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For a chance to win a FREE Revomax vacuum-insulated flask, tell me one thing you do to conserve water in the comments below. (This hot/cold vacuum bottle opens and closes with the click of a button—no twisting or screwing action needed, allowing one-handed operation.) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


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  1. Rebecca Sarver says:

    Water saving shower heads, do full loads of laundry

  2. Keirsten Gustafson says:

    I have a plastic h2o bottle I use, that I crocheted a cozy for to help insulate it.

  3. Stephanie Edwards says:

    We have low flow shower heads and HE washer.

  4. Connie Hester says:

    We live in the country and are dependent on a well for our water. We collect water in a 2000 gal. buried cistern off the roof of one of our buildings to water our garden when we reach the “no rain” stage of summer. (live in South central IL and rain is scarce in July and Aug.) We have low flow shower heads, water saving toilets, a front load washing machine that has cut water usage way down. We have planted prairie grasses and flowers around our home for landscaping so no watering there either. We also have installed a dehumidifier in our basement and we use that water to help give out cat water. 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    We have installed a shower head that not only conserves water but filters it, too. Then, a couple years ago, we had to replace our washing machine and so chose one that helps us use less water while still getting the laundry clean. It has a little gauge to tell us, on a scale from good to best, how well a particular load will conserve water.

  6. Sarajane Snyder says:

    We have high efficiency toilets, lo-flo shower heads, collect rain in rain barrels for the garden, mulch the garden well to conserve water, and do not water our ‘lawn’.

  7. Teresa says:

    We collect rain water to water our garden and flowers.

  8. Kay Jones says:

    This looks really neat. I’d love to win one.

  9. Tina Guthrie says:

    I only shower once a week ; a use biodegradable wipes and a homemade aromatherapy spray in between ! This is only one thing I do ….

  10. Traci Simon says:

    I have rain barrels at all my down spouts and a kid pool for my dogs…all get saved for watering vegetables gardens. Pond water gets refreshed by watering plants as well. Dog water gets used to water indoor plants every other day. Bath water with epsom salt and coconut oil gets used to soak the dogs (all four) and waters plants too!

  11. Mary Mahon says:

    Not everyone will understand, but quite simply, I drink it from my kitchen tap.

  12. Jean Schmelick says:

    Besides just buying a new energy- efficient washer, I have always measured my water when making my tea, instead of throwing out excess. I have done this for as long as I can remember. Also I let my cooking water cool (no salt added) and water my plants with it. They love it.

  13. Ramona Ruark says:

    We live in the mountains now and just have a spring for water. We opted not to plant grass to save water and use only plants and flowers from our area for landscaping. We also use a HE washer to conserve water and do only three loads a week, wearing clothes more than once if not dirty. We also use melted snow for cleaning when able.

  14. Jaylyn Morehouse says:

    I guess I just try to be mindful of how long I’m showering, turning off water when brushing teeth, having the kids all in the bathtub at once, and going around every evening to find the half empty water glasses and pouring them on my indoor plants.

  15. Ann says:

    I keep pitchers in the sinks and save every drop that doesn’t have soap in it! Even though we are finally getting rain here in Calif., I’m still saving every drop for our rain barrel.

  16. Margaret Hunt-Wilson says:

    When washing dishes, I do not let the water run when rinsing.

  17. Suzanne Sutton says:

    Living in California we have had to change many of the ways we use our water. One major change was taking out our garbage disposal along with the pipes and placed a 5 gallon bucket in that spot to catch our rinse water. That water is used to water our fruit trees along with our beautiful Eastern Redbud that greets you as you nest the porch. It has made a huge difference.

  18. Marilyn Barclay Jennings says:

    I always, always, always turn off the faucet while brushing and flossing my teeth!

  19. Deborah Hall says:

    I have 3 rain barrels on my property so I never need to draw water from the public water supply. They last all season long.

  20. Marjie Long says:

    We have always tried to conserve water – no need in wasting it – for that matter – no need in wasting anything – I am a big re-cycler, re-purpose person. One way to conserve water is, when you are needing warm/hot water from the faucet, it takes a little bit of “running” time to get it hot, so I catch that water in my plant watering can – waste not, want not. Good theory to live by. The Revomax looks like a superb bottle to carry water or liquids in. I hope to be the name you draw. Thank you for the chance.

  21. I have two rain barrels which are used to water my garden in the summer and to get distilled water for my Aerogardens which I have indoors during the winter.

  22. Teresa Freeman says:

    For years I never even thought about conserving water until my husband and I lived in California during a terrible time of drought. Being forced to conserve is the quickest way to realize how precious something is to you. Since that time we purchased a low water use washing machine (which I truly love on so many levels) and have found small ways (i.e. turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth, etc.) to save. Our world is precious and I don’t want to wait until we are in another kind of drought before I take action.

  23. Pearl Maxner says:

    We have water-saving shower head on our shower. We use water catchment off our house/barn roof and the chicken coop roof to water animals and plants. I heavily mulch our gardens to conserve water as well. We also planted 200 new trees on our fire-charred land last year to stave off erosion and restore the forest so we can conserve the land’s water-saving integrity.

  24. JoAnn Borchardt says:

    In summer I use dehumidifier water in washing machine. We have a well and never waste water in any way. Have a,ways been conscious to conserve water.

  25. Ronny says:

    Drink more beer than water. Use the outdoors as my urinal.

  26. Janeen says:

    I save water by catching the water that would be wasted when you are waiting for warm water from the tap.

  27. Neta Monroe says:

    I use my dishwater to water plants outside, and I dont wash clothes as much anymore, and unless I am going to be going anywhere I dont take full showers, but wash off with washcloth like the old days, we called a spit bath?? Also since not taking showers everyday my skin does not dry out like it used to. 🙂

  28. Barb Imel says:

    We installed a rain barrel to water the plants and garden during the summer. Also I fill jugs for my house plants during the winter. I also have a bowl out when it snows to catch house plant water.

  29. MS Barb says:

    run washing machine as little as possible

  30. Rita Meredith says:

    When I first run the water at my kitchen sink, it takes forever to get the hot water to come through. Therefore, I catch the water in a container I keep under the sink and put it on my flowers/plants in my container garden. Since I wash dishes several times a day, I actually get to water a good number of plants.

  31. Darlene Hatcher says:

    Love your magazine. Wish I could have lived on a farm!

  32. Cathy Saddoris says:

    I turn off water in the shower when shaving.

  33. paulajean says:

    My new washer is a front loader that uses much less water -one reason I bought it. I use grey water to water plants outside and inside the house.


    save dish water for watering plants

  35. Kimberly says:

    Capturing rain water in barrels to water our container garden, short showers and washing only full loads of laundry.

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      • designer says:

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  36. I use water that I use to cook vegetables twice by using it for cooking soup. I soak dishes and utensils instead of just running water wastefully when handwashing dishes.

  37. Barbara Krogmann says:

    I don’t shower every day

  38. Joye says:

    I turn off the water when I am brushing my teeth.

  39. Marjorie Drake says:

    Each time I change out my chicken’s various fresh water containers, I re-use the dirty water for my outdoor potted plants. I have over 50 lovely free range chickens, & their ‘used’ water sometimes contains extra ‘nutrients’ my plants love🐓

  40. Barbara Kraemer says:

    Short showers of about 5 minutes.

  41. Lea MacLeod says:

    I do the simple things such as turn water off while brushing my teeth, taking baths instead of showers, and saving rain water for watering my garden outside. In the future, I would like to invest in a tankless instant water heater.

  42. Joanna Scalf says:

    We catch rainwater, take short showers, and we dont flush the toilet when we only tinkle. We conserve in so many ways… most people think I’m pretty radical in my water conservation efforts, and I guess I am… I believe that water will be THE defining issue in our lifetime…

  43. Donna says:

    I don’t let the faucet run while brushing my teeth.

  44. Mary G. says:

    We save our laundry rinse water to water our saplings and shrubs. Instead of running lukewarm water down the drain when trying to get it hot for dishes, we use it to fill pitchers and jars for drinking.

  45. Kat Bowie says:

    Every morning when I refresh the pets water bowl in my home, I use that water to water my house plants. In the warmer weather it goes on my herb garden. I turn off the water while brushing my teeth, which I learned many years ago. Additionally, since I live alone, I do not flush the toilet if its only water. The old hippie adage of, “If its yellow let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down.” Still makes me giggle. 🙂

  46. Brenda Towsley says:

    We water our largest garden from a pond on our property. I am really needing a new water bottle to replace an older one. Thanks for a chance to win!

  47. Darci Davidson says:

    We collect all our water for our animals

  48. Bobbi says:

    “Old fashioned” common sense. Even up here in the Northwest where there’s no shortage of water that falls from the sky, its still our habit to simply not waste water. Period. 🙂

  49. Mrs. B. says:

    Our summers are hot and dry, so we heavily mulch gardens and flower beds to hold as much moisture as possible between waterings. We also added into our yard areas before they were planted as water absorbing crystal, non-toxic, to hold water near the roots of the grass between waterings.

  50. Kellie Boston says:

    We keep various bottles and gallon size vessels to refill over and over from a local water station. It costs 25 cents per gallon, but we have greatly reduced our plastic waste by no longer buying plastic water bottles

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