GIVEAWAY: Glamping Rug

While we’re still in the throes of glamping season, I thought I’d share one of the throw rugs we sell in my store in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (log onto Facebook to get to the store page). It’s wool. It’s well-made. It’s adorable. And I have one for all of my glampers (yup, that’s plural, as in several—two Shastas, one Airstream, one Yellowstone, one Tabitha, and one teardrop). Recently, we took most of them out of town for a family vacation to the same campground we stayed in last year. It made for a head-turning caravan going down the road, kind of like the scene in the rug.


And here’s my cat, Jasper Tomkins, right after he told me that if I took a photo with him on the rug, it would look more purrfect. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? I put the rug down on the floor to take a pic of it and he promptly walked over and posed just so for you. See, even cats get the glamper thing.

rug_6406 The 2′ x 3′ hooked wool rug was created by Carol Eldridge Designs. In order to make it yours, tell me in a comment below all about your trailer (or tent), along with its name. If you don’t own a trailer or tent, tell me what your fantasy glamper would look like. I’ll put your name in my glamper train case and pull out a winner to be announced here next month. Stay tuned!

  1. KathyVidak says:

    STILL CHERRY…. After all these years …….. Is my red, black and white , 1956 Aljo !!! My new life started after I got her !!!!! Absolutely love glamping…… And that adorable little rug !!!!!!

  2. Becky Davies says:

    Love your rug and your blog. First time I’ve found it. I have small 61 Terry, red and white that in fixing up. Had my eye on it awhile and when the owners contacted me to buy, I jumped on it. Love it! That’s my dream… Finishing her new curtains soon. Then an awning is my next big purchase for her.

  3. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I love the rug! I have a 1953 Tour-It glamper that I parked on the back of our 40 acres. It is so great to be able to walk on the path, go to it whenever I want/need to, and just surround myself with peace & quiet. I stay there, build a fire & enjoy! I do share the campsite with a friend for International Glamping Weekend & with my grandgirls when they come to visit. Such loving times! Thanks for encouraging me to reach out to my inner self & love of camping.

  4. Nancy Bilton says:

    Hey from South Carolina I have a 1982 Sunline camper and her name is Little Miss Sunshine! Love Love Love the rug!!

  5. Teresa Bass says:

    Spent all my pennies on my son’s college/career. He’s in a good place now, Firefighter/EMT (proud mom), so I’m saving my pennies again for ‘Felicia’ the little aqua & white glamper. She’ll be the belle of the trailer park, I just know it!! 🙂 The adorable rug will be one step closer to the dream. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Nancy Todd says:

    I purchased a 16′ 1966 Kodiak trailer four years ago and have been Glamping ever since, she is currently for sale. This spring I just purchased a 2015 Shasta 16′, sea foam green, re-issue of the 1961, still working on Glamping her up. Decoration with pink and lace for starters. Still thinking about a name, maybe “Dirt Roads and Lace”. The rug would be a great addition at the front door of my new trailer.

  7. Judy Crenshaw says:

    My ex and his wife just got a red Shasta, this would look great with their dog Chloe , a white Maltese sitting on it. Great giveaway!

  8. Andrea Trim says:

    I own a 1961 Shasta Airflyte that I have named Vern. Vern is short for Vernor’s Ginger Ale from Michigan. I’ve had Vern for two years and is a work in progress. The outside is a sunny yellow and white and inside is white with lots of emerald green. My family and I have enjoyed a few camping trips in Vern already, and can’t wait for more!

  9. Margaret Farr Nickerson says:

    My little Tilly Jane (1954 Terry trailer) dreams of the day that she will be restored and shining. She has patiently been waiting for our finances to allow for her beauty makeover. She does not stay at home however – she merrily travels along the Pacific Northwest sharing her heart and making memories from the Oregon Coast to the Pendleton Round-Up and beyond. She feels that she is the poster child for not waiting for everything to be perfect, but hitch up and get out to those adventures as best you can, with a shining heart hidden under that ugly brown house paint. The memories are more important than the bling.

  10. Bryna Freeman says:

    My boyfriend recently bought me my dream “glamper”, a 1959 Shasta. She needs some work and updating, but I’ve got her looking cute as a button on the inside, keeping with a retro vibe. We named her Wanderlust, not only for the obvious reason, but because that was my screen name on, and that’s how I met the man of my dreams who bought me my glamper after only knowing me for a month!

  11. Bryna Freeman says:

    Six months ago i met the man of my dreams on We were only dating about a month when i found my dream glamper, a 1959 Shasta and he bought it for me and told me to do whatever i wanted to it. Although it needs a paint job on the outside and still needs some updating, I’ve got it looking cute as a button on the inside, keeping with the whole retro vibe. We named her “Wanderlust “, not just for the obvious reason, but because my screen name on when he found me was Wanderlust.

  12. Nancy Barrett says:

    Mint Julip is the name that just came to me today for my ’64 Scotty Gaucho. It reflects the colors that I wish to use on it as I refurbish it, and it’s my sister’s favorite candy.

  13. Cheryl Oliver says:

    Love love love this rug; and your website of course

  14. Kim Ross says:

    Hi! I have 2 trailers….#1 is a 1963 Terry Trailer named ” Trailer Trash Diva”
    #2 is a 1958 Huntsman named “J’Roam” ! That adorable rug would look fabulous in front of either one of them! Thanks!

  15. Susan Ichikawa says:

    I own a Little Guy 5 wide. She is named Sassy. My interior consists of a quilted bed, with quilted curtains. I have a homemade crocheted hammock in which to place my clothes at night. I have an air freshener hanging from a cupboard so that Sassy smells nice. Of course my kitchen is outside but I have an EZ up that I relax under complete with a carpet. She is my pride and joy.

    I love the rug you made as it is very cute.

  16. DeBorah says:

    Mary Jane I am a new sister on the fly and went on my very first trip this past weekend. I was scared to death but very determined to learn how to tow. We had lunch at the whistle stop café where the movie fried Green tomatoes Wolsfeld. Unfortunately it poured rain the entire day the next day. It was so fun decorating my camper for the event and I had your book front and center on an easel on my dining table. The good news is I Was able toread the entire book front to back. Such a great book as it covers so many things for new sisters like me. I would love to win the road to add to my little camper home!

  17. Patty says:

    The rug is absolutely adorable. We purchased “Petunia” a couple months ago on a whim one Sunday afternoon. We quickly learned that she needed much more work that we had bargained for. After replacing most of the wood studs between the inside paneling and the outside tin, we are just beginning to paint the interior. She will be turquoise and white inside and out. I have made new curtains that are ready to hang and bought new foam for the seats and upholstered them myself. I can’t wait to finish her. Her maiden voyage is scheduled for October 9. I just pray she is ready in time.

  18. Claire Souza says:

    Owner of an adorable 1962 Shasta Compact. Picked up Maryjane’s magazine at a local tractor supply & loved it! Because of you I joined Sisters-on-the-Fly and got into vintage trailers. I also coerced 2 girlfrends into getting trailers which in turn they also joined SOTF. Love my little camper & love when people approach & want to see it & share their stories of growing up & camping in similar trailers. It’s a contagious & addicting hobby that I love! ❤️ thank you

  19. Cindy Parker says:

    The Tabitha, in turquoise!

  20. Carla Brown says:

    I bought my Aljo years ago and still trying to finish it after completely gutting it…..of course I went back to school during that period and became a nurse … now I will get on the ball and get it finished! I can’t wait when I see things like this! Would be a great addition to my “dream décor”! Oh and I planned on naming my “new home” Sunny! for Sunflower!

  21. Bethany says:

    We tent camp in the Smokies and love it. Even when all of my children were home(5), tent camping was something I always enjoyed regardless of all the extra work.

  22. Devery Willis says:

    My current project is a 1954 Kenskill that was a mess but is turning out pretty darned cute. Her name is Montana Beach House because it’s likely the only beach house I will ever get to own:-) I am having a ball with all of the beachy decor, white, turquoise, navy, sea foam, japanese glass floats, and fish, fish, fish. White background with tons of color layered on top. It’s been so much fun & so creative. Can’t wait to take her for her maiden voyage on September 12th to the Retro-Reboot, junqueing sale, in Hardin Montana for the Sisters on the Fly trailer tour. She is going to shine! The rug with all those gorgeous colors will be the perfect “cherry on top”.

  23. Patty Robison says:

    My husband, Tim, and I have a 28 foot custom made camper called Mowron’s Racin. We are located in Texas and yes the camper is definitely all Texas decor and denim inside. We use to race lawnmowers but have not done so in the last few years. Tim is known as The MOWRON and I am known as Precious MOWments. My fantasy glamper would be a 50’s Shasta with 50’s decor. I fell in love with Mary Janes Farm magazine a couple of years ago and had to buy the Glamping with Mary Jane book. I love all of the vintage items in this book and in the magazines. I love the 50’s theme of trailers on the bright, colorful rug. I know the rug took lots of dedicated time to make and would love to own it and take care of it! It is absolutely beautiful!!!

  24. Kathy Carpenter says:

    My camper at present is the Jimmie D. It is a pop-up that I am trying without much luck to convert to a trailer (Canned ham) or a Shack on the Back. I can’t get the lid off. Anyway, it will be a fish vintage themed trailer in teals, yellows, and reds, lace and wood. This rug would be perfect to go with my bedside light. Love your magazine and I want to go Glamping with you someday. Thanks for sharing your love around the campsite.

  25. Therese Clouse says:

    My fantasy glamper would be the Tabitha complete with home-sewn curtains. This rug would look great outside its door.

  26. Linda says:

    My Glamper fantasy would be a Shasta or a Casita. It would be decorated in vintage linens and aprons. The dishes would be a mixture of antique plates and other pieces. A vintage chandelier would be hanging from the ceiling, and another chandelier with solar lights would hang under the canopy. I keep dreaming, and one day it will happen. That carpet would be loved by me and my cats, too. They sit on anything I put on the floor to photograph. LOL!

  27. Jean Sikes says:

    This little rug would be perfect to go with the “Route 66” fabric, quilt that I made to go in our camper. My husband is in his 80’s and I in my 70’s and we are like a couple of Spring Chickens when we get out on the road to go camping. We are a whole lot younger than the age numbers imply!! No old age for us yet!!!

  28. Marilyn Godfrey says:

    My glamping adventure would be in an old wall tent. I fell in love with these as I read Mary Jane’s books, while going through chemo treatments to get rid of my cancer.

  29. Sherry Parks says:

    My 1952 airstream overland is named Ida Mae. Old and gold!

  30. Christine says:

    The rug is super cute. My sister has an ICamp and I know she would love this for hers. She has strings of little trailer shaped lights she strings up when she sets up her camp has definitely set it up as a bit 60’s shabby chic.
    I don’t have a glamper, but when I’m dreaming I envision one like a small log cabin with rag rugs, cottage chic, good books, and of course cats. I have to say I really like Honey Bee T@bitha though– just my size. Tell Jasper he is lovely.

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  32. Skipper Bunner says:

    I have a 1961 Sahasta 16′ Reissue. We love it. We named
    It Larry because
    We got it a few days after my brother, a veteran died. We had hoped he
    Could go camping with us.

    Love your rugs! Very
    Well done!

  33. Tyrianne says:

    WHEN our 5 year old daughter Mae pulled Katie s name out of a hat as the winner of the Boho Luxe Glamping Giveaway winner we never imagined what memories were about to unfold for her and even our family. In February George and I linked arms with the lovely Michaela and Dean from Paddock Dreams

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