GIVEAWAY: “Cookie Cutters, Comin’ Up Roses”

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In the “Comin’ Up Roses,” Feb/Mar issue of MaryJanesFarm, we gave you this heartfelt breakfast idea.


For a chance to win a free 4-piece metal heart-shaped cookie cutter set—just what you need to spread the love—tell me what your most loved dessert is in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.

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  1. Carolyn Dobes says:

    Favorite dessert: Warm bread pudding with vanilla bean icecream

  2. Ellen Clack says:

    The tea cakes my great grandmother and my Great Aunt Agnes used to make. I’m still playing with recipes to get them like they made them!

  3. Michele Yates says:

    Best dessert? Well, probably ice cream, which I do make from time to time. One of my favorite baked desserts is german chocolate pie! I have my mom’s, grandma’s and mother-in-law’s cast iron skillets; they are the best!

  4. toni carter says:

    lemon bars most of all

  5. Lenora McMahan says:

    ice cream

  6. Terry says:

    My mother’s Devil Food Cake with dark chocolate fudge frosting. Add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream…yummy!

  7. Opal Kunz says:

    My favorite desert is Lemon Merguine Pie.

  8. MS Barb says:

    Strawberry Pretzel dessert

  9. Sheila says:

    Hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting ! Yummy 🙂

  10. Joyce Steeley says:

    Love your magazine. Can’t wait for it to come. A fresh cup of coffee, a slice of pecan pie (my absolute fave), and the latest edition of your magazine. What could be better?

  11. Barbara Flaxman says:

    bread pudding made with leftover pear bread (or zucchini bread for that matter) Topped off with home made ice cream and fresh whipped cream! YUM

  12. Marilyn says:

    I love most desserts,but ice-cream and cake are one and pudding,chocolate,vanilla and butterscotch are the best.

  13. Joyce says:

    Strawberry Shortcake with sweet, ripe fruit fresh from the garden.

  14. Jac Brewer says:

    Lemon cheesecake made in my pressure cooker!!!

  15. Dee Johnson says:

    My absolute favorite is chocolate pecan pie. My whole family just loves it!

  16. Sheneen Wilson says:

    My favorite desert is, pecan pie!

  17. Ellen Jones says:

    Old fashioned, made from scratch German chocolate cake with coconut, penuche icing. I am not a dessert lover by any means and would prefer a cheesy omelet over most sweets, but this cake was made by my mom, aunt and grandmas for most festive occasions in my youth. Most of the current recipes for this confection cannot hold a candle to the ones they made. So good!

  18. Jean Schmelick says:

    Blackraspberry Pie!!!

  19. Rene Freeman says:

    Hey Mary Jane, favorite dessert is peach cobbler, man I wish I knew how to make it!! lol

  20. Linda Radford says:

    Blackberry Cobbler with ice cream on top

  21. Susan E Hooker says:

    “Green Junk,” as my husband,s family calls it…pistachio pudding layered dessert

  22. Mary Dee Bartolazzi says:

    A handed-down family favorite recipe for a custard pie called “Bob-Andy”

  23. Elizabeth Roberts says:

    Japanese fruit bars

    these little gems are made just like pecan pie except you add coconut, raisins and then pecans put a pie crust in an 8×8 baking dish bake until browned approx 25 mins @ 350..

  24. Molly Revord says:

    Chocolate cake is my favorite!

  25. Loni McDonald says:

    Carrot cake without raisins & with cream cheese frosting!!! Oh sooo yummy… Lemon meringue pie is next in line…

  26. Janice Parker says:

    Princess Cake. There is nothing like it! It’s a white cake with whipped cream and raspberry jam between the layers covered with whipped cream and a marzapan shell. A creation by Hoffman’s Bakery in Redmond, Washington that is absolutely to die for. Order one! Seriously!

  27. Sharon Atkinson says:

    There are many desserts that I could list as my favorite BUT my very, very favorite is Tiramisu. Yummy!!!

  28. Mary Ann says:

    Blueberry cobbler

  29. Donna Wilkinson says:

    My favorite dessert is homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

  30. Donna Wilkinson says:

    My favorite dessert is homemade chocolate cake!

  31. Chris and Bev Granger says:

    We have enjoyed your recipes, website and magazine so much. We decided to write you a poem:
    Happy day Mary Jane
    Creating scrumptious delights
    You’re anything but plain
    Can’t wait till we try a bite

    Do you need assistance
    Baking recipes in vane
    We will go the distance
    You know how to pull our chain

    So, to sum all of this up
    You have captured our eyes and heart
    Art, barnyard, dishes and cups
    Mary Jane’s school of Juliart

    • MaryJane says:

      Chris and Bev, it’s late and I just finished the last bit of text I needed to write for our next issue. What joy your poem brought me as I head off to bed. Thank you. Thank you!

  32. Carrie says:

    Oh what to choose–a nice bowl of a variety of fresh fruit is always a pleaser; however, I must say the old family recipe for a cheesecake is awesome!

  33. Denise Nicholson says:

    I think homemade lemon meringuepie!

  34. Marlene Laverty says:

    Chocolate cream pie. Chocolate peppermint is even better!

  35. Jerry Anne Carlson says:

    Ginger cookies and a bowl of ice cream

  36. Rebecca says:

    How could anyone not start off their day feeling special, with a heart shaped cutout in their toast? Just looking at your picture made me smile. Thank you!

  37. Liz says:

    Chocolate Cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. I’m just a plain and simple chocolate kind of gal.

  38. Cynthia Mangum says:

    My husband made me a cake for my birthday for the first time this year. He made a triple chocolate cake from scratch having never baked anything except biscuits before. I have been with him for 30 years and so the cake he made for me out of love is my favorite.

  39. Patty Oliver says:

    my favorite dessert is sticky buns.

  40. Patricia says:

    My favorite dessert is chocolate cream cheese refrigerator pie. 💕

  41. Debra Aaron says:

    Old Fashioned Cream

  42. Suzanna Drozd-Kowalski says:

    My favorite desert is old fashioned Polish Christmas cookies that I make with six of the eleven grandchildren. The other grandchildren live out of state. I love passing on traditions of where my grandparents came from. I inherited my grandmothers cookie cutters and many of her baking utensils. When I bake I put on one of her many aprons that I have including her old denim Trico work apron. I always feel I channel her best then. My grandkids know what the secret ingredient is that make these cookies the best ever! LOVE! Nothing like making memories to last a lifetime.

  43. Teresa Thuis says:

    Cheesecake is my absolute favorite…………..but I can’t imagine life without vanilla ice cream.

  44. Anngela Starnes says:

    Cheesecake of any flavor

  45. Anngela Starnes says:

    fruit galore

  46. Cheryl Foster says:

    French cherry pie! My mom made this for me instead of cake nearly every birthday. My kids grew up with the tradition, too!

  47. Becci Bartz says:

    Hmmm, I have too many favorites, but ANYTHING with coconut in it, will definitely beat out all other desserts on the dessert table…. 🙂

  48. Michele Kudron says:

    Strawberry shortcake or Boston cream pie 😊

  49. Jo Wray says:

    I love heart shaped cookie cutters. They are good for crafts also.

  50. Cynthia Smith says:

    My favorite desert would have to be raisin rice pudding with whipping cream on top.

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