilton flavor and the rug would add some great color!

  49. Sharon says:

    I have had my trailer for 3 years now. I have had a dream come true, her name is Prairie Flower. She is a 1963 Aloha, 13 foot cabover, rear kitchen. I have had so much fun decorating, and personalizing her to my taste. I call the style Boho, shabby chic, and sort of vintage camping. I am at peace, and very happy when I tow her to have a few days away from home. I think that all of us need a place of our own, a getaway, a place that puts us at peace and is very comfortable. I would love to have the sweet rug that you show. It is very special and would have a place of its own, at the front door of Prairie Flower.

  50. Leticia Krambeck says:

    My Shellie is a 1967 Kit Companion! Her colors are white and torquise. Keeping it as original as i can but changed out the cushions because of how old they were. Take her out as often as i can for glamping with the ladies! The mat would definitely be a great addition to it!

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