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For a chance to win a FREE Revomax vacuum-insulated flask, tell me one thing you do to conserve water in the comments below. (This hot/cold vacuum bottle opens and closes with the click of a button—no twisting or screwing action needed, allowing one-handed operation.) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


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  1. Linda Lou Crosby says:

    We live in a small Montana town and have limits on our monthly water as the town relays on a nearby ranch well. We use low water use washing machines for example.

  2. Ursula Quinlan says:

    I keep a bucket in the sink and catch the water until it’s hot
    Then take it out and water the garden.

  3. L.Starr says:

    I use grey water from washing machine to water my yard. I also collect rain barrel water.

  4. Evelyn. McDiffett says:

    I brew coffee twice a week and drink that all week. I also wash my dishes by hand and dry them . We have rain 3 rain barrels to catch rain and snow to water our plants and flowers 🌺

  5. Christy R says:

    We catch the cold water from the shower waiting for it to heat up and I use it to water our garden along with the rainwater I catch.

  6. Wendy Thomas says:

    This looks really nice! I can’t wait to get my new subscription to Mary Jane’s Farm.

  7. Shirlee Pilny says:

    We have installed low flow shower heads and use the HE appliances. Also, when done boiling eggs, we use the water for our plants.

  8. Lori Nickel says:

    Grandma’s grey water. Washing dishes in a bowl and carrying the water to the garden.

  9. Sharon D Green says:

    We live on a farm in the country and have our own water well. Our water is terribly full of minerals and etc. For cooking and drinking we bought our water. Now we have installed a water softener and a water “filter” pitcher to use for drinking and cooking. This conserves buying water at the store and bringing it home. Also, we use soak hoses to water our garden and flowers.

  10. Amanda Yeary says:

    I collect rainwater and water my plants with it.

  11. Bonnie Lindgren says:

    Collect rain water for watering plants a couple of days after.

  12. Alice Connelly says:

    I go to a local spring to get all our drinking water. This flask would come in handy when exercising, hiking, biking etc so less water bottles are used

  13. Janet Bretland says:

    I use two rain barrels I made for collecting rain water to nourish my garden.

  14. heather giurlando says:

    I use refillable water bottles, take quick showers with a low flow water head, and try to conserve water any chance I can.

  15. Melody Larson says:

    We use only our well water for everything, low-flow shower heads, and I wash my hair in the sink-like my mom taught us as little girls! I wet my hair, & then I turn off the faucet while I’m shampooing, then after I rinse the shampoo I again turn off the water while I work the cream rinse thru my hair. Better than a shower as it’s too cold to stand all wet in the shower in between rinses! :0) Ha Ha!!

  16. Joyce winget says:

    We use rain barrels to collect water for our gardens. And we get our drinking water from a natural spring. The city of Lynnwood fixed up the parking lot and people from all over the county use the spring.

  17. Rhonda G. says:

    I use my bath water to water my plants and flush the toilet.

  18. Donna McNew says:

    We conserve water by draining the duck pool onto the butterfly and honeybee attracting bushes and plants.

  19. Lynn Melcher says:

    We distill our own drinking water and retrieve it from bottles and never just let water run out of the faucet til it gets “cold” or “hot”.

  20. Linette Batterman says:

    I have rain barrels, to collect water for my potted plants and some of my garden.

  21. Wanda says:

    We have ducts and barrels to catch rain water. We use the water for the few flowers that need it and we don’t water the yards in summer. Lots of native plants now thrive in our gardens and they do not require extra water. 😉

  22. Jo Gill says:

    Sounds funny, but I have a small bucket in the shower that I use to catch the clean water before I get in. It’s not hot enough to shower in, but I don’t want to waste it. I either use it to water plants, or after I scrub the shower, I use it to rinse the walls. 🙂

  23. Soleil says:

    We have low flo toilets and shower heads, only do full dishwasher and laundry loads, use rain water to water the garden, keep reusable bottles for bittles water in frig so no running faucet for cold water or drink wine!

  24. Mary Young says:

    We never use a sprinkler; we water the vegetable garden with a drip system and use a watering can filled from the rain barrel for everything in pots.

  25. Bridget Jackson says:

    I’d send these to school with my kids.

  26. Tanya says:

    i am one as well to use rainwater for plants, gardens… even when we are at our river lot i will use the water i rinse dishes on to water around the property. (but then hubby laughs at me for using real plants at camp vs paper ones he can burn in the fire)

  27. Helena says:

    Use water changed out of the chickens’ waterers to water trees in the yard.

  28. Neena S says:

    We use buckets to collect up the water usually wasted while waiting for the shower to heat up. We also use a colander on top of a bucket to rinse fruit and veggies from the garden in the summer. The water collected can be used to clean pet bowls or to water the garden.

  29. Suzanne says:

    Grew up hauling water and regular drought conditions so being frugal with it is second nature. Don’t let the water run when brushing teeth, short showers, use grey water for plants, use water level options with wash loads and no dish washer.

  30. Sheila says:

    We have a leaky faucet, so while we are waiting for our new one to be installed, I always put a water bucket for our horses under the tap. The drips fill the bucket overnight or while we are at work and the bucket gets used in the barn. I know the water is not being wasted and carrying the bucket to the barn gives me a nice arm workout!

  31. Joyce says:

    In the Summer I use all the gray water from bath, washer & rainwater for my garden & flowers.we have had droughts for the last 3 years plus.

  32. Priscilla Thibault says:

    I generally take quick showers and I try to turn off the tap while brushing my teeth or doing other things so that I don’t waste water. I often water bottles or other containers onto flowers. I don’t water the grass, even when it is pretty dry.

  33. Shirlene Stiles says:

    Do not leave water running while brushing teeth

  34. Robyn says:

    I put a watering can in the sink to catch water while trying to get warm water for doing dishes

  35. Jenny Care says:

    My husband and I take baths together. 🙂

  36. Kristen Bateman says:

    Low flow shower heads, don’t run the water while brushing teeth, and drink lots of good well water instead of bottled water.

  37. Valerie says:

    I save jugs of water with a few drops of bleach for when the power is out. I use and refresh regularly. I also found a spring in the woods for fresh cold spring water for drinking. I love learning new ways to save water.

  38. Jill Rue says:

    We have farm cats that live outside (Benji and Princess). They do a great job of keeping the rodent population down, as we live by a grass seed field and the mice are prolific. So we have a water dish that the cats use outside, however very dirty raccoons occassionally like to wash their muddy paws in it. So, I carefully take and pour that special water over my rose bushes! We are blessed to have a creek and springs on our land and we do all the things like a water conserving shower head and turning off the water when brushing your teeth, shorter showers every other day … but my favorite way is to take dirty water from the house and use it to water our vegetable gardens! Something that would normally be tossed is used to not only grow our food, but also adds nutrients to the soil as well!

  39. Mariah says:

    I live in the city so I depend on the city water supply. I recycle all the water I can, i.e. pet bowls. I don’t have a dishwasher so I rinse dishes in a dishpan and use that water for plants. I have an HE washer.

  40. Kim Riggs says:

    I water my plants with water that I boil corn, potatoes, and broccoli.. My dad lives in Palm Springs, I live in New Orleans.. There is no shortage of water here, but there is in Palm Springs..years ago when he came to visit I poured the potato water down the drain and he couldn’t believe I was wasting water!!! He told me because of the drought in California, he used water that he cooked vegetables in to water his plants… I have been doing the same thing ever since and every time I do, I think of my dad… He is now 84 years old and still waters his plants with the vege water😊

  41. Tammy hopkins says:

    We haul water from a creek in the winter, soooo we are very careful how we use it! We get in a small boat, go for about 5 minutes across our little bay, to the creek, then back. We then have a 5-10 minute uphill trail to our house! We use about 6 or so 5 gallon buckets for 2 of us and a dog, lasts about a week or a little more!

  42. Pam Ring says:

    I keep a bucket in the tub to catch the water as it warms up for the shower and then we use that water to flush the toilette. Sounds odd, but it works well!

  43. Julie Henry says:

    We catch water in a bucket in the shower and use it to water our potted plants!

  44. Rhonda Niblett says:

    Distill my own water and not buy bottled water. Take my bkr water bottle to work. Use melted snow to water plants. Short showers. Added a drip system to the orchard. Mulched the strawberries and raspberries. Planted a large lavender patch-they can do with minimal water. Mow lawn a little taller. Let some of the property grow tall prairie grasses-don’t water and they sway in the wind. Use soaker hoses. Planted trees to give shade and not dry out the grass. Rain barrel. Barely ever wash my truck!

  45. Hilary Barbosa says:

    How do I enter the give away?

  46. Glenda Blackburn says:

    With laundry, I do ‘light” loads on some of my less-dirty clothes…one of the ways I try to conserve water, and energy.

  47. We use low-flow shower heads and toilets. Mulch heavily in gardens…installing drip irrigation in garden this spring

  48. Dianna says:

    I use a rain barrel to collect water for my veggie and herb beds and water saving shower heads.

  49. Pam Hlavka says:

    Our rain barrel has drip irrigation hoses attached to it with a valve – easy solution for watering the garden!

  50. Kathleen Kauth says:

    We use a he washer and wait for larger loads, we hand wash dishes, and time showers.

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