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For a chance to win a FREE Revomax vacuum-insulated flask, tell me one thing you do to conserve water in the comments below. (This hot/cold vacuum bottle opens and closes with the click of a button—no twisting or screwing action needed, allowing one-handed operation.) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


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  1. Kathy Blue says:

    We use drip irrigation for our garden, we use rainwater for ornamental plantings – – we are on a well in the Blue Ridge mountains so you know we conserve water whenever possible – showers, dishes by hand, native plantings.

  2. Peg Hasenpflug says:

    I don’t let the water run when brushing my teeth.

  3. Sandy says:

    I wash my face with cold water in the morning because it takes to long to get hot water to the tap.

  4. Kathleen says:

    full washing machines that are efficiency machines. Short showers, no lawn watering

  5. Linda Cajigas says:

    I fill empty sofa bottles to save water and I made a rain catch system with three 55 gallon food grade barrels hooked up to my rain gutters.

  6. Sammie Tate says:

    Turn off water while brushing teeth.

  7. Kelly N says:

    he washer; use refillable water bottles

  8. Robin Crittenden says:

    We have rain barrels for the garden.

    I don’t use the dishwasher anymore and my water bill has decreased.

  9. CandyC says:

    Turn off the water while brushing my teeth.

  10. Janet says:

    New energy efficient toilet, wash dishes by hand (no running the water), quick shower, full loads only for laundry, shut off water while brushing teeth……

  11. We have an HE washer, only flush brown!, collect rain water. Always carry a water bottle and near buy plastic water containers…….just a few,,,,

  12. Wendy Goguen says:

    We have water barrels on every corner of the house. So, when it rains it catches the rain for the vegetable, flower and herb gardens.

  13. Holly Scholz says:

    One of the things we did to use less water was install new toilets in our home and if someone tinkles they don’t flush if someone else is waiting to use the bathroom. With 5 “adults” under one roof it really does help.

  14. Liz says:

    I turn off the spigot while I brush my teeth.

  15. Hope Titcomb says:

    Collect rainwater to water plants.

  16. Debra Kuchera says:

    I keep chilled water in Rubbermaid 4 water bottles in the frig so always have cold water to go

  17. Ann maver says:

    Great for Yoga

  18. Donna Flory says:

    I use a dish pan whenever I wash dishes/pans by hand and use the water for my indoor plants . We have a HE washer & dishwasher and use water saving showerheads & low water use toilets. I also save cooking liquid for soups & broths.

  19. Kary Miksis says:

    We have a tankless hot water heater – which saves energy yet takes a bit of time to have hot water arriving at the shower head! We keep a bucket by the shower stall and collect the water until it is heated. We use this “bucket water” for the toilet tank.

  20. kelly says:

    I would love to be entered into the drawing. I have been looking up these since I saw it in coming up roses. We spend alot of time at softball games for our daughter. These bottles make such good sence in our hot Texas heat. Also so easy to use as well.

  21. julie Banigan says:

    One way I conserve water is by saving all the water I use to steam veggies to water my indoor and outdoor plants with.

  22. Freyja (Francie) Brevis(k)-Martinez says:

    We have our own well. I did not water my grass last year at all. We have Bosch clothes washer and it only puts in just enough water depending on the size of each load.

  23. kelly says:

    I would love to be entered into the drawing. I have been looking up these since I saw it in coming up roses. We spend alot of time at softball games for our daughter. These bottles make such good sence in our hot Texas heat. Also so easy to use as well. We save water using rain barrels, also have our bath tubs and bathroom socks routed out to the yard and not a septic.

  24. Darlene Iarocci says:

    Plant native ground cover vs “lawn”.

  25. Susan Campbell says:

    I use a reusable water bottle and water my plants with leftover water from cooking and cleaning.

  26. Janet says:

    We save the large tubs that cow minerals come in and place them around the house to collect rain water then replace the lid so Mosquitos are discouraged and use this water for plants etc

  27. Pamela Barton says:

    I live on a little on a little over an acre with my own well, so I have to constantly remind myself not to waste water just because there is no bill. I have energy efficient shower heads and a washer. I only run the dishwasher a max of 2x’s a week and turn water off when I brush my teeth. I am a Pisces – water matters!

  28. Kathy says:

    I have a rain barrel/rain chain off the front porch…just a metal trash can…that I use to water my flower beds in the summer. I could do so much more though. We did get a HI washing machine a couple of years back as we live on a farm and have a very old hand dug shallow well that would go dry in the summer if I did too much laundry in one day, 5 kids so easy to do. It has helped immensely.

  29. Kristen Cianci says:

    I conserve water by keeping a bowl in the sink to catch water while waiting for hot water (takes a long time) and use the water for washing dishes or watering plants.

  30. Danelle Jelley says:

    I take a water bottle with me everywhere! Then I don’t have to purchase water while I’m out, saving a plastic bottle.

  31. Paula Steele says:

    We turn the water off when brushing teeth….hate to see all that water going down the drain!

  32. Cheryl says:

    We use water saver shower heads. We used to have a crock well so we always were conserving water! I use my dish water to water my flowers. No long showers! Dishwasher is only ran when it is full! We don’t wash our cars very often. We also have a rain barrel to collect the rain to water the plants in my garden.

  33. Norma Wright says:

    Low flow shower heads and toilets

  34. Cindy Cope says:

    We wash dishes in a dish pan so the water doesn’t keep running. Have a brick in toilet tank to displace some of the water.use lots of mulch in garden in the summer months to keep in moisture so we don’t have to water as much. Shut off water when brushing teeth.

  35. Marvene Maher says:

    We use water saving shower heads

  36. Clair Malo says:

    I use rain barrels to collect water for my vegetable garden. The plants love it.

  37. jane jordan says:

    Growing up with well water, I learned to conserve water in a lot of ways. My favorite….shower with a friend! 🙂

  38. Wendie George says:

    We collect rain water in barrels to water the garden. Never keep the water running while brushing our teeth. We have a HE washer and low flow shower heads.

  39. Marissa Weaver says:

    HE washer, cooking water for plants and water saving shower heads

  40. Rosemary Rehus says:

    I have 2 rain barrels to collect rain water for watering plants. Only use dishwasher when it is full as well as the washing machine and take short showers.

  41. SHELLI L MILLER says:

    Soaker hose irrigation hoses on a timer in the garden ensure that only the necessary amount of water is used for growing vegetables. I wash dishes by hand using a washing pan and a rinsing pan which limits the water needed for clean dishes.

  42. Sunnie Iacovetta says:

    I plan on making a rain barrel for my garden this smmer

  43. Sunnie Iacovetta says:

    I am going to make a rain barrel for my garden this Summer!

  44. Elizabeth Raitt says:

    Love the idea of not twisting!

  45. Dyan Eisenberger says:

    I use all water and ice left in glasses after meals, or whenever used, to water the house plants or the pets!

  46. Amy Stingle says:

    I try not to buy bottled water, I use the dispenser in my refrigerator. I reuse an old water bottle. I like that water better anyway.

  47. We make sure we do full loads of laundry, no more little loads here and there. It saves both time and water.

  48. Jacqueline Close says:

    Living in southern California with an ongoing drought, we save water in many ways. We have water saving shower heads, use a very tight watering schedule for vegetation, but the best is this: Since it takes so long to get hot water to the second floor shower, we put a 5 gallon bucket in the shower to catch the water until it gets hot. Then we take the water outside to water plants. It is a lot of extra work, but we feel like we’re helping and doing our part.

  49. Katherine Job says:

    We time our showers, plant everything that needs to be watered right by the water source, and never just throw out water but pour it when we can into our garden

  50. Allison Wilson says:

    Good Morning Sunshine’s

    We recycle our rainwater for our garden as well as laundry :)Happy Days! 🙂
    Allie Wilson

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