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For a chance to win a FREE Revomax vacuum-insulated flask, tell me one thing you do to conserve water in the comments below. (This hot/cold vacuum bottle opens and closes with the click of a button—no twisting or screwing action needed, allowing one-handed operation.) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


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  1. Betty says:

    Other than the usual ways, we water our herbs and flowers with the cold water we chill the milk with.

  2. Jessie says:

    I yell at my Husband to shut off the water while he brushes his teeth and does the dishes.

  3. Rudi graefe says:

    I installed a rain barrel several years ago. It is amazing how much water you can collect. I use it to water my flower and veggie garden.

  4. Gail says:

    My great grandmother had a sistern in her house. When we inherited it we loved it!!

  5. Janell Odell says:

    Turn off faucet when brushing teeth.

  6. Jan Hubbard says:

    My Father-in-Law uses what he calls his “Navy /shower”. He lets the shower cover him with water-stop shower- soap all over(scrub)-turn on shower and rinse off soap completely and turn off shower-dry.

  7. Hillra Qualls says:

    When I drink bottle water and do not finish the bottle I save the water in the bottle to water my flowers. This way I got the entire use of the bottle of water.
    Thank you
    Hillra Qualls

  8. Diane Van Horn says:

    I have rain barrels to collect rain for my garden and will be adding more this spring.

  9. Libby says:

    I wait till I have a full load of laundry before washing. I save rain water
    whenever possible.

  10. Theresa L King says:

    I keep my garden mulched so that it retains moisture and the plants need little watering during dry spells.

  11. Carol McKenzie says:

    I have rain barrels and use the water for watering the garden and flowers. It has lowered water bill considerably. I am so glad that my husband and I have done this project. Using only a quarter of what we used to.

  12. Kari Hartman says:

    I use the water from my dehumidifier in my washing machine. We also have rain barrels set up in a few different places.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I keep a large tub in my sink to do dishes and rinse. Toss it out and water the shrubs in the morning ! I have a timer on all outdoor plantings as well.

  14. Kneffy says:

    HE washer
    Low flow shower heads
    Short showers
    Use any leftover water in water glasses to water house plants

  15. Karla Gratehouse says:

    We live in the country and have lots of animals, so we’re always looking for ways to conserve/save water. I had a friend who constantly buys cat litter with those big plastic buckets with lids. We position large water containers for the livestock in strategic places to catch run off water, etc.. Rather than all those buckets ending up in a landfill (they live in town) we utilize them to store water. We also love that they stack so we can store quite a few! If/when one is damaged, etc., then we wait until we have hot fires and we burn them until they are totally melted. When we’ve gone through droughts…having “free” water that the good Lord gave us comes in mighty handy!!! God is faithful!

  16. Danielle D says:

    I shower less often and we only have a six gallon water heater which keeps our showers short

  17. Sarah says:

    I try to never dump water down the sink. I try to use it fir watering plants.

  18. Michelle says:

    I make sure that I don’t leave the water running while brushing teeth. Also use water from washing dishes and boil veggies for other things.

  19. Mary Daves says:

    Truthfully we could do more. Some of the ideas above I will take to heart.

  20. lyn michiels says:

    I bathe once a week, I only flush the toilet when its brown, but if it’s yellow, I let it mellow.i thought you would appreciate a sense of humor. I would love to have a rain barrel, but our small city of 7,000, has outlawed them. As is currently looking at clamping down on native plantings . Can you believe it.

  21. Michelle Wynne says:

    I use “leftover” water when and wherever I can. My next project is rain water cisterns!

  22. Rosalie says:

    Quit taking showers LOL

  23. Deanna Newton says:

    If someone in the house doesn’t finish there cup of water I use the rest and water plants with it

  24. Louise says:

    We have our own well water from a spring, it saves money by not having to pay a water bill each month, plus can use our hand pump to get water and save on the electric in watering animals.

  25. Denise H. says:

    We collect the rain water from our barn and house to water our animals and plants in the garden and yard. The overflow of water from the rain barrels goes to our pond to use for watering plants during dry times.

  26. Tammy says:

    So many ways to conserve and recycle water if we just look around at what we do. I try to do this everyday. You asked for one way – I scoop the water from my grandson’s kiddie pool after he’s finished playing and use it to water my flowers in the summer 🙂

  27. Julia Huynh says:

    We have six children, so you can imagine the water we could use when washing laundry or bathing. We try to teach the kids to wear their clothes more than once before washing and to take quick showers as opposed to filling up a large bath tub each time.

  28. Karen Tzikad says:

    Leave a bucket outside to catch rain. Use the rain water in bucket to water plants

  29. Cyndi says:

    We have installed water saving showerheads in our showers. We also installed low flow toilets in our bathrooms. When we cook veges we then use the same water to cook pasta also when boiling eggs.

  30. Ellie K says:

    We live in a solar-paneled home and conserve water many ways, one is by using a large collector of rain water to water our garden in the summer.

  31. Debbie Blanchard says:

    We have an HE washer that really cuts the water usage doing laundry. We camp and get used to only hand washing dishes when the sink is full (usually only once per day) we have also started doing this at home.

  32. Joyce says:

    We have all drought tolerant plants in our yard and water with a drip system. Instead of lawn we will be planting creeping Thyme in place of it. Inside our home, we take short showers, do large loads of laundry, run the dishwasher once a week and pour very little water down the drain.

  33. melanie says:

    i never heard of this…I think it would pretty coool

  34. April G says:

    Whenever someone in my house leaves a 1/2 glass of water or water in their water bottles at the end of the day, I toss that tepid water into my plants!

  35. Mary says:

    We have two rain barrels to catch water for watering our garden

  36. Debra Szymanski says:

    I water most of my summer vegetables and flowers with water collected in my rain barrel.

  37. mel says:

    The gutters on my house are attached to water barrels. I use the water that I collect in them to water my garden.

  38. Joni Kelley says:

    I limit my shower time, and I bought a water conserving washer.

  39. Sandy Zuehlke says:

    Instead of buying water bottles I take a thermal insulated bottle with water to drink at work.

  40. Jan Agnich says:

    I save left over coffee water for refilling my dogs bowl the next day

  41. Cherie M says:

    I use dry shampoo every second day so that I don’t have to wash my hair.

    When hand washing dishes, I start washing small things when the water is only 1 inch deep. Then I turn the flow way down and use the trickle to add to wash water and rinse items. By the time i am done, i have used less than a sink full of water for both washing and rinsing.

  42. Christine McLean says:

    I collect the water while I’m waiting for the hot water to get to my kitchen faucet and use it to water my plants.

  43. Minh says:

    We use a HE washer and have low flow hand held showerhead that can be turned to an “off” position.

  44. becky krout says:

    nothing exciting – use the cat water to water the flower plants or use the dishwasher machine only if full

  45. Bobbie Calgaro says:

    I often water the porch plants with water left over from things in the house.

  46. Christina Pender says:

    We use well water and have a septic tank, so we’re highly aware of our water use! All our appliances are energy- and water-saving (including the shower head). I only do laundry when there is a full load (maybe 2/week), and only run the dishwasher when it’s full (every other day). Any ‘excess’ water run from the tap in the kitchen is saved to water plants and the pets! I always use stainless steel bottles for carrying water on trips to town, and I always carry mine in to eateries, since water is my drink of choice with meals. Turning off the water when brushing your teeth is just plain common sense – I’ve been an environmentalist since the 1960s.

  47. Chris Cherry says:

    Short showers for all 6 of us – and put the dogs in with us instead of a separate bath for them!

  48. Laura Yates says:

    I shut the water off while brushing my teeth.

  49. Loni McDonald says:

    water saving shower heads and we have caught 4-55 gal drums & one 250 gal container of rainwater for watering my garden when I plant… also it will be used for watering plants in green house… we use an HE washer too… we are on a well and have never had a problem but I try to be careful anyway…

  50. Melissa Davis says:

    I collect rain water to water my yard and garden .
    I flush the toilet only when it is needed . I take short showers each week .
    I collect any liquid from cooking and use it in my compost bucket , which later on
    goes into the compost piles . This helps to add moisture when it is dry .
    I don’t wash the car too often either. I don’t let the water run while I brush my teeth.
    I do collect water in the kitchen sink while I wait to the water to get hot . I either
    refill my pitchers of drinking water that has filters or I water the plants .

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